Sunday, August 02, 2009

Kingston Lousy Pendrive!

Last year pc fair i bought 2 Kingston pendrives.. which is 4G for almost RM20++ each, i forget the real actual price but seriously this 2 colors of pen drives really lousy! buy not even 1 month i plug into my cpu.. then it said cannot detect my pendrive, then i unplug but dont have signal the light it's moving.. charm joh.. i think my pendrive burned liao.. >.< haiz..

So unlucky.. since i buy less than 1 month n Kingston said pendrive can be warranty 5 years, so i decided to take back to low yat to change it with proof of purchase, the sales guy straight change new pen drive for me.. hope everything will be ok after change new pendrive... ^^ Happily i plug in again to cpu.. omg burned again the LED light of the pendrive it's not working.. wtf.. running all the way to low yat, waste petrol + parking.. got a new 1 then burned again... zzzz.... si beh heng la me... T.T Pendrive so sux and my pocket is burning... =.="

Then i dont want change joh, nvm.. i spend again money to buy same model pendrive n try again.. mana tahu... i plug in then burned again!! ZZZZZZz.... T.T wtf.. lousy pendrive.. i feel like throw into dustbin, but i know Kingston pendrive warranty is 5 YEARS!! should i send back to Kingston for warranty??? Should i??? I feel like really wasted money for Kingston pendrive! Yesterday my 2nd sis when 2 pc fair.. i asked her to me another Kingston pendrive, but different model.. with 4G pendrive RM29. i hope will be ok when i plug in.. i dont dare to try also, hope it's ok to use... Let me try it 1st.. then i shall let u know the answer.. ^^