Monday, November 09, 2009

Notebook Cooler Pad

Finally i got my new notebook cooler pad replacing the existing old want.. I been using for the last five months since i joined new company... Oh well many ppl ask me why do i use the notebook cooler pad in the office, coz the laptop does not belong to me..?

Hhhhmm... good question, coz i been trained to use the cooler pad at home since my little sis been practicing it. I dont care even though the properties does not belong to me.. i still taking good care of the laptop. i want to maintain laptop heat so that i can use for longer time ^^

So it's worth to spend little $$$, it's cheap, the cooler cost RM12 and now you can protect your laptop over heat. Simple as ABC, as it run on the USB cable. Simply plug into USB cable slot on your laptop.. there you go fan it's moving with LED light... cool ^^

Notebook Cooler Pad with 3 fans

Cooler PAD come with LED light