Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fish Castle @ Damansara Uptown

Introduced by a friend to this restaurant which only serve fish noodles. What? Fish noodles? Noodles with a fish or else? Restaurant Fish Castle serve a variety of exciting menu using 100% pure fresh meats as the main ingredient in Chinese cuisine, nested in Uptown Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya and has been operating since three years ago.

Chinese cuisine no longer a stranger to Muslims as they're more and more restaurant offering Halal meals daily at affordable price of the heart of Malaysian people. Muhd Haikal Tang, the founder of Fish Castle admitted that food that serve in the restaurant are fresh fishes from Terengganu and Indonesia. Fish Knife was chosen as the main ingredients, for the contents because it is sweet and delicious. In addition, it also uses the original cuisine based on the 60's Teow Chew fish balls concept. It can be said of all the menu are serve with fish balls that tasted fresh and delicious.

In addition, Muhd Haikal Tang also emphasize healthy food to visitors because he did not use food flavors (MSG) and free from boric acid. All kinds of food here are certified HALAL, suitable for everyone.The menu at the restaurant is rather attractive, three types of noodles dishes received encouraging response from vistors, Noodles Celery, Homemade Fish Noodles and Noodles are served with Home Land of soup or Fried basis.

The Menu

I tasted hand made noodles, serve with fish minced meat, fish paste and fish cakes. I understand the noodles is also hand made basis, which I rather think it's something different compare to other shop. Fresh fish meats without any fishy odor at the price of RM7.50 per bowl.

Another one would be Home Land Noodles would RM5.50 per bowl, with the basic fish ingredients, fried garlic, seasonings and aromatic oils. Recommended to eat pickled green chilies, delicious and mouth watering. I love the fried fish paste dumpling RM6.00, crunchy and tasty to go with the noodles.

 Home Land Noodles [RM7.50]

Hand Made Fish Noodle [RM7.50]

Fried Fish Dumplings [RM6.00]

It's not a complete meal, with a refreshing drink. Fish Castle, do offer varieties of drinks and desserts. You can choose to try on the traditional drink which double boil cooling winter melon and longan. This drink is a mixture of gourd fruit, flower bowl, watermelon, Longan and Chinese as the primary ingredients. In addition, Fu Chuk Dessert Gingko Barley is also good to try to finish eating session.

Beside this, Fish Castle also provides additional dishes such as tomato rice, mee rebus and nasi lemak for those who prefers a traditional Malay cuisine. Friendly services and comfortable area for dining, definitely it's good re-visit back again.

Fish Castle Damansara Uptown
106, Jalan SS21/39 (Damansara Uptown),
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Restaurant Fish Castle (渔城)
Jalan SS 21/39,
47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Fish Castle Cyberjaya Neo
(Lingkaran Cyber Point Barat),
Cyberjaya, Malaysia