Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dim sum - Breakfast

I have breakfast with Nigel early in the morning before he back to Ipoh. He wanted to try KL dim sum whether it's good compare to Ipoh famous dim sum. At first we taught of canceling dim sum as it is raining early in the morning. Thank God, rain stopped after I get myself ready. I wake up early in the morning 8am, to have breakfast with him.

Quite many months I did not go for DIM SUM, half year till now. I'm hunger for DIM SUM badly. This is a chance for me to eat and eat =P We did not go far, as my house behind have a very good dim sum shop called, Hoong Foong Dim Sum @ USJ. Again, I recommended him to eat.

We both enjoying till max. Dim sum it's big and value for money. =D Price for 2 persons come up RM32.50. Times flies, he need to back Ipoh and I will miss him again, looking forward to meet your again in the future.. Thanks a lot my friend =D

The Garden Steamboat part 2

In occasion of my birthday last week,  I have birthday surprise from my friend in Ipoh. He came down to visit in KL over the weekend. He bugging me to bring him to taste nice food in KL. I bring him eat Japanese buffet in Taipan. This is second time I been here, The Garden Steamboat so I introduce to him once again.

He loves Asian Cuisine, this is a good option for him. Tong yam soup for him it's the best as he can eat spicy without any single SWEAT, can u you image?? I see with my own eyes he did not touch any cup of water, that's is unbelievable!! While he is enjoying his time eating.. my hand busy snapping his funny style of eating..!! =P Enjoy? Basically he is.. =P thanks for accompany me on my birthday.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Yum Cha - SS2

Right after dinner, we have second round of activities. Quite sometime I have lost contact with Li, i know she have a busy working life. This is the time, we can talk more and updating each other. 

Lil introduced me this newly open cafe [forget shop name], which more like bakery shop.. This shop similar to secret recipe/coffee bean/Starbucks concept, fully furnish with IKEA furniture. I love the environment where by you can enjoy yourself watching world cup. Mostly KL ppl love to come out for a cup of tea at night, I missed night life once I started working. I love it till max.
Mango blended

Hot chocolate latte

Butterfly honey decoration

Peach cake

Enjoying  =P

My mouth is getting ichy, I feel like eating I ordered a piece of peach cake. From surface it's looks nice when i tasted, I find so so only. Why? bottom layer of cake it's very dry, not enough moisture. Drink are ok for me.. =D

Lil, just love mango blended.. which is her favorite all the while  =D Thanks for everything.. I hope will have more yum cha session in future. Looking forward to meet u more often.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cravings- Kitchen & Bistro

  Picture taken from Vialentio 

Sorry all, I'm back to update my blogs, Forgive me for busying with work lately =D For time being, I had invitation from Lil for my advance birthday celebration dinner in Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara. I suggested to visit this place, coz I heard it's just newly opened recently. The interior design of  Sunway Giza it's 100% similar to Niu Zhe Sui in Ara Damsansara, only different is color and design.

Sunway Giza atmosphere
  Picture taken from Vialentio

To cut it short, I will explained Sunway Giza in next chapter of my blog, as we're rushing to watch world cup, so we walked a few restaurant that serve world cup.. lol.. lame =P I'm attracted to this shop called Cravings- Kitchen & Bistro because I came across Vialentino blogs on Cravings- Kitchen & Bistro. Nice photo shooting and atmosphere of the shop attracted me indeed. Without thinking much, I dragged Lil into the shop, i saw lot's of people cheering for world cup. =D Alright, this is my first time watching world cup after 9 days launching and I only have time sitting down to watch world cup in front of LCD screen no doubt i'm busy lately  =X

Culinary tools set

Apple Juice =D

100 Plus drink =D

This shop it's grand, service it's only so so, because it takes a long time to cook my Halloween Dinner that require a big pumpkin as bowl to serve rice inside =.=" I find that rice it's dry for throat, overall not bad to taste it out.

Halloween Dinner

Da birthday girl =P
Lil, chosen Triple Decker with minced chicken had been fried and was sandwiched in between the layer of fried rice. She find it very interesting and it's tasty too =D

Triple Decker

Soup of the day

Tada.. bill =X

I took some photos, but slightly my phone cam it's bad, we enjoyed watching world cup with loud crowd of people cheering "cheers" for toast when team get a goal. It's real happening!! Thanks Lil, for lovely dinner. =D

LCD screen for world cup =D

Audience enjoying watching world cup =D

Ledder up to 2nd floor

Art of decorations

Pantry that serve drinks =D

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Chicken Rice Shop Annviersary

This morning.. on the way driving to work, I listened to promotion advertisement on The Chicken Rice Shop Anniversary. They're giving out Free Of Charge (FOC) lunch box to all loyalty customers in every branched through out the whole Malaysia.

