Sunday, September 30, 2012

DIY Soto Mee

On the lazy Sunday, when I'm at home, I like cook my favorite Soto Mee from Indo Mee. Basically it's Maggie mee that I been craving long long time ago. Yeah, you might laughing at me for eating for eating this simple meal. Honestly, I prefer crafting myself than eating outside. It doesn't need to take long time to cook, just some patient time to do this. My all time favorite, black pepper sausages, luncheon meats, an egg plus cabbages dumb everything inside or if you like, you can fry all meats before dumb inside, so meats will be fragnant before you eat. See, simple that make this dish that make everything perfect. Yum yum!! xD

DIY Soto Mee

I knew it's unhealthy to eat Maggie Mee, but sometimes can't resist to have it. I'm controlling on the seasoning part, everything come into moderation not too much nor too little. Of all I been hearing Maggie Mee is cheap meal, I think no longer cheap nowdays when outside charging would be slightly expensive, quite less opted for Maggie mee outside. I love love dried Maggie Mee as well, packing from Indo Mee always my favorite. How about you? Do you eat Maggie Mee? What is your favorite craving? ^_^

Friday, September 28, 2012

KungFu Paradise @ Paradigm Mall

Here I am into KungFu Paradise for lunch during promotion period. Been quite sometime since Paradigm Mall opening, did not turn myself into this restaurant not until suggested by some of my friends. Kungfu Paradise with the nick name "the cafe with a kick" that serve Hong Kong food. The concept base almost same like Kim Gary Cafe or Wong Kok Cafe. Located in Level 2 at Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya Malaysia.

KungFu Paradise at Paradigm Mall

Comfortable and spacious for dining

We opted for set lunch, which included a meal add on RM2 to enjoy a soup and a drink. KungFu Paradise coffee and Apple Ice Tea for our drinks. The normal ordinary drinks accompany us through out the meal. They do have other beverages like milkshakes, coffee, teas etc

Coffee and Apple Ice Tea

Now here come the signature dish must have while you're in KungFu Paradise. "KungFu Bumger" at [RM7.20], a sandwich of chicken thigh with terayaki sauce or you can called it Kung Pao sauce. The size of the KungFu Bumger very similar to McD GCB, recommended to try if you're bored with GCB. Grilled and tasted good, just enough for me.

KungFu Bumger [RM7.20]

A sandwich of chicken thigh with Terayaki Sauce

Yum Yum!!

Next was the Dry Noodles with Egg and Chicken Sausages at [RM11.90]. This dish reminded me of Indo Mee, I think youngster might enjoy this meal. Fat and short sausages looks cute and chewy.

Dry Noodles with Egg and Chicken Sausages [RM11.90]

Sames goes to Dry noodles with Egg and Chicken Chop at [RM12.90] Friend commented just average, slightly expensive for this dish. Pork shop a bit, and I believe home cook that is even much better for than this.

Dry noodles with Egg and Chicken Chop [RM12.90]

Seafood Hor Fun [RM13.90] fried Hor Fun with thick seafood broth soup mixed with eggs. Filling with sea food such as prawns, crab meats, fillet and chicken meats. Yet, lack of taste which a bit tasteless. Should improve more on the taste for this dish.

Seafood Hor Fun [RM13.90]

Lastly was the Sweet and Sour Chicken Rice [RM12.90]. Filling with ingredients, chicken with sweet and sour sauce. I believe sweet and sour opening up flavor when eating. There's suppose a lava egg over here, since my friend it's not fancy of eating it, she excluded the lava egg.

Sweet and Sour Chicken Rice [RM12.90]

It was average food at best and I hope Kungfu Paradise will work towards improving their quality of food especially with the higher than average prices as compared to other Hong Kong style cafes such as Kim Gary or Wong kok Cafe style.

Kungfu Paradise
Paradigm Mall (Lot 2F-21),
47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan

Thursday, September 27, 2012

New notes MYR

I think it's been some time Bank Negara been releasing new coins and new note for MYR. Just wondering did you guys collect it? Nowadays is like a trend, been seeing a lots friends posting in social networks especially facebook, twitter, instagram etc. Some of my friend changing in bank once they released it. For myself, I do not really collect it, it's so happen buying things they give me the remaining balance some of them are new coins or new notes so I decided to keep a set for myself as memory. Yeah, I know it's crap to collect it, the curiosity to know how the new coins and new notes look like attracted me that much.

