Friday, May 29, 2009

TsurayaSan HPQ in Hennesy Mushroom Park

Recently TsurayaSan found out there is new hat in Maple Story.The hat it's called Rice Cake on Someone's Head. I'm wondering where is the hat come from so busy asking people around the town. Well, at first i told it's ACASH hat that is need money 2 buy the hat.. but then after a few Q&A around the town i finally get the answer for it.

A few disappointing moment, when i'm trying to ask people in the town, some of them been fooling me, some giving me the false information & some ask me to purchase the hat. When i'm asking how much actually it's the hat.. the noob sin girl told me it's cost me 20mil! I can't believe it until i checked the price in FM (free market). HHmm.. no choice but i just accepted the fact it's cost 20mil. Wow, it's high value though for this hat. If i get this hat i sure sell it in FM, then i make money from that! F2

Well, with the curiousity of me, definately i checked out with ppl where to get this hat. I'm so desperate for this hat..asking non-stop.. finally my little savera mei guide me how to get this hat. F2 To get this hat you need to do PQ (party quest). Well, the PQ located in Hennesy Town in Mushroom Park and it's called HPQ (Hennesy PQ).

This is how to get the Rice Cake on Someone's Head:-

Party Quest - Stage 1
You need to be Level 10 and above to do the party quest

Head to Henesys Park and form a party of at least 3 members. Characters who are levels 10 to 15 benefit the most from this party quest.

Your party leader should talk to the NPC Tory to begin the quest.

1. When you enter, talk to the NPC Growlie who will demand for 10 Moon Bunny's Rice Cakes. These are obtained by summoning a Moon Bunny.

2. At the bottom of the map, attack the brown plants to make them drop 6 different colours of
seeds. There is a time limit of 10 minutes.


3. Each collected seeds must be dropped on each of the small six platforms in the center surrounding the moon.

Placement of the Primrose Seeds:

  • Blue Primrose Seed - Top-left platform
  • Green Primrose Seed - Top-right platform
  • Yellow Primrose Seed - Left platform
  • Purple Primrose Seed - Right platform
  • Brown Primrose Seed - Bottom-left pl atform
  • Pink Primrose Seed - Bottom-right platform

Party Quest - Stage 2

You need to be Level 10 and above to do the party quest

1. Once all seeds have been dropped into the respective platforms, the Moon Bunny will appear.

2. At this stage, waves of flying enemies that include weaker versions of Flyeyes, Stirges, and Blins will attempt to attack the Moon Bunny. The Moon Bunny will take some time to prepare 10 Moon Bunny's Rice Cakes.

3. Your task is to protect the Moon Bunny while it slowly drops the Moon's Bunny Rice Cake, which the party leader should collect.

4. This stage is over when all ten rice cakes have been collected. The PQ fails when it exceeds the time limit of 10 minutes, or the Moon Bunny dies.

Party Quest - Exit Stage

You need to be Level 10 and above to do the party quest

1. Each party member would be given 1600 experience points, and will br brought to an exit stage, Hidden Street: Shortcut, where you can gain Rice Cake on Someone's Head or exit the party quest completely.

2. Once you have decided your next course of action, talk to Tory to get Rice Cake on Someone's Head.

3. After completing the quest you will be rewarded Rice Cake on Someone's Head.

The hat requirement lvl 15,static is STR+4, DEX+4, INT+4, LUK+4, WD 22, no of ugrade available is 5 slot.

Reference Link : HPQ @ Hidden Street

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

TsurayaSan MLPQ in Mulung Town

Yesterday after i after meeting my syg, i was invited by xiaobaby maple mei to MLPQ in Mulung town. What is MLPQ it's called Mulung PQ whereby new party quest launched in Maple Story 2. You can party up max until 6 ppl for training and get title of master. Beside this you will be awarded by white, yellow, blue, red or black belt. Each ranking wil have different pont n range. Sadly this belt it's untradeble item.

Quoted from MapleSea website....

"Mu Lung Training Center

Only by surviving the Kung Fu Panda Master’s challenge, will you earn the title of a master! Prove yourself by taking up the challenge from Mu Gong, the Kung Fu master from Mu Lung Training Center and achieve different colored martial belts to signify your grade. You can reach the training center at any one of these locations: Mu Lung, Elinia, Kerning and Orbis town."

