Saturday, October 31, 2009

Spooky @ RS City

This month is a Halloween month according to western calendar coz it's a big festival for western celebration. The meaning behind Halloween it's not very clear as i'm not western so i have do some research to get more details.

Here's the meaning of Hallowen quoted from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:-

"Halloween (also spelled Hallowe'en) is an annual holiday celebrated on October 31. It has roots in the Celtic festival of Samhain and the Christian holy day of All Saints. It is largely a secular celebration but some have expressed strong feelings about perceived religious overtones.

The colours black and orange have become associated with the celebrations, perhaps because of the darkness of night and the colour of fire or of pumpkins, and maybe because of the vivid contrast this presents for merchandising. Another association is with the jack-o'-lantern. Halloween activities include trick-or-treating, wearing costumes and attending costume parties, ghost tours, bonfires, visiting haunted attractions, pranks, telling scary stories, and watching horror films."

In conjuction of Halloween, Facebook it's celebrating Halloween all around the world not forgetting Restaurant City game application do celebrate as well. Restaurant City created spooky the night of dark with variety of decorations to embrace and make the events happenings. The main ingredient of the restaurant is the menu of the day, spooky food. I'm having hard time to craft for the ingredients for limited edition spooky food that is going 2 end this week. Phew after searching almost 2 weeks i got all the ingreditents and upgrade it to lvl 1. Thanks to my litle sis & friends who is trading the ingredients to me.. ^^ I have screen cap spooky food.. nicely design i love it!!
Spooky food Starter & Main Course

Spooky Food Dessert & Drink

Friday, October 30, 2009

Tupperware Bottle

I got a surprise from my ex-colleague from ex-company who actually giving a big surprise on my birthday gift. Tough it's been over long time my birthday.. but i never aspect that i will get another birthday present. Yeah, he gave me this super duper big Tupperware tumble water bottle.

It's amazing gift, all i can say is thank you, i appreciated it. Giving this big water bottle, he must be thinking i been drinking less water in office coz i been carrying 600ml water bottle to office everyday.. He been teasing me always y u bring so small water bottle to office? 1 day must drink at least 1-2 liters of water = 8 glasses of water 1 according to his theories.. =.=""

Now i get this big bottle is 1.5 liters, so he aspect me to bring more water to office. Seriously the water bottle it's cool design, coming with a handy string pouch. Fill up full water, then carry on your shoulder with the string..

He told me that this brand it's quite good quality wont be easy spoil, with life warranty. The bottle is spoil you can change a new 1 but with C.O.D. Let look closer more on the pictures.THANKS for the gift. i can make use of this gift!!

Window 7 Ultimate

Window 7 just launched on the 22th Oct 2009, the latest version after Window Vista. I was given a chance to take a look closer for window 7 installation in the office recently. Installation is done by my colleague Kevin. Here's some screen shots for your guide... ^^

I have the s/w in my handsl, I'm gonna try it out soon over the weekends.. hope it's nice.

Window 7 settings before installation

The license terms must read

Choose custom for installation

Choose your hard disk for installation

Window start installing... take about 20 min

Once completed, new window 7 logo appear on your screen

Final result, Window 7 interface screen on laptop.

Installation of Window 7 Ultimate as below:-
Minimum requirement: 1G RAM, Recommended 2G above
Processor: 2.00 GHz above
Hard disk: 80G above

Note: Depend on your dekstop / laptop requirement for installation Window 7. More details refer to Microsoft official web page.

More updates on the interface, after more testing later.. stay tune!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Maple At Midminight

I came across this Maple At Midminight video while i'm looking for songs for my blogs. Some how this 2 hilarous DJ from Singapore is on air-con at midnight... So they come out with the funny video.. I keep on lolz... ^^

Monday, October 26, 2009

Da Ma Cai

Month of Oct, my wallet dry up coz i just get my handphone, so i decided to try my luck hope that get some money from number. So, last Sat evening i wanted to buy number but i'm not sure what number to buy don't have any number comes into my mind. As usual i will buy my car number, but my heart says it's not enough.. i want to add 1 more number to buy, but i dunno what number to buy seriously..

