Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mami's Yong Tau Foo

I had simple lunch at downstairs office, often come to eat but did not share it out here. I had a chance to take photo on this food. I find it something special coz the sauce it's mix with herbal with kei chi (chinese herbs). The price it's reasonable too, you choose to eat with rice, chee cheong fun or porridge. It's packed with people during lunch hour. Everything it's big, i show u in the photos..yummiest...

Address of the shop

Menu of the food

Fried Sui Kau RM1.20 each

3 fish balls RM2.50

Big Fried Taufu RM1.90

Egg Plant RM1, Long Bean RM1,

Porridge with Pei Tan (egg) RM2.90