For myself i have achieved white belt with 200 points. Not bad, now i'm amining for yellow belt that will nee 1800 points. Aarr.. that's hard but with party up, i think shouldn't be a problem 2 achieve it. Inside the MLPQ pq is to fight with "boss" all high lvl mobs with different ranking lvl. We (party members incluing myself) managed to get to room 30th floor where by met up with Crimson Balrog ..unfortunatelly Crimson Balrog it's too strong, just touched him.. straight die F5... priest always less HP F7... =.=" haiyo.. now my aim is kill rog...!!! So sad.. F4. Above is some of the pt members, will mosnter riding hog.. Cute!!..... hahaha F2

TsurayaSan dating with Saruman in Amoria Park

It's been long long time no dating when my Sayang Saruman. Well, i don't blame him 4 not dating me coz i understand everyone it's been busy leveling especially my syg. Well, i wanna grats him for 4th job as title Bishop. I know you it's been ur hardworking that effort 2 go 4th job. Well done syg, i'm very proud of u..

Well, actually i wanna take photo between us, but yet after Maple patch 0.73 some how got error msg unfortunately unable to press "Scr Lk". Quite dissapointed with this but luckily i still can capture some photo using "print screen" then paste into paint save as JPG image.

Well some of the awesome movement between us that it's capture in the photo, i make into slide so that can flip accordingly. 1 more thing that syg touched my heart inside the maple.. syg using "Mega hon" to melt my heart, so touching! F3

For myself i have leveled up from lvl 70 to lvl 78 this week coz of 2x hosting my Maple 4th Anniversary. Now i'm changing to lvl 78 clothes n weapon specially sponsored by my syg. I'm so touched by u... F3. Erm, i also would like to wish MapleSea Happy Birthday for the 4th Anniversary. A lot new quest as coming i will be very busy every night to hunt maple equipment.

Note: For those who are looking 4 me in MSN, i will put appear offline, you can leave me message and i will reply you asap.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Maple Story 2 - Knights Of Cygnus

Maple Story is coming back with more stories, with Maple Story 2. Let us see what is inside Maple Story 2, yeap it's called the Knight of Cygnus.

The Knights of Cygnus are a character 'order' available only in MapleStory Korea but now available in Maple Sea. To get a knight, you must travel to a new town, Ereb. Using a character that is level 30 or higher, you can make another character which is a Cygnus Knight via the NPC in Ereb . If you register for the recruitment for Order members, a new Order character will be made with the class Nobless.

Cygnus Knights receive 6 AP upon each level up, but the highest level they can attain is 120. When getting the 1st job advancement at level 10, you can become an Apprentice Knight. At level 10, you can choose one of the following Knights.

Types of Cygnus Knights

Soul Master

A swordsman with the Light Sprite. Turns the power of the Sprite into a soul form, and imbues it within the sword to use it.

Flame Wizard

A magician with the Fire Sprite. Amplifies the power of the Sprite with magic to wield it.

Wind Breaker

A bowman with the Wind Sprite. Loads the power of the Sprite into the bow to shoot powerful arrows.


A thief with the Darkness Sprite. Not only is the power of the Sprite used, but is capable of handling powerful poison.


A pirate with the Lightning Sprite. Awakens the entire body with the power of the Sprite, and uses powerful bodily skills.

The character that creates the Nobless affects the character through levels. Every 10 levels on the original character raises the striker’s blessing skill by 1 point. The max level of the skill is 20 (level 200 on the original character).

The Knights of Cygnus classes with their full skills.

* Soul Master (Warrior)(Mixed from "Sword&Axe warrior"&"Sword&Hammer warrior")
* Flame Wizard (Magician)(Similar to "Fire, Poison magician")
* Striker (Pirate)(Similar to "Infighter")
* Wind Breaker (Bowman)(Similar to "Bowman")
* Nightwalker (Thief)(Similar to "Assasin")

Reference Link: MaplTip

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

TsurayaSan have fun with Natsumi ^^

Some slide that i captured in Malaysia Muddy bank map. The map is for training dark fision mobs & oly-oly mobs. Recommended for those lvl 50-60 above farming for meso & leveling. A lot equip drop here for good earning meso. ^^

Tsuraya is a priest is healling Natsumi as a Infighter. Recommended for training here are Warrior, Thief, Pirates. Gambateh Natsumi to 3rd job ^^

Monday, May 18, 2009

A-Cash Prepaid Cards Zipangu Series

New collection of A-Cash for Zipangu series! Collect all now as is available in nation wide. This season quite nice, Zipangu mobs such as Cloud Fox, Crow, Water Goblin, Wandering Ghost & Dreamy Ghost. Price for 10k A-Cash value is Singapore SGD $10.70 & M'sia RM24.00. Grap it before gone! Check out Singapore Store & Malaysia Store for more information. has a brand new look! What do you guys think of the new website layout? It may look a bit empty now but it'll fill up with content in no time. :) Head on over and check out Pink Bean throwing a temper on the top banner, hahaha!

Well, i think website it's cool, i'm not use 2 new website coz slightly have a lot change. The words quite small n blur.. i would say design image it's nice a lot flash but loading very slow. Some of the content it's not fully upload yet.

Myself quite confusing when i keep on searching the asiasoft login, with the small URL link on top the banner. Slowly n patienly waiting for the site to load, it's take me about 15min loading page. i hope Asiasoft doing something 2 solve the problem ^^

More details kindly refer to Facebook in MapleSea.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Maple Story M'sia Gateway - Fornax

Maple Story finally launching Fornax Server for Malaysia user. For those who want to play in Malaysia server kindly choose Malaysia gateway. Beside that new job pirate is available in Maple Story. I decided to open a new character in Fornax coz my account in Singapore server it's being hacked and i lost most of the items.

Guess what characte do i open in Fornax? Erm, i'm continuing back with my same job that is Magician. I like Magician a lot coz it's easy to train with variety of skills. I named my mage TsurayaSan coz my favourite japanese anime called The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

As a beginner, you may not have a job yet. But with much training you will soon meet the requirement for your 1st job advancement. With the new skills added, a beginner would be able to level up quicker than it used to

Magician: 1st job advancement Requirement: Level 8, with 20 INT

Magicians are magical people, of course. Unlike their physical friends, they prefer to use magic instead to attack and defend themselves. However, they are physically weak. Magicians are one of the most supportive and highly recommended classes to take in MapleStory. Magicians also have the best power to range ratio, which makes them cheaper because they don't have to buy potions often. They are highly respected and valuable for party quests, boss fights, hunting, etc. Magicians have extremely powerful mobbing skills as well as useful support skills.At Fourth Job magicians have the ability to blast the map with their elemental skills.

Requirement: Level 8, with 20 INT However in GMS you do not need Int. all you need is level 8 now. When you talk to Grendel, you will be able to reset your stats. (Beginners automatically have 4 int and 4 luck).
Go to the Magic Library which is located at the highest point of Ellinia, where you'll meet up with Grendel the Really Old. Talk to him and he'll advance you as a Magician if you have the required stat, which is 20 Intelligence.

Cleric: 2nd job advancement Requirement: Level 8, with 20 INT

Clerics are a supportive class that are accepted into any Party. Why? because the have the power to Heal themselves and others in their party. Cleric can buff the attributes and reduce the amount of damage taken. This class is on worth going for if you find it hard to survive.Sadly, Clerics do the least damage of all classes in MapleStory.However the pros of the Cleric outweight the cons.

Once you've reached Lv 30, go back to Ellinia's Magic Library, which is located at the highest point of Ellinia. Go inside, talk to Grendel the Really Old. He'll give you a letter and you've to pass it to the job advancement instructor located at the north of Ellinia. After giving the letter, you'll be given an errand to collect 30 Dark Marbles by defeating the monsters inside. Be careful to stock your potions up before you start collecting the 30 Dark Marbles.

Once you've collected 30 Dark Marbles, talk to the instructor, and he'll award you with a Proof of a Hero. Go back to Ellinia's Magic Library, and talk to Grendel the Really Old once again, where then you'll advance as the Cleric.

Priest: 3rd job advancement Requirement: Level 70

Priest are the upgraded Clerics. More holy magic plus a skill that increases experienced gained. Priest can now do holy area damage on non-dead monsters and summon dragons to do their bidding. Priests are truly a powerful ally.

Once level 70, Go to El Nath - Chief Residence and speak to Robeira. After talking to Robeira, head back to Victoria Island and talk to "Grendel the Really Old" which is located in Ellinia. Next, find the Door of Dimension located at Forest of Evil II and it'll bring you to "The Path of the Glittering Crystal". Walk until the end of the path and enter the portal to defeat the wiseman's dark side to obtain the Black Charm.

Return to "Grendel the Really Old" and exchange the Black Charm for a Necklace of Strength. Return to El Nath after that and give the item to Robeira. Head on to the Holy Ground at the Snowfield (Sharp Cliff II). 1 Dark Crystal is requirred to answer 5 questions to obtain the Necklace of Wisdom. Again, head back to Robeira in El Nath and give her the Necklace of Wisdom.

Bishop: 4th job advancement Requirement: Level 120

The Bishop is the fourth Job advancement for Priests. The Bishop has access to the strongest holy magic. The skill Holy Shield allows the Bishop to protect their party from any enemy status effects for a short period of time. Bahamut summons a large holy dragon to help the Bishop. A very useful skill is Resurrection, which revives a fallen party member. Angel's Ray acts like a much more powerful Holy Arrow, attacking one monster for severe damage. The Bishop's ultimate skill is Genesis, which blasts the battlefield with holy light, causing tremendous holy damage.

At Level 120, speak to Grendel the Really Old. He will send you to see Gritto of Leafre. The job instructor will instruct you to return the Heroic Star and Heroic Pentagon. They are dropped by Manon and Griffey, or obtained through buying the Secret Letter of Spell from Vega and giving it to Chief Tatamo of Leafre. Either way, return the items to Gritto and she will complete your journey as a Priest and advance you to Bishop!

Lastly, i hope my mage will become 4th job asap, i coz i wanted 2 test 4th job skill. Sigh's not easy to train this up as getting hard n harder to do job.. Anyway, jia you ba TsurayaSan ^^

References URL: Hidden Street Database & MapleTip

I'm Back... Year 2009 Part 2

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Day by day, month by month, year by year, time passing very fast, i been working with current company exactly 1 year 1 month 15 days.. but still keeping a hope that i will get a new job that is better environment. While looking for a job, i have the fear inside myself as myself very tired of changing job + phobia dunno how's the new environment going to be in the future.

Time it's good after month of March, good news for myself as i was being offered a new job which is called System Technical Support with company named SkyQuestCom.Com This is a Singapore based company e-learning portal world wide. Company it's in Dataran Prima, Taman Mayang, Petaling Jaya. It's 10 min drive from my old office.

I joined new team on the 16th April 2009, it's about going 2 be 1 month myself in SkyQuestCom. Better benefits in this job, first thing is i don't need to travel out again, my job mainly based on remote desktop sharing / video conference / trouble shooting web page. My health improved a lot as, less pressure and stress.

I enjoyed the freedom in new environment, surf net, chatting n listening radio. Colleagues been friendly sharing n exchanging ideas. Sometimes they're funny and also creating stupid jokes, laughing the whole day. Off work on time, no OT require.

Picture on right hand, it's a group photo whereby company it's celebrating for staff's birthday for
Apr babies. Hopefully i have better career path in this company.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'm Back... Year 2009

Yo yo all... ^^

It's been long time i didn't write on my blog. Since last year Dec 2008 until now, May 2009. Let me tell u more about my update what am i doing for the quarter year 2009.

Reason no time to update my blog, coz i'm really busy with work. I hate my current job coz a lot issues in working place. Typical china man company that doesn't provide good benefits to the employees, such as parking(paying own parking), mileage claims (1km=RM0.40 not enough 4 me to cover my monthly car petrol), multitasking job (admin, sales, marketing, tech support, trainer, etc)

No space for me to breathe while i'm working. i'm stressful and working in pressure always. I can't finish my job on time as, need to prepare for tomorrow schedule as company business it's small in scale size. Work always cannot finish, i find that myself overloaded with those stuffs. Colleagues are not helpful enough when i'm having problem in work.

I hate to service customer coz they have problem in work, they will keep on bugging you non-stop even after workings hours. Worst is i dont know where they got my hp no. 80% customer are unreasonable coz when they call us for support, normally their issue pending problem it's in critical stage. So i have cracked my head to give them solution. This is quite challenging and it's not easy to handle it.

No doubt, i hate it but earning money to survive, all i can do is to "tahan" & "telan" everything until i get a new job. I wanted to resigned my job last year aug 2008, but economic down turn i hold on till after CNY hopefully can get better job.
Well i don't demand for any increment or BONUS coz i'm just only working 1 year in this company. Time is bad when economic down turn, a lot ppl is jobless i'm thankful to God i'm still holding a job.

I take it as God challenge.. I know you will show me a better shinny day.
More story stay tune to next coming blog. ^^