As i drove my car out from my house i still thinking what number to buy, oh ya.. then i stop the t-junction to watch left n right before turning out to main road, then i saw the someone MyVi green color number plate was 6881, so nice number without thinking much then i just buy this number..Why do i buy this number coz in previous 2 months this number came out 3rd prize in Magnum, when my mommy came across while she reading newspapers then she share with me this number 6881.

There you go.. luckily i am, thanks to god i strike IBOX 6881 number, i'm happy even though it's little but it's enough for me to pump petrol, toll n lunch this week before my salary it's out in the end. month.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

1Malaysia Touch 'n Go Card

Recently in Aug in the conjunction of Malaysia Independent day.. i got this new launch of design 1Malaysia Touch 'n Go card with RM10 without need to pay deposit for the card. Just get the card inside already have RM10 credits can be ready to use anytime. But this card only valid 1 year with expiry date printed behind the card.

When promotion, this card it's out for grabs, this card out of stock very fast. I do like the design of this card simple and nice. Everyday i been using toll from house to work, sighs need to pay toll pulak, Buying the card require deposit pulak, really pokai.. all my salary earning is giving back goverment... @.@

Since Lim, my colleague it's getting for himself, i book him to get 1 card for myself for standby in case emergency, i don't need to dig my wallet for cash. Thanks to him for this card. I got some photo to share. For more info do visit Touch 'n Go web page for more details..

1Malaysia Touch 'n Go Card

This card only valid 1 year with expiry date printed behind

Friday, October 23, 2009

Seeds in Restaurant City

So far i never been blogging about the facebook applications but i want share it out coz i'm getting excited i been always waiting for it... Some ppl might i'm think lame enough to post here.. but i'm excited about it..!!!

What i'm talking about this is the application game called Restaurant City. Yah.. i think most them have this game, so i skip on introduction. I'm dreaming of opening restaurant in real life 1 day coz through this game, i actually learn how to setup a restaurant, yeah i know just a game.. but it really help me a lot. I know it's not easy open a restaurant, but i will keep it in myself hope that my dream will come true 1 day ^^

Alright, let's move on to the point, planting seeds in restaurant city give me a lot inspiration, and remind me always do thing you have to be patient. Not just a seed, but you can feel it for satisfaction.. Yeah i know it requires 2k to get a seed.. there for i have work hard with my men to get money to plant seeds. It's just like a baby when u plant.. day by day u c the plant growing, at last you will your goods. The best point is guessing what plant will i get.. then you can upgrade menu for your restaurants. Patients is the most important, i always put this in my mind!! Some of the plants i get... let me share with u.. ^^

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New Blog Template Updates

Old design of blog

I started my blog in the beginning of May 2009, nearly it's about 6 months i don't have time to change my design blog.. Maintenance come along the way.. Sometimes i hate to change the templates coz really ruins everything as i need re-arrange again all my list and also adding back the same buddy list, web link, music, etc. Everytime i got to crack my head to think what is the best skin template for my blog/

I want more visitors to drop by my blog, so i decided to give a new style skin template for my blog. A few website i been searching but i couldn't found any that suits my taste. Previous blog i been using black background as easy to read, most important cooling eyes sights. Seriously, i have no idea what it's best for my blog.

After filtering process that took me 2-3 days, i decided to choose 2 columns coz friendly user, suitable for all ages who read my blogs. Most important is simple and neat.

Nature Blog new skin template


Sushi Zan Mai

Sushi Zan Mai Restaurant

Main entrance + cashier counter

Deepavali dinner nite, dinner with my little sis at Sushin Zan Mai in Pyramid. My little sis say this is nicer than Sakae Sushi that we used to eat in Japanese Restaurant. We reached there around 6.30pm but we waited nearly 30 min for seating place, full with ppl but with limited seats. The best part is whereby you can see with your own eyes, chefs is making sushi in front of you. Perfectly sweet n nice.. Yummy

Little Sis, she enoying her meal ^^

My favorite soft crab sushi

Ramen Soup

Hujung Minggu Shopping

Last weekend was Deepavali holiday, a lot KL ppl will be going back hometown myself didn't go back i'm taking this opportunity for shopping. I got 1 of the 8 collections of McD's coca-cola Contour Glass. This glass can be purchase by itself cost about RM8.80 or any large McD meal set for free this glass. I tot the cup it's in made in plastic same like previous version but this time it's a different as the cup it's made in glass form. I choose purple color ^^

