Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Genesis Quest at Horned Tail

Guys, I'm back to maple since long time i didn't update about maple. I'm happy that I found some new friends and getting along the way to continue my dream to be 4th job advancement of a Bishop.

Im so dissapointed that GM have change policy of leeching to 20% whereby I cannot leech to up level easily. As I never giving up my dream to become Bishop, I try hard in many ways to make my dreams come true. The universe hear my voice and I also know just a little bit I need to carry on... The God is great and the universe is guiding me to persuade my dream. I know even just a game, but I try my best to top and to achieve my dreams.

And i even know this world, I can't be alone whereby you each other support and encouragement to better everyday.Thanks to my maple friends, I'm able to go do Genesis quest and Horn Tail. Some of the funny pictures I would like to share during games!

Last genesis quest

Busy hunting keys

Waiting for party members get ready

Sitting at the portal waiting for keys

On the way to Horn Tail

Waiting leader command to proceed to next map

Entering Horn Tail Portal

Leader in front fighting Horn Tail

So Pain.. Horn Tail hitting

Maple mei also helping fighting

2 party members die in Horn Tail

Myself also same, surrender in horn tail =.=