While lunch time, I saw a big crowded of people hooking at chicken rice shop downstairs my office. As i walked a long shop lots rows,  I'm recalling back my memory early this morning.. They given me a box of chicken rice set lunch, that makes me save my money for today lunch!! =D

I can feel it's hot from the oven and smells good too. Gee... FOC lunch, sounds cool? =D See inside the box it's well packed nicely. You have black soy sauce & chilies. Lot's of chicken meat garnish with daun bawang.. It's finger licking good =D Saliva dropping.. that make taste till max =P. Normally the price would be RM7.90 for this particular lunch, I got it free.. so enjoying!! Thanks to The Chicken Rice Shop.. Happy Anniversary too!! =D

Thursday, June 17, 2010

White Rice Dumpling

I just love to eat back chang.. I sneak to kopitiam during lunch hour.. I see people selling dumpling can't help myseldf to eat again. I wanted a salty dumpling, the leng chai uncle said "no more brown rice dumpling, left only white rice dumpling!!" Arrr.. my jaw dropped.. I had no idea what is he talking about... =X

He said wait ar.. I called leng lui Miss come.. I waited and she explained to me, "white dumpling meaning rice it's cooked without soya sauce, inlcuded ingredients inside and wrapped with bamboo leaves". hhmm, some people like white rice because it's not that oily. =D

Since I never tasted white before, I give myself a try on it.. When i asked her, how much? She told me RM5 each! Excuse me, what? RM5? Holy shyt.. this is that want damn expensive =X Dont judge it's cover by the price, perhaps it's good...??

As usual the me, I snapped photo on it .. It's white something different. Once I opened, I saw the ingredient is less, compare to the previous before I had it.. I saw salty eggs but it's 1/4 of dumpling, more steambeat, 1 small piece of pork, and 1 piece of small mushroom. I put inside the mouth, I feel a tasteless because of the rice it's not cooked with soya bean sauce. I would say so so only.. I cover the taste with some chili sauce =X
Good experience to try it out.. =D

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My Water Moments

This is a Sponsored Post written by me. All opinions are 100% mine.

Over the weekend, I had a chance to go out for a walk in the sea. I just can’t wait to snap lovely photos in the sea because I find sea it’s beautiful with own blue nature. Water wave hits sore creating a rhythm of the songs that is melting my heart. God given me a pair of beautiful eyes, looking through how big is the sea.. I feel so relax when I’m on beach, couldn’t help myself to run into waters. Of course, things can be easily wet when you’re in the water especially u want to capture beautiful photos for memories. I often have problem around in taking photos in the water because most of camera it’s NOT water proof. I don’t have camera with me because I asked around most of the brands, which doesn’t surf in water unless I will have buy those camera for diving purposes that require a few thousand in demand.

 So far in my life, I only took photos with my phone camera, which is my lovely old SE W810i. Every time when I take a photos, I’m very careful because I don’t want to drop my phone in the water otherwise my phone will spoilt easily. I’m so silly & I every try to put my cam phone into a plastic bag in order for me to snap photos. How I wish if market coming out with water proof camera one day?

Going to beach it’s my passion, which is one of my hobby taking photos around. I’m not a photographer but I’m still a newbie in photography line. I often blame that lousy phone camera which doesn’t provide good output quality of photos. Most of the time, I need to use software editing before I share it out or washing out to keep in the album.

I know the day will come, I saw new launching Sony TX5 camera in Nuffnang Advertisement lately that attracted me that much. Let’s see more in details:-

It’s the all-new Sony TX5! Proudly bearing the title of the ‘World’s Slimmest Water-proof Camera’, the TX5 is – get this – not only water-proof, but shock-proof, temperature-proof and dust-proof too. And it doesn’t only look pretty; it comes with some awesome functions like iSweep Panorama, Handheld Twilight and anti-motion blur. Yes, the TX5 is not only the ultimate package of beauty and brains, its darn near indestructible as well.

0.2 Mega Pixel T Series 4x Optical Zoom Cyber-shot (Green)
The compact Cyber-shot TX5 is built to be water-, shock-, dust- and temperature-proof! With features like Intelligent Sweep Panorama, Handheld Twilight and Anti-motion blur, TX5 give you the photographic power to shoot in style whenever, wherever.

• Water-proof (up to 3 meters) – I can spend my day longer in the water. Free from fear dropping into the water. Even when my hand it’s wet I can take photos in the water easily.

• Handheld Twilight – I can capture photos clearly when I’m taking without tripod saving time, to dig out tripod.

• Intelligent Sweep Panorama – I can even take picture at night, no more blurry with dotted line and bright image.

• “Exmor R” CMOS Sensor – I don’t need to have headache keep on turning flash on and off all the time. Save battery with low light.

• BIONZ Image Processor – I can capture better image because have auto-focusing, that give more natural in different position.

• 25mm wide angle Carl Zeiss® Vario-Tessar lens – I can capture bigger angle photos

Here's are my water moment photos... Let's see if I have better camera, this will improve a lot for me =D This place was taken in Telok Kemang Port Dickson =P