From shopping i also get myself a pair of new working shoes RM55.90, every time when i want buy shoes i find very difficult to buy shoes coz my leg very big size either wear size 9 or size 10, depend on the cutting. I like shoes with white colors coz easy to match clothes, white looks elegants. This time my shoes is white with floweery batik. I need to force myself to get use to this type of shoes, coz everytime i wear sure bengkak my kaki. T.T

White flowery batik cover shoes ^^

Monday, October 12, 2009

Snowy Ice @ 100 yen shop

I came across this shop when i had dinner last Sat night. This shop kinda special coz beside entrance corner there's selling Snowy Ice dessert. Quite some time i been with Alice in Ss2, then i have a chance again dropping by to this shop called 100 yen shop it's located in Sunway Mentari Court with Emmie. I remember the shop only have in Ss2, but now it's commercialize in other part of Klang Valley. Little Japanese shop selling Japanese house utensils, kitchen inventory, snacks, dry foods, drinks etc etc..

After spending around the shop, I'm amazed with Japanese cute stuffs, but the shop all selling RM4.90 per item with C.O.D. The snowy dessert catching my eyes, i want to have a taste on it since Alice spoiled me last time with Mango snowy dessert. LMAO..i can't wait to try it.. i ordered Milk choco. It looks simple preparation, i saw the girl took the ice cube that had being FLAVORED with milk, put on the penguin machine, blended this soft like snow into the bowl. After that pour the choco topping on top lastly sprinkle choco chip on top.. There u go a bowl, snowy milk choco dessert cost RM4.90.

Melting in the mouth.. sound nice! Yummy!!

Milky Snowy Ice Dessert

Coffee Snowy Ice Dessert

New lao kong HP ^^

I'm quite sad that the most valuable thing spoiled that is always beside me it's my lovely phone. Previously i'm using SEW810i walkman phone almost for 2 years++ i still remember when i bought my SE phone it's on the 27th June 2007, after 2 days my birthday. I love my phone very much as, it's walkman phone i love the sound speaker it's very clear when play music loudly. The keypad it's soft it's easy for me to type sms too, i been speeding when typing sms even though the uncle at the age of 40 admired me a lot when he saw the way i type sms in speeding way. Beside that i also love camera phone although it's 2.0 mega pixel, with i can say the best quality picture that i took b4, Thanks to the cam phone without my lovely phone i can never took so much of picture that i ever posted in my blogs..

Y my phone it's spoiled coz the antenna signal receiver unable to receive signal so i can't get phone call whenever i go.. My family n friends been looking for me for emergency cases or they want talk with me on the phone. I can't depend on sms too much, coz some words can't describe using sms. i send my phone to shop to repair, to change the chip antenna it cost me about rm200-rm3oo, oh my damn expensive.. @.@ The shop advise me to get a new phone, seriously i'm sad the phone it's memorable to me, 1st phone i use my own money to buy when i ever step my foot in working life.

After that i got to cracked my head what type of phone that i wanted the most. With the movement of technology, nowadays the phone it's mutli function not just a phone it's more than 1 task in the directory list. Yeah.. i done a survey of many phone, at first i wanted HTC touch screen phone coz it's run on window mobile, whereby can save ms.word, excel, outlook etc. I got a lot comment from shop sellers phones that window mobile often get hanged when doing my work for example ms.word. But do i really need a window mobile?? After all, i'm not doing big business that require million of word to type in the phones.. Having a laptop that is difinately good for doing, i know laptop it's too heavy to carry while window mobile it's slightly light weighted.

I wanted a touch screen phone badly coz envy to see ppl around with touch screen phone, i wanted to test how good it's a touch screen phone and of coz with simple function without window mobile. Friends and peoples around recommended me to take this Nokia N5800 express music with Symbian Technology. i got this zitron set BLUE color phone cost me RM1050 with 8G memory card, most important it's Garmin software for GPS function. Bloggers, forummers said Garmin it's good for direction road.

