Friday, January 29, 2010

@Cash Prepaid Cards

Elo, everyone... want share with u something...
I have a hobby in collecting Maple Prepaid Card...
Happy to found out that I've completed my very 1st time collection PPC.
but in the other hand i'm broke that I spent so much to get this cards... XD
I can't bear with it.. just love the design, can be recycle as bookmarks.

Aran Christmas Series

Each is 10k cash = RM24.00

Aran Twin Class Series
Each 20k cash = RM48.00

I still left out 1 card, aran female is missing, I'm still trying to look for this.. Who ever have this card want to sell or trade can leave a message. Those who interested in buying please read here

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Chinese New Year card

This year i'm surprised to receive the very first CNY cards from ex-colleague because after many years I'm still keeping touch with them. I'm happy with card even though it's simple card, it count in my heart. Thank you for your card.. I appreciate it a lot!

Mami's Yong Tau Foo

I had simple lunch at downstairs office, often come to eat but did not share it out here. I had a chance to take photo on this food. I find it something special coz the sauce it's mix with herbal with kei chi (chinese herbs). The price it's reasonable too, you choose to eat with rice, chee cheong fun or porridge. It's packed with people during lunch hour. Everything it's big, i show u in the photos..yummiest...

Address of the shop

Menu of the food

Fried Sui Kau RM1.20 each

3 fish balls RM2.50

Big Fried Taufu RM1.90

Egg Plant RM1, Long Bean RM1,

Porridge with Pei Tan (egg) RM2.90

Genesis Quest at Horned Tail

Guys, I'm back to maple since long time i didn't update about maple. I'm happy that I found some new friends and getting along the way to continue my dream to be 4th job advancement of a Bishop.

Im so dissapointed that GM have change policy of leeching to 20% whereby I cannot leech to up level easily. As I never giving up my dream to become Bishop, I try hard in many ways to make my dreams come true. The universe hear my voice and I also know just a little bit I need to carry on... The God is great and the universe is guiding me to persuade my dream. I know even just a game, but I try my best to top and to achieve my dreams.

And i even know this world, I can't be alone whereby you each other support and encouragement to better everyday.Thanks to my maple friends, I'm able to go do Genesis quest and Horn Tail. Some of the funny pictures I would like to share during games!

Last genesis quest

Busy hunting keys

Waiting for party members get ready

Sitting at the portal waiting for keys

On the way to Horn Tail

Waiting leader command to proceed to next map

Entering Horn Tail Portal

Leader in front fighting Horn Tail

So Pain.. Horn Tail hitting

Maple mei also helping fighting

2 party members die in Horn Tail

Myself also same, surrender in horn tail =.=

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Kitchen - Melaka Food

Last year i been to Melaka don't have the chance to eat Melaka food, but not too bad i can had it in KL for Melaka food. I came here many times with ex-colleagues and current working colleagues for simple lunch yet I'm not aware this is Melaka food until i been to Melaka last year i only know that i'm eating Melaka food in KL... lame though! =.=

I used have lunch in this shop coz it's near my office about 20min drive. It's totally Melaka delicacy, woot~! The Famous Melaka Hainan Chicken Rice Ball, Melaka durian cendol, etc.. yummy.. This shop is recommended by Ho Chiak TV program and also food street corner. Recommended to eat! yummy!

Famous Food in My Kitchen 1

Famous Food in My Kitchen 2

Shop well decorated with Melaka food

Some of the award winning prize for this shop

Melaka chicken rice ball chilies and garlics

Melaka curry chicken nasi lemak

Melaka Hainan Chicken Rice Ball

Melaka Durian Swiss Roll

Melaka Durian Cendol

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tian Hoe Temple in KL

This year started with first visiting place is to Tian Hoe Temple with uncle Loke. I'm coming back to this temple after 1 year. Last year we did go together as well. Uncle would like to do prayers and make a wish at the temple, so I become the driver of the day to fetch him go and back @@

After work, I met uncle for lunch and then our journey begin to Tian Hoe temple almost 30 min from PJ. As we walking in I saw lots of CNY decoration but it's almost 70% complete some of the workers still busy painting and decorating it. The main major attraction is big dragon in front the temple makes everyone busy snapping photos including myself.. hahaha

Next is we when to the top for praying. Beautiful with lanterns hanging on the roof top of the building that CNY is coming soon..hahahaha.After prayers we walked down to souvenirs shops to get my necklaces repair. While waiting for necklace, I take my cam phone to snap CNY decorations photos.

Tian Hoe Temple

Some CNY decoration work in progress

Main attraction is dragon for this year CNY

Me with the dragon

Picture behind big dragon

Picture from top roof view

Making wish in front of God

Red lanterns covering the temple

Uncle Loke & Me

Myself at the front temple

Me with the board @@

Souvenir shops 1

Souvenir shops 2

Me in front of the dragon

Tired of walking, sit down take photo

Some rock architecture

Me at the lake

Lake pond with water fall

Jaya One Old Town White Coffee

Hungry leh, when is drink n food come?

My Kopi-O kau =P

Double layer toasted kaya + butter bread

Garlic Bread

After good exercise of walking, uncle treat me nice coffee in Jaya One Old Town White Coffee. I had Kopi-O kau with Garlie bread toast and also Double layer of toasted bread with kaya and majerin. Si beh yummy... Long time didn't drink coffee... lolz
Thank you uncle.