Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sisters Crispy Popiah @ Sunway Pyramid

In the middle of shopping, I tried this Sisters Crispy Popiah during tea breaks. Every time by pass this kiosk in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall at lower level floor, saw long queue, always no chance to try it out. Finally the particular time no people, then I have chance to try this out. ^_^

Famous for Crispy Popiah

Kiosk at the lower ground

Popiah divided into two categories. Crispy Popiah and Egg Roll Cripsy Popiah. Filling for Crispy Popiah will be either - Prawn, Crab sticks, Chicken & Cheese. You even choose to mix all the filling together. I opted for both each Crispy Popiah and also Egg Roll. Would like to try both to see which are good. Each roll will be RM3.20 and for Egg Roll will be additional RM0.20, that will be RM3.40 compare to the normal Cripsy Popiah. The process of making popiah is in the quick way, as the ingredients ready earlier, all they have to do just wrap on the spot to remain freshness and cut into pieces, before you eat.

Pricing for Popiah

Filling for popiah

The process of wrapping Popiah

The crispy popiah is Sisters Crispy Popiah's signature product. but each bite will land your teeth in its crispy, crunchy fillings. Its crispiness lasts for hours and you can still enjoy the crunch if you choose to take-away services, which is something that cannot be done with the traditional Popiahs. In every crispy popiah, you have the option of adding chicken ham, cheese, crab sticks or prawns. The add-on option is only available at the stall at Putrajaya and Sisters Kitchen Restaurant.

The specialty egg roll popiahs are basically crispy popiahs rolled with an alternate skin. The egg roll popiah is more fragrant, but easier to tear. However, our staff's skilled popiah rolling methods will ensure it gets to you in one piece.The option of adding chicken ham, cheese, crab sticks or prawns is also available for egg roll popiah, and its only available at Putrajaya and Sisters Kitchen Restaurant.

Crispy Popiah [RM3.20] & Egg Roll Popiah [RM3.40]

Filling with ingredient

Crunchy and Cripsy

I love popiah so much can't resist to try it out. Huge will fillings, crunchy as I started to bite it. Some sauces inside, covering up so that the popiah won't so dry. It's certified HALAL. 1 roll of popiah RM3.20, do you think is expensive?

Crispy Popiah
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
Lower level floor, Bandar Sunway,
Selangor Darul Ehsan