Sunday, August 02, 2009

Japenese Steamboat ^^

So fast time fly.. now we're heading to the month of AUG 2009. Yippie.. my 1st blog for the month of AUG is.. ahem.. food? Yeah.. food... i dunno y.. i feel like sharing with u all some nice food.. ^^

My friend told me there newly open Japenese steamboat nearby Sunway Mentari Court facing LDP highway. For those who love steamboat should give a try on this japanese style.

We been there when it's on promotion time for almost 1 month.. the price is RM39.90 buy 1 free 1 not including drinks. Eat all you can for the buffet, but they will charged u RM10 per 100 gm if you waste the food. So guys eat.. but don't be greedy... n also care for your stomach ^^

The steamboat it's using hot plate whereby you can choose half side for tong yam soup & the other half it's chicken soup. All the food it's served ready on the table .. where by you need to D.I.Y. While waiting the soup ready, we head over to food column to select the ingredients for steamboat. Seafood, have fresh oysters, mussels, lalas, crabs, prawn, fish .. etc
Meat u have chicken n fish ..but it's porkless.. halal.. even muslim ppl also can eat.
A lot variety of meat ball, fresh mushroom, vegetables & salad. Dessert served with fruits and ice-creams. Oh yeah not forgetting satay, chicken wings, fried dry salt fish.. Etc all looks yummy.. ^^

How's the taste..? This i leave it to you all to try it out... Recommended to try ^^ Ok la.. i stop here.. let the photo do the talking.. ^^