Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Free a scoop of Baskin Robbins Ice-cream

In view of the valiant efforts of our Olympian heroes who have united us all and made the country proud, Impian Emas Negara Media Prima and Baskin-Robbins have decided to STILL give out free ice-cream to all Malaysians! 61 outlets nationwide. 8th August 8-10pm! (excluding two kiosks at Pantai Hospital, Bangsar and Genting Theme Park) (quoted from Baskin-Robbins Malaysia Facebook Fan Page)

Media Prima and Baskin-Robbins give out FREE Ice-cream 

I need the news repeatedly, wondering if this is true. After confirmed by Baskin-Robbins Facebook Fan Page, I decided to give a try and join the crowd for fun purpose. I always keep humble in my mind that DO NOT expect so much from freebies. Taking this opportunity here I would like to congratulate Dato' Lee Chong Wei for the Silver Medal that he won in Olympic, London 2012. Thanks to his effort, hard work and he made Malaysia proud. I'm impressed by his skill, he did well although his leg still injured.

 Congratulation to Dato' Lee Chong Wei for the 
Silver Medal that he won in Olympic, London 2012

Co-incidence after work I have no plans but to date my ji mui for this sessions. Manage to get there as early as 7.00PM (GMT +8) it's was empty inside. Get my parking and walk to the nearest restaurant beside Baskin-Robbins to have dinner first, till 7.30PM large crowd started to queue up especially student area around SS15 Subang Jaya. I queue up at 7.40PM waited around 20 min till 8pm sharp for the opening.

She at number 174

I got  number 175

Open sharp at 8:00PM

Long queue inside

We're given numbers for tracking purpose, ji mui got the number 174 and I got the number of 175 at 8.05pm.The queue started moving slowly once the door open sharp at 8PM. There's 12 flavors for you to choose and also you opt to have a scoop of ice-cream in a biscuit cone or paper cup with a spoon. So tempting with the 12 flavors ice-cream, wondering what to choose.. Ji Mui had Mint Chocolate Chip - Mint ice cream with lots of chocolate chips. Cooling Strong mint flavor melting inside mouth.

Nearer to the BR counter

12 flavors to choose~

 My Rainbow Sherbet

Her Mint Chocolate Chip

And our FREE Baskin Robins Ice-cream

I got a scoop of ice-cream around 8.20pm. I love Rainbow Sherbet,Raspberry, Orange and Pineapple sherbets all mixed up in a rainbow of fruity flavor. Sourly, kicking taste bud. Not bad if you like sour sherbets, can try it out too. Satisfied, thanks to Media Prima and  Baskin-Robbins Malaysia for the FREE scoop ice-cream. How about you? Do really go for FREE freebie too? For the sake of freebie will you willing to queue up? Have a great day everyone. =D