Friday, March 26, 2010

Beware Facebook Scammer

Last night when I'm playing game 1 of my friend IGN luckystar told me there is fake login page for facebook. He warned me to check login page what is the image that i have on my screen computer. I told him it's handphone image on my login page. Then he told me to beware because some unknown party will steal your information or abuse your account for illegal act. For example they will use your acc to advertise porns or they encrypt virus into your acc to spread to others.

What you have to do when you recieve fake login page?
Please refresh your facebook page or retype

Please click on the picture to enlarge the size!
Note: The real login page is with world map image instead of handphone image

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Photos sessions @ working place

Not sure what occasion yesterday, suddenly boss ask everyone take photos.. It really take time for us to gather everyone and also to slot myself in the group for photography session. Quarter year of 2010, reminds us time is flying fast, so we need to achieve and work to make things success... Let's add oil & gambateh... ^^

Everyone taking place

Skyquestcom Global - Malaysia staffs

Everyone with own post

V shape post

Fire Fox Persona Galleries

When i start to my Fire Fox this morning, there is a update patch for Fire Fox browser. It's take about 5 min to update, after that I see something new in Fire Fox. Introduced Persona Gallery whereby you can choose own theme template for browser template. You need to have Fire Fox version 3.6.2 for theme template. A lot varieties design for your selections. I have screen cap a few pictures for your references.. So let's try it out.. Fun activities that take you 5-10 min =P

Fire Fox Requirement

Introducing new background template

Inside Persona Galleries

Guide line using template

Can be follow by twitter / facebook

Monday, March 22, 2010

Souvenir from Redang Island

1 of my senior colleague Ricky, just back from vacation from Redang Island. I heard that this place it's beautiful with scenery especially coral beach. I'm aiming myself to be there 1 day too coz it's under planning vacation list. I got a key chain souvenir from him while others got a fridge magnets too .. Just want to say thank you for the key chains !!

Friday, March 19, 2010


Lately this weekend I had sleepless night, because of my stomach it's totally uncomfortable. I had gastric pain that cause me jumping and yelling the whole night. This happen after food digestion 3-4 hours. Normally I took my dinner at 8pm after back from work. Maybe late dinner that cause I have bad gastric...Need to take gastric medicine everyday.. sighs... I hope I get better soon with my gastric...

I quoted from health care website as below:-

Common Gastric Ulcer Symptoms

Gastric ulcer symptoms are similar to those of other ulcers, but for proper diagnosis, get the medical evaluation done by your doctor. Based on the evaluation, medical history and reports, the doctor can give the correct medication.

Heartburn is one of the most common gastric ulcer symptoms, and you can feel the pain as a burning sensation behind your breastbone. The other symptoms include unintentional weight loss, fatigue, nausea, abdominal digestion, blood in the stools, tarry stools and black or loose bowels.

In addition to these gastric ulcer symptoms, you may also feel abdominal pains sometimes that will wake you up from the sleep. This sharp pain usually lasts between half an hour to three hours and is also termed as indigestion or heartburn. The pain is usually experienced in the upper abdomen, but may also occur just under the breastbone. The pain is relieved with antacid or milk. The gastric ulcer symptoms become worse 3-4 hours after the last meal in the night because excess stomach acid secretions cause ulcers pain to the gastric ulcers when the stomach becomes empty. It is however important to note that the gastric ulcer symptoms vary from person to person. Some people experience pain immediately after eating. If the stomach ulcer causes lots of inflammation, it can cause blockages. Some of the complications can be anemia, cancer, stomach or intestinal rupture, stomach or intestinal bleeding, inflammation of Pancreas, bile ducts or liver, and bowel obstruction or blockage.

To deal with gastric ulcer symptoms, it is important to make some changes in the lifestyles and dietary patterns. Never starve yourself, and take 5-6 small meals throughout the day. Avoid caffeine, fatty foods and alcohol.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Preggie Mama Hamster

Today, some happening news in office. Colleague Ricky bought his cute little hamster pet to office. So I have a chance to snap photos on this little hamster. He bought it to office because he need someone to take care for 3-4 days, coz he will be away to vacation soon.

