Sunday, February 27, 2011

Career 2011

I been with new company almost 3 months now, I been working in Shah Alam, and this is place where I been working after I quit the old job. Currently I'm into Telecommunication network, as Telecommunications Engineer/Support Analyst.

What I do in my job? To be responsible for new system implementations, maintenance and support,
to conduct revenue analysis review across end and prepare revenue analysis and reports on timely basis.
 and also to provide routine support and prepare regular status reports.

Through my job, I meeting new team mates, meeting new people. Hope they are nice while working with them. One of major problem is food wise is not very good because, there are not much choices in Shah Alam.  Pray Pray to God, hopefully everything will be fine =)

Welcome back year of 2011

Sorry for the delays for aboding my blogs nearly 2 months. Let me summarized the story of the year 2010 and for the new beginning of 2011. I have great year of 2010, 4 flavors of taste that are sweet, savor, bitter, spicy days through out my daily routines. The hard times out getting over where by i'm heading and looking forward to year 2011, which really bringing me a big opportunity in my career. I'm thankful to god that he is sending me a little angel to heal my sick, I'm luckily enough to meet her and everything changing slowly. Through out her support, I'm here today to move to further. I also wish to thank him for the motivation and support on my career, not forgetting his honorable gift book. I always keep in my mind, and always be strong girl to face any obstacles. Year 2011 is a challenging year... looking forward to be better in myself, CHEERS everyone!! =D