I'm proud and happy to get this phone with my own money with my own budget. I'm satisfy with what i have even though i cannot own HTC phone, but i'm confident enough on this phone that will serve me better. I know there is people out there commented on that i'm too CHEAP to get this CHEAP phone, i don't think u have the right to comment on my phone..! WTF .. seriously i like my phone so much, i'm going to play around and get use to my phone. ^^

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Little Joven's Birthday

Last month i been invited by Cutie Wong to his son's birthday.. Time flying very fast as her little son named Joven now is 12 months old. Coming along with me with my ji mui emmie as well. The birthday party it's held at her house in OUG.

A simple buffet gathering which she ordered from catering services. As usual going without empty hand i bought some gift for her little son. i hope little Joven like it. A lot variety food, most important Chinese tradition birthday must have red eggs (hong kai tan) for good prosperous. Mummy n daddy bought 3kg birthday cake for Joven, loving mummy n daddy. Happy Birthday Joven, Happy growing up fast!!

Sunday, October 04, 2009

Happy MoonCake Festival ^^

Quite long after my Sept blogging, time been flying so Switching to month of Oct happening event around the corner.. That is Chinese Calendar of MoonCake Festival. This year i'm quite happy coz i been eating lots of mooncake.. u know y? Let me tell u more about it..

This year never aspect of eating mooncake, coz the price it's seriously expensive, family really not willing to spend on the mooncake not worth it, 1 word expensive! But but i love mooncake a lot, plz dont get me wrong.. it's to TASTE da mooncake.. hhmm asking me to eat the whole mooncake i will definately vomit out coz too sweet!! lolz..

I wanted to taste the mooncake so much, so i decided to get 1 box for myself from Thai Thong bakers. I'm so fa si n fasi, i like the snow skin mooncake with salty egg yolk coz it's been so cold when u put into your mouth skin it's soft and start melting in your mouth slowly. Yum yum.. A lot of ppl dont like salty egg yoke.. i'm wondering y...

After i ordered mooncake, then a gots a lot gift from friends and relatives. 1 box of mooncake from Steven also.. it's Oversea mooncake.. I tasted the Shanghai with single salty egg yolk mooncake. it's so crunchy.. muhahaha.. sshh.. dont tell him oh.. btw thanks for the mooncake friend!! ^^

I got Baker Cottage Mooncakes, Oversea Mooncakes, Thai Thong Mooncakes and Sheraton Hotel Mooncakes.. Yummiest!! Happy Mooncake to my family, friends and to all... ^^

Steven Mk Wong

Steven, finally u come here 2 meet me up.. U know 1 year u didn't meet me joh.. what happen 2 u ar..?? Luckily u didn't forget me else i chop u into a few pieces.. F3 hahaha.. He date me in the lovely morning Sat which he need me to wake him up.. this fellow it's a evil guy always sleep late, until his eyes bag so black @.@

Coming to my house it's also another problem coz he lost my house direction, i'm worry he cannot get 2 my house really thank god he have GPRS to help him to get to my house... Phew -_-" As i stepped out from my house ahem.. i saw him with his new Honda City awesome, can't wait to sit his new car.. but this guy is giving me a chance to test drive his new car.. seriously??

Ahem, butterflies in my stomach 1st time tst drive on his car, my first destination on test drive his car, i took him to Yuen dim sum in Puchong for breakfast. Driving his car i feel very light, smooth, its nice car.. thanks for your test drive it's cool ^^

After that, i accompany Steven to Salak South to find his leng lui friend called Jenny that celebrated her sweet 22th birthday. Heavy rain that time, it's was so hard to drive on the road, but he managed to pick her up, we shoot to Kikuruma Japanese restaurant for lunch. Get to know her more nearer, this girl pro in cosmetic line. She like to make up and pan leng leng. Nice to meet you Jenny.

Sushi Set

Bento Set

Mee Set

After long walk, we stopped by to have coffee in Starbucks. Lots of story we been sharing, life, work, and i got my nice ice blended coffee.. yum yum!! The end of the night.. Steven send me n Jenny home. I enjoyed the day for your accompany, thanks for everything Steven and a Happy Birthday to Jenny ^^

New flavor Coffee Ice Blended

Steven & Jenny