Monday, May 31, 2010

Honey Tea - UNIF

Sorry blogger, I'm sure u waiting long time for my news.. Here's something I wanna share with you all. Reading back cleffairy's blog last month regarding her favorite of drinking tea.. I might want to suggest this brand of tea. I came across SHELL petrol kiosk station, when ever I stop to pump petrol. I feel so thirsty during hot weather, I slipped into fridge to look for drink, ah that it's my honey tea.. Juicy with honey.. melting my mouth and ease my thirsty. It's cheap RM2.30 per bottle.. But I guess you can get it cheaper in hypermarket. So far it's only available in SHELL petrol kiosk station, but not other I'm not very sure about it. Tea drinkers, try it now yourself! =P

Friday, May 21, 2010

Why Smartphones can be Dumbphone

This is a Sponsored Post written by me. All opinions are 100% mine.

 Have you ever hear of "Why Smartphones can be Dumbphone?" Because we're limited to services access in our daily routine life. Most of the people in the world are tight with limited billing services, whereby most of us is doing a paycheck and we're earning a penny to survive. Mostly my billing can come up to RM300++ for Maxis postpaid services previously. I just paying for normal phone call and sms charges. Hardly I can go wider with 3G broadband because it's expensive!!

I'm daring to admit my call are very expensive smartphone a dumbphone!!  Well, research by the minions in our basement has shown that most smartphone users only use 20% of their phones’ functions. This is in part due to the fact that the cost of accessing the Internet from their smartphones has previously been very expensive. But now, DiGi is proud to introduce the DG Smart Plan, the smarter plan for smartphone.

Of course you already know it’s the smartest plan; that’s why you’re a DiGi Angel, no? With the DG Smart Plan costing only RM 68 a month for unlimited access, you can set the Internet free on your smartphones, and discover the full potential of your smartphone.

With DiGi Angels. my shinny new smartphone has 3G capabilities, I can see shinning smile on my face. Why? DG Smart Plan allow me to have freedom on internet highways especially my favourite channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Messaging Services, Skype, etc program. With only RM68 a month, I can do lots of thing can be done.. Cool, Be smart, it's your choice starting from today.

Want more??  This is no run-of-the-mill party; it’s gonna be a costume party, and the theme is Prisoners and Villains. Think vile villains like the Red Queen in Alice in Wonderland, the Joker from Batman, Dr Evil from Austin Powers, Mojo Jojo from the PowerPuff Girls – you can let your imagination go wild with this one, and with a theme like this you know it’s gonna be one party you’d wanna bust out of jail for.

The DiGi Break Free party will be held at the time, date and venue below:
Date: 29 May 2010 (Saturday)
Time: 6pm – 10pm
Venue: Ecoba, Lot No. B-G-02, Level 1 Menara Bata (Tower B), PJ Trade Centre, No. 8 Jalan PJU 8/8a Bandar Damansara Perdana, 47820 Petaling Jaya (please click here for a location map)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Meiji Hello Panda biscuits

Assorted flavors Meiji Hello Panda biscuits

 I used to remember that this maple girl DollyPink always inspire me with her lovely Daisho biscuits. She shared lots in her blog that she liked Japanese confectionery biscuits.She inspire me a lot so I wanted to get this biscuits long time ago, but price slightly expensive in Japanese department store. I can't blame them because this biscuits are imported from Japan.

Why? This is my own experience because I used to work in Daisho Sdn. Bhd. in a few years back. They are the main distributor in Malaysia for Japanese confectionery. I used to packed all this biscuits with my own and load into trucks for distribution. Sadly, I don't even have a chance tasting a single biscuit nor samples out there. I just wondering how good is this biscuits, coz the packing it's attracting me. Yah, some ppl might said I'am a kid, who cares as long as the bissuits is good.. why not?