New Vs Old coins

The first batch of new coins released first, once I got new coins, "ARRRGGGHHH..." like that ar? So light and so fake geh? And the size serious reducing a lot comparing with the old want. The metal of the weight are more lightly heavy and solid compare to the newer version. Every time cashier always misunderstood between the size and colors while giving me back the correct balance. What do you think? Do face the same problem too?

New MYR notes

The second batch of new notes released later, I have difficulty in collecting RM20 new notes and RM100 new notes. The rest are easy. First the RM20 and RM10 notes color slightly same colors, often people confusing in between the colors. And my friends do complaining about RM1 and RM5 notes sticky, hard to count piece by piece. Some Chinese belivers even said newer version MYR notes looks like Chinese burning hell notes. What do think?? Any comments? ^_^

Monday, September 24, 2012

Mr. Wish @ Sunway Pyramid

Meeting friends for tea breaks one of the weekends right after we shop at Sunway Pyramid.  Few hours of shopping, everyone feels thirsty, want some cold beverages to sooth our throats. Suddenly saw this Mr.Wish in front of us. Front the main shop it's looks bubble teas to me, just like those Cha Time, Gong Cha, Yo-Fresh, etc. What makes the different in this Mr.Wish?

Mr. Wish Malaysia - 水果‧天然‧茶

List of all the Mr. Wish Series

Closer view, found out that Mr.Wish is another company that sells Taiwanese Tea beverages. Their products focusing more Fruit Tea rather than Milk Tea or Bubble Tea. This is unique part slightly different from others. Varieties products are available such as Wish Tea, Wish Fruit Tea, Wish Milky, Wish Agar, Wish Juice, Wish Popo, Wish Panna Cotta, Wish Ice-Blended, Wish Enzyme, etc.

On going promotion via T&C

Most of the product are tea base, everything are natural ingredients which are harvested freshly from Nantou farm. Bored of bubble teas, decided to give a try on this. No idea what is good, waitress recommended us to go for Fruit Tea Series, since is on going promotions available now.

Tea Time Break with Mr.Wish ^_^

Left: 抹茶奶茶 - Matcha Milk Tea [R] RM4.90 / [L] RM5.90
Right: 水蜜桃果粒茶 - Peach Tea with Fresh Pulp [R] RM5.90 / [L] RM6.90

We bought two large fruit tea base which are Peach Tea with Fresh Pulp [L] at [RM6.90] and Grape Tea with Fresh Pulp [L] at [RM6.90] Double up bonus you're have loyalty card. Aside we also give a try on Milky Series which is Matcha Milk Tea [R] at [RM4.90]

葡萄果粒茶 - Grape Tea with Fresh Pulp
[R] RM5.90 / [L] RM6.90

Personally I love this is grape drink with pulp, fruity flavor especially grape juice it's inside. I'm particular in the first place, Grape juice sort of sour in my mind, after I tried it, eh's it not sour mixed with tea just like you're drinking fruit punch plus I like pulp rather than chewing pearl. Refreshing and cooling fruity flavor unique in a way.

Mr. Wish Loyalty Card Stamp

Sounds good??

Milky Series not bad either. Matcha Milk Tea using fresh Matcha with no additives. Tasted the real Matcha, freshness of the green tea. The normal process, can either reduce sugar level or ice level too or you can even add topping such as Pearls, Ai Yu, Basil Seeds, Coconut Jelly, Pudding, Grass Jelly, etc onto the your milk tea at RM1.

Everyone are enjoying Mr. Wish ^_^

Mr.Wish not that famous as Chatime or Gong Cha, but their main focus is on healthy drinks likes fresh tea and fresh fruit tea. If you're looking something new, recommended you to visit here. Service level quite good and promotion are not bad either. Girls talking a few hours to finish up our drinks. Cheers!! xD

Mr. Wish Malaysia - 水果‧天然‧茶
Sunway Pyramid (LG2.08), Petaling Jaya, Selangor 41650
Tea Room, Juice Bar (Edit)

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Carpenter's Daughter @ Taipan USJ

