Monday, June 13, 2011

Pormtip Thai Restaurant

Menu Book

Recently been to Thai Food, I'm sure you all love hot n spicy right? This is right choice. Pormtip Thai Restaurant is located at City Mall USJ 19 Subang Jaya, definitely bring you the best Thai food. There a lot of choices Thai food including seafood, vegetable, desserts which are made by local Thai people. The famous food in shop are Tong Yam seafood soup, this come with transparent color. First I taught it's not hot, after I tasted it's hot like tong yam kong. Delicious. coz they put a lot herbs and spicy to boil the soup. It's also opening up your taste to eat more. @_@

Tong Yam Seafood Soup

Thai Pandan Chicken

Thai shop owner recommended us to eat Thai Pandan Chicken. The chicken meat marinated with Thai herb, wrapped with pandan leaves, grilled and serve with Thai chili sauce. Aroma of pandan leaves make chicken meat more tasty and juicy. We ordered Omelette's eggs too, simple but nice... =)


 Thai Triangle Rice

My favourite vegetables, Kerabu Mango a.k.a Mango Salad  with cripsy ikan bills and Thai sauce. They use green mango imported from Thailand. Soury, and little bit spicy with red chili. =D,

Kerabu Mango

Water Chestnut Dessert

Lastly is the dessert, I had water chestnut dessert from Thai. Freshly water chestnut cover with jelly, mixed with air bandung with ice-cube, suitable for hot weather drinking because it's cooling and refreshing. Over food is taste good with reasonable price. Recommended to try, kampung delicacy is always the best. =)