Since, I have little money in hand..I just get this biscuits with 3 flavors. I miss out 1 because I can't get the chocolate biscuit with chocolate flavors.Tempting, Once you put the biscuits into your mouth, I can feel is it's creamy with either with strawberries, chocolate or milk flavor. You can eat as like snack or you can even dip into milk as corn flake. Why do i like this? Because surface of this biscuit it's quite hard when I dip into milk, it wont easy melt into my drink. I can feel crunchy every single bite.. I just love this biscuits!! Yummy..

Strawberry Flavor

Milk Flavor

Chocolate Flavor

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Leaking, my car

Hiya, lately I have problem with my air con.. I tot it was weather not cold but then half way to PD last month, totally break out, I felt blower running instead of cold air. It's freaking hot without air con noon time sharp at 12pm, I decided dropped by mechanic shop.

Mechanic told me it's out gas, that makes car not cold at all. Ok this time, I refilled gas, and i keep on running until 2 weeks, I felt uneasy, sometime cold n sometime not.. maybe because of weather cold n hot.. So i just leave it until I find out solution to get this matter solve.

U know myself it's banana in engineering, as u know "girls" hardly care about car. Yah, I do take care my car well, wash n vacum, but internal part, i'm totally blur.. as myself familiar in IT field but not car engineering. I take out my effort, i ask around and do some research on it. As a consumer i SHOULD have basic info so that I wont be cheated by scammer.

Next day, I send my car to mechanic shop, let the experts to their work. Just a minor repairing work, as pipe is leaking just change pipe which is original cause a little bit more for longer lasting. Gas is refilled in order to complete entire process. At the end of the day, I feel satisfied and I learn something new in my life. Thank to him , I'm learning to be independent every single moment. That come to my mind always...

The experts do the work

Gas is empty, according to him.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Yi Xin Ge Bak Kut Teh Restaurant @ People’s Park, Petaling Jaya

I never tasted light herbs bak kut teh before, coz normally i tasted thick black soup. I went to this shop situated opposite Kelana Jaya LRT station. I can't read the shop name as the shop banner it's old and faded under bright sunlight. Noon time, table full with peoples whereby you need to wait to be seated. I peeped next table, my saliva keep on dropping... I think must be good..

Ok, I just called small mixed pork meat with soup and vegetables. That's my lunch for the day...I tasted the soup... yum yum.. tasty light soup herbs. Recommended to try!

Kok Pou chinese tea

Garlic oil rice

Plain rice

light herbs soup

Mixed meat pork

Mixed sourly vegetables.

See I enjoy my food? =P

Restoran Yi Xin Ge (Bak Kut Teh)
23 Jalan SS4D/2,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sports Toto

As I was telling my friend last week, that I need some money to buy my personal stuffs last week, I told her "Wait la.. wait money drop sky", my friend said "then u man man wait.." Deep inside my heart, I proof it to everyone cause I got this yesterday night. I'm boosting nor want to show off, but before I got it.. I have put lots of efforts into it. Nothing it's easy, but I believe hard work will pay off. Sorry, I'm NOT a GAMBLER but once in a full moon I just play it for fun.

I strikes it last year on Magnum, but this year I strike on Toto. It's a good beginning after all...Thanks to LuckyStar the person behind who give me 100% blessing on, not forgetting thanks to God, when ever I need help, he is there for me. Thank you!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Banana Leaf - HotMedia Hotel

Talking about banana leaf rice it's mostly popular dishes in Malaysia. This time, I'm invited to have banana leaf in HotMedia Hotel restaurant, Dataran Square opposite NVKE Damansara Toll. I heard that this is new shop, lot's of people would be visiting the shop early in the noon time.

Service it's quite good, very fast. I just had a simple, I can't eat too full otherwise I will have indigestion, bad for tummy. My favorite papadum crackers is there! =P I didn't manage to finish all.. too big portion, @.@ Recommended to to eat, RM10 per head, cheap? Till you taste it~~

Banana leaf rice with DALL gravy

Side dish: Fried Fish

Side Dish: Curry Chicken

Hands on it's delicious !!