Used to by pass this row of shop lots during my visit to Taipan every time, yet I'm not aware that this row of shops here have a wonderful food which I discovered from food bloggers. I remember the shop name easily, I got the opportunity to visit here one of the night during dinner time. Carpenter's Daughter located in Taipan Subang Jaya, next to pet shop and 7-11 shop, along the same row.
 Carpenter's Daughter located in Taipan Subang Jaya

Bakery shop

Varieties pastries 

Can even see cupcakes

Whole meal breads

The kitchen cum receptionist counter

As I stepped into the cafe, I feel warm with European concept, more like walking into carpenter house, modified to suit current trend. I feel so homely with the English interior design. Huge bakery counter in front, seating place located behind. Greedy prompted in my mind, wanted to try all the bakery item, unfortunately I only have small stomach to fill in certain amount of foods. Varieties of breads, pastries and cakes are available here. Using the traditional methods and natural ingredients without added additives, chemicals, improves and shortenings.

Dinner Package Availale

Seriously no idea what is nice here for dinner, waitress suggested we should go for set dinner, can try a few different food over here. Agreed upon the package dinner for two, where we have drinks, soup, spaghetti and pizza for the dinner. We're served with drinks Barley lime [RM4.90] and Ice lemon tea [RM4.90]

 Barley lime [RM4.90] and Ice Lemon Tea [RM4.90]

Next was the soup. I love both of the soup, Pumpkin soup and Goulash soup. Thick and creamy, up to the standard dipping with garlic bread. Toasted garlic bread, crunchy, delicious!!

 Goulash soup

Garlic Breads

Pumpkin soup soup

Our Spaghetti was the Vongole [RM17.90] served with Garlic, Olive Oil, Fresh Clams, Parsley, Chili Flakes & Dash of Wine. Huge Portion for two person. Filling with big clams and squids, thick and creamy well cooked. Oh my favorite!! =D

Our Spaghetti was the Vongole [RM17.90]

Spaghetti Vongole with big shrimps

Spaghetti Vongole with Big Clams

Pizza arrived lastly, Giardiniera [RM20.90] served with Capsicum, Mushroom, Olives, Tomato, Mozzarella Cheese. Thinnest crust with the Mozzarella Cheese melting inside your mouth, one word "Delicious" worth for the money, more like vegetarian pizza to me ^_^

Giardiniera [RM20.90] 

Thinnest crust with the Mozzarella Cheese 

Comfortable dining area

Recommended if you like European food, do come try this yourself. They do play classical music and also free wifi available if you want to spend your time here for a cup of coffee, this is a place where quiet and peaceful day to be. Additional credit tax FREE here!! =D

The Carpenter's Daughter
No. 46G, Jalan USJ10/1E,
47620 UEP Subang Jaya,
Selangor, Malaysia
(Next to 7-eleven, Taipan Business Centre)

Contact no.: 03-8081 1218/ 016-2762811

Operating hours:
Mon-Fri (9am-9.30pm)
Sat & Sun (9am-10pm)

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fig & Olive @ Sunway Pyramid

Cafe and Bistro serving Mediterranean cuisine

First timer been here for dinner couple weeks ago. Bump into this restaurant right after a walk and decided to eat here since they have special promotions during dinner time. Flipping on the menu from outside the main entrance before we dine in, only realized that Fig & Olive is a cafe and bistro serving Mediterranean cuisine.

Light Orange Juice

As usual the normal process, this time going for set promotions for two with a drink and a soup. Not much people over here perhaps still early for dinner, I enjoy myself here in a peaceful and quiet atmosphere. We served with drinks and soup first while waiting for the main course.

Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup with Garlic Bread

Creamy Wild Mushroom Soup,Delicious creamy mushroom soup with carrot and spice herbs. Mushroom soup just average, with the garlic bread. Since I'm hungry I just wallop what ever they served here. Drinks of the day would be orange juice, for two.

Maghribi Chicken with Olive Rice

I had Maghribi Chicken with Olive Rice, Herbs grilled chicken with Mediterranean style sauce served with olive rice and fresh greens. I find the olive rice out of taste, rice it's not fragrant enough, should add more taste in my opinions. The Herbs grilled chicken was awesome, mild spicy tasted better when you combine eating with rice.

Classic Chicken BBQ Pasta

Next was the Classic Chicken BBQ Pasta, Herb grilled chicken topped with homemade Figo BBