Monday, November 09, 2009

Homemade Fishhead Noodles

Yesterday noon time, i'm heading to Kota Damansara at Dataran Sunway for lunch with colleagues because David want to do banking in UOB. It's about 15 min drive from office. After that Chris suggested that there is a shop for fish head noodles. Talking about fish head noodles.. i think it's about 1 year i never taste it since the last time i went with Anson in Cheras.

Lunch time is seriously packed with people, it's quite difficult to get parking over here. We turned about 3 rounds just for the sake of parking. Right after parking car, rain started.... =.="
As i stepped into the shop, lots of peoples waiting for seating and the place it's full. I keep on wiping my shirt coz i'm little wet in the rain.. While colleagues waiting for the place to seat, i remember i got cam phone so i took it out to snap a few photos of the shop. ^^

I didn't taste the fried fish head noodles coz myself still having sore throat.. i'm try it next round but i odered garlic fried beef nice. I ordered the wrong dish because i'm not aware the menu labels it's totally out. I can't take beef... dont ask me y... sighs!! @.@ Some how Chris share with the small portion of the noodles... the taste it's quite ok. I tasted the tomato fillet fish from David, thanks him for exchanging the dish to me. I will be back again to taste the Fish Head Noodles.. =P