P/S: Cleffairy, I still remember your post on banana leaf, salivour drop when I read your post, now I have chance again to taste banana leaf rice, LMAO!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fullmooon from Ayamas

Have u ever think of what to buy as gift to your friends and relatives for your baby full moon?
Aha... Mummy out there don have to worry anymore! Here's the package is offering by Ayamas catering services in Malaysia. It's easy for those mummy who are busy having confinement definitely it's a good option in selecting full moon package gift.

I like design and packing.. but not sure about food, need to try it out tonite! Should That will be my lovely dinner for da night! drooling =P

I received this on behalf my sister, from her working departments. I would also like to thank Mummy Paulyn for this lovely full moon gift. Congratulation for giving birth to a baby boy! Wish both mother and son are in good health, Thank you

Nice packing, specially for full moon

It's halal, suitable for all!

Half chicken, eggs, ang ku, ginger

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Toasted Twister

This is a post written by me. All opinions are 100% mine.

Lately, I miss roti canai dough thinking of roti canai it's oily. I wish to eat more healthy, just drop by KFC to get Twister that is wrapped by dough. This is one of my favorite, Twister wrapped with minced chicken meat, vegetable and mayonnaise. It cost about Rm6.20 after tax. Tempting...

P/S: I wonder if Mamo reads this, will he whack me...?? T.T

Toasted Twister

Long dough, yummy!

Twister wrapped with minced chicken meat, vegetable and mayonnaise.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cash Wash

I been looking car wash every where near by house, until i found a suitable place for me to get my car clean asap.I hate to see my car stuffy and dirty with dust. I have not been washing my car lately, it's not for being lazy, rainy days does not allow me to do washing..

Lots of ppl said that if u send to cash wash, definitely your car is going to get scratch cause they do not clean in nicely. Just an experiment to test is out how they actually clean car. There is big different in this, cleaning center it's more efficient than I clean it myself, no doubt machine and tools they use it's more better than I do at home.They took about 30min to complete whole task. Price it's reasonable wash and clean that will be RM10. Now my car it's clean, I feel so fresh when I drive it... satisfied with their service.

Hydro pump that use eletric to generate water

Liquid chemical sprayed into car

Dry car after washing

Lastly, vaccum the car.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

I dont have time to update my blog lately, now going to catch up with my blog. Ok.. the month of May, remind of Mother's Day. I been hearing in da radio, what did u want to say to your mom?? Arrr.... a bit headache hor...? I believe everyone have the same with me. My planned work out for the day, coz I spend whole sat accompany my mom for grocery, then later at night I bring her out for her favorite sushi king. She started to like sushi lately, because she is member of sushi king, so just flash your sushi king card u entitle to have discounts for it! hehehehe.... we headed to Sushi King in Summit USJ for lovely Mother's Day dinner.. we have fun for that! Wishing all mommies in the world "Happy Mother's Day" and to my lovely mom thank you for bringing to this lovely world, and I love you!

Sushi on rolling board

Two handsome chefs!

I can't eat raw sushi without this!

Caution: Hot in da nose!

My favourite green Tea!

Smoked Salmon

Philadelphia Maki
Crabstick, cucumber, omelette & cheese

Golden Ball
Shredded crab stick & mayonnaise

Chuka Kurage
Seasoned Jellyfish

Chuka Iidako
Seasoned baby octopus

Salmon Nishoku
Salmon Slice, fish roe, mayonnaise

Crepe Kani Salad
Shredded crab stick, fish roe & salad
wrapped in brown rice crepe

Tori Miso Yaki Don
Steamed Rice sewed with pan fried chicken
and vegetable with soy sauce

Oyako Don
Steamed rice served with chicken, 
eggs, Japanese Radish

Tori Teriyaki Soba/Udon
Japenese noodles with terayaki
chicken and spring onions

Bento set
rice, chawa mushi, miso soup, salad

Mom, sis, bro

sis bf, sis, me =P

Mother's Day Special

Ahem, me =P