I heard that this little hamster is preggie until 21 days, going to due soon perhaps next week. So really need double care on this mama hamster. I have no idea how to rare tidy little pets so I wonder if I rare must be patient. Cleaning and hygiene must be very important to pets else will be easy get infection. Handle with care.. I can't wait this mama hamster give birth...

Btw.. I wonder why hamster like to play on the "marry go round"? Anyone can share with me?

Hygiene nest for hamster

Hamster like go on marry go rounds

Preggie mama hamster, Cute! =P

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Maple Hang Out - LehLeh

I always train with friendsb in the game.. normally as usual training is boring with friends.. I switch my location map to wolf spider because desperately I need meso to buy my skills books. It's expensive to get 1 skill book that cost me about 100 mil each, so iLbi throwing star that give me great money value with i can sell about 30 mil each , omg.. I need about 3-4 sets to cover my cost of skill book... haiz.. pray pray that i will get more iLbi stars.. I did die in spider wolf coz high damage with spider hit me.. damn paining (>.<") I need hyper body coz I have less HP, lehleh is helping me out.. so I have spend 1 day outwith lehleh..

Travelling along different map which require transportation, we went by train, by plane to get to our destination.. need to wait will boarding, I did capture some photos with him.. lol.. hope u dont mind lehleh ^^

Wolf spider map

Transportation to Spooky Map

Maple Buddies Outing

Some of the updates after my 4th jobs, my network is getting wider compare too when i'm low level.. Thanks maple buddies supporting..this is what i used to hang around when i'm free.. All maplers are rich with beautiful clothes... Most them all 4th job level.. Pink Donut is famous in Donut guild in Fornax server I hope i can be part of them 1 day.. Some of happy moment picture that i capture down.. it's nice..

Friday, March 12, 2010

Daddy working in oversea

These days I have happy & upset news for my daddy. Happy news is daddy being promoted to work in oversea, Shanghai, China. I'm happy for his work as he is good boss in working wise. I'm proud and happy for his carrier advancement but I'm sad he will be leaving us behind for work purposes. His work will be based in China, no longer in M'sia so he will coming back in August to visit us. Mix of feeling that i'm having now... But I will be planning to make trip to China to visit him in May/ June provider my leave it's approve and most important is whether I can get cheap ticket for my flight.. I'm counting these days come fast that I can meet daddy again.

He departed midnight flight at 1330 hrs that takes about 5 hrs journey to Shanghai. With prayers of God, please make him a safe journey trip and please take care of him when he is alone. Lastly hope God bless my daddy in good health, good working wise... Miss daddy so much!!

Gloria Beach - Port Dickson

These days busy like a bee, don't have much time to blog.. temporary for now I'm fine spending some time to blog.. My blog still continue with last week story in PD, last journey before heading back to KL, I just drop Gloria beach to take deep fresh air before I make my move.. seriously I'm lazy to back KL if have long holiday.. I would spend more days in PD to look at sea..

This time the sea water is high tight, I can hear clearly wave hitting sore as I open door to get down car. Weather it's rather hot in the noon, I saw local people swimming having fun around. Elderly people are playing chess & resting. Tempting and beautiful until I can't describe any further.. If I'm bringing my swimming suit I will play water on the sea... kekeke

The usual me, can't resist to take photo for my blogging.. so of the picture not clear because it's windy day too.. please bear with me.. photo under hot suns and windy day.. perhaps photo it's not in a good condition this time..

High tight sea water

Local people swimming

Shed for rest area

Behind some of nice resident bungalows

Myself with photos

Me & my bao bei car

Monday, March 08, 2010

Kopitiam - Port Dickson

Next morning, headed to PD town to have breakfast near the sea. It's a good view if you look through from the shop.. Every time when i want to go this kopitiam it's always packed with people, maybe it's weekend perhaps a lot muslim eating there because it's halal. It's cheap compare to KL bit city.. Sitting out its windy and just nice with sea view.. Tempting.. ^^

This shop with lots people

It's mild curry mee - RM5.90

Local made - RM1.20

Western set - RM3.60

My favorite - RM1.80

Banana Leave Rice - Port Dickson

Lunch time in PD had, banana leaves with friend.. As they said PD very famous in banana leaves rice, so I get myself to try it out local taste perhaps it's better than KL? That good's taste I love the curry and spices... No extra charges for additional rice or vegetables or curry sauce.. I love "papadum" indian cracker (keropok) crunchy... Oh ya, I had this with my hand, I try to get use with hand even though it's irritating but it's finger licking good to eat with hand.. **thumbs up**

Banana leave rice with patatoes, cabbage, bitter-god, cucumber,
papadum crackers, fried fish, dal curry & rice

Petrol & Gas Refining - Port Dickson

Weekend jalan-jalan at PD, since the weather so hot in KL make myself comfortable in small town, jalan-jalan with friends.. Oh ya some how, friend's uncle bought us in a car to visit Port Dickson famous Petrol & Gas Refining station. I'm very curious coz the whole town every where is tanker carrying petrol & gas in and out all the time in PD, I asked "why so much tanker here..?" friend uncle's replied " We have refining station here in PD, I take you a tour to there". We take tour by car to Esso and Shell refining center, but not allow to go in with tight security My very 1st time, never ever see refining center before.. curiosity it's very deep.. until I come nearer..

Yeah, it's big refining station that cater throughout whole Malaysia. Uncle keep on explaining the history both of this station and how it's being developed.. I'm lucky to be here.. I just snap photo from far in the car for memories ...

Kluang Noodle House

Long long time never come to this shop for lunch, i think got 1 or 2 years until last Friday, i visited this shop again with my sis for lunch. It's local Kluang, Johor delicacy whereby I can taste it in KL nearby my office. According to boss, kluang mee is hand made by themselves rather than outsourcing from others. I'm attracted with their green garlic blended chilies, it's something ordinary different from the red chilies. This food take quite long to be serve as lots of ppl during lunch time, my hand goes wild again.. photos oh yes.. I do have it! hehe..

Meal - RM6.90

Meal - RM7.90

Class Meal - RM9.90

Shredded chicken Meal - RM7.90

Green garlic chillies

Drink - RM2.90

They do have delivery services to nearby offices and also WIFI Zone provided. Recommended to eat!

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

New look - Bishop Tsuraya San

I'm happy that finally after so long, I been through the hard work to myself in 4th job advancement, I know made it happen.. The day will come, I made it through.. my dream to decorate my character beautifully which require a lot hard work and passion. Yeah this month I treat myself good on @cash change my TsurayaSan つらやさん beautiful queen. Now my aim to max my lvl till 200. Thanks to all my friends (bloodypriest, luckystar89, lehleh, etc) whole help through all the way. Without you support I can't made things happen. Those who want to know more about me in Maple Story I'm in Malaysia gateway in Fornax world. C u in maple!

Nien's Revenge In-game Event

Last Sun, I joined Nien's Revenge In-game Event in MapleSea in Fornax server. I have a chance playing around with bosses (gigantic monsters) event. It's funny, hilarious and most important now is i'm lvl 120 mostly can use my genesis to spam on the mobs. Erm, so called with the title name of bishop 4th jobs advancement, but seriously i'm the noobest among the ppl coz i dont have much skill book yet.. Genesis only lvl 2.. but i enjoy and having fun. I took some of the photos but it's blurry.. to tag everyone who joined this event game.

Event ended at 1 hour time

We're talking rubbish after event game

Maple sis (baby mei) & me with snap photo

More details for the event read here Nien's Revenge In-game Event