Tuesday, July 21, 2009

SQC Lil Ching Farewell

SQC having farewell for Lil Ching who is going to resign this month July 2009. We all going to have a farewell lunch for her at Tropicana Mall last week. We're going for western food called San Francisco steak house, looks yummy ... ^^

Been a few times to Tropicana Mall in PJ, but i didn't notice there have San Fransico steak house. We Walk-in to the restaurant not bad, very big and well decorated with western cuisine style. Set lunch come with soup of the day, main course, a cup of soft drink. i choose grilled fillet fish coz i'm having sore throat don't want eat fried food, hope it's not heaty. In my mind I think the portion very big but then really disappointing coz not up 2 my expectation normally steak food it's a big portion like TGFI or chilly. Perhaps maybe coz of lunch time small portion gua.. then price its half price RM16.90. Food decoration it's ok, nice 2 eat.. but for me it's not enough... expected more? Maybe i should try dinner set.. perhaps different than lunch?

Lastly wish Lil Ching have a wonderful work in new company, even though i don't know you that much i hope u will have a pleasant day, good luck for your future under takings.
Thanks to Ricky for nice shooting photos XD

Conculsion: Disappointing with the food portion my rating is 3/10

Saturday, July 11, 2009

SQC June & July 2009 birthday

I'm working with SQC almost 3 months.. I'm comfortable with this job, so far so good hope that i can get confirmation to work with this company as i'm undergoing probation for 6 months.. Pray pray to God hope that everything sun sun li li, as i know i'm going to be someone 1 day. Not to mentioned successful plus i want more $ so that i can go ahead with my planning.

Ok, i'm seriously dreaming... let back to topic that i want 2 share with you all. SQC is celebrating staff birthday for the month of June & July 2009. That is part of them David, Darren, Fummi & myself. XD A simple gathering for us to know each other closer. Gathering started around 4pm as colleagues busy preparing food. We ordered birthday yummy Chocolate Cake + Domino Pizza + a lot presents for birthday girls & birthday guys ^^ Blowing the birthday cake + make wishing is a must for everyone. I got my birthday present too.. nicely wrapped with a birthday card. Happy go lucky, can't wait to open my birthday present.. XD Here you go.. i got a little black bag suits me so that i can carry to work XD Thanks for everyone who celebrated my birthday.

Birthday Gathering 2009

I'm back to blog here. Quite busy with work recently & also a lot of gathering for myself too. Finally i'm 25 this year... i have a wonderful birthday this year. Celebrated with friends with a small gathering, we actually decided to have shogun for my birthday unfortunately we can't make it coz most of them working on sat, they only have able after 9pm. For majority votes i decided to have yum cha session in SS2 island cafe.

Yeap i'm glad that everyone can make for my birthday gathering, this year bigger group compare to last year gathering most of them are from PureFren community. We have chit chat session with a bucket of Cal bergs beer, at the same time we play poker card and Uno Stackor. A lot fun n joy which i cannot expressed it myself. Special thanks to Nigel who sponsoring the birthday cake to me. I love the birthday cake.. it's fresh fruit cake from Cake Sense House. Yummy yummy.. drooling. Not for getting Alice present.. Nice black shirt u gave me so sweet!

Thanks to all for attending my birthday gathering, Anderson, David TKH, Deathx, Nigel, Emmie, Vinnie & Alice, n myself XD. Looking forward for next year birthday 2010~! ^^ Let the pictures do the talking..enjoy it!

Friday, July 10, 2009

My New Hair Style ^^

I wanted to change my hair long long time...i dunno y maybe coz changing new image for my hair. All the while i just cut n wash my hair coz i never ever try it before. I admit first time doing it making me real nervous about it. I dunno how am i going to look like after changing my new hair style.

Y suddenly making me change my hair? Bcoz of the Dolly girl who commented my hair.. need some new improvement. She said my old hair look childish n immature. Haiz, pretty hurt badly inside my heart, but time is right, coz coming my birthday have special discount for me to do hair. Without thinking that much after work, i straight away head to hair saloon. I knew i have good hair stylish, so right now i'm going to make use of them for me to change my hair.

I wanted to perm my hair into curly but my hair it's short 2 do so, my hair stylish recommend me a to do wave rather that curly.. Some wave + a little curly.. A good idea coz they might know it better, so i leave my hair to them. Time is consuming as whole day long to perm hair at shop.
First day wash my hair, then i perm my hair take me about 4 hours, pain but nvm for the pain i get new look on it, then wash n dry it..

Second day, same wash hair after that hair stylish highlight my hair with red color, not so obvious but suit my skin color. Next is dye with brown base color ^^ I hope it will look so but i can't wait to see my new hair. Some more si beh long, doing my hair i going to fall asleep already .. lmao @.@ After everything completed, i need to do hair treatment , steam my hair for almost 30 min. There you go.. i have new hair look. XD

Maintaining hair it's easy just get the hair moisturizer and some dry gel to make the hair look good. It cost me about RM50 for the moisturizer & RM40 for gel. Total cost for my hair is RM253 (including perm hair, highlight, dye & treatment) Now i look good with it, thanks for her who commented my hair i got improvement this!

Father's Day

Last month was Father's Day... another year going ahead for year 2009. First i would like to wish my lovely daddy Happy Father's Day. Bless you in good health always. My loving daddy he is good n caring father. He will be there for me always for me & walk with me through life. Thank you so much daddy ^^

In conjunction of Father Day's we have simple family dinner in TGIF in Sunway Pyramid. We booked it early as u know.. it's very crowded every time when this big event happening in town. So luckily we got a table specially for 7 peoples. Then we ordered food through the menu book. While waiting the food to be serve, we're been chit chatting with each other, some silly n funny jokes happening in between us. Food served in 30mins, yummy.. salad, meat balls, lamb steak, hamburger etc.. really opening my appetite for dinner. Yummy... smell good too.. but some how my friend told me TGIF it's not really nice, Restaurant chilly it's better. Hhmm, not sure about it, next time we should try that too..

The portion of the food too big bcoz the serving it's exactly for western peoples, Asian culture it's to smaller portion. We're sharing each other coz dont want to waste it. After all the food it's not bad and service quite ok as well. For food details, please browse through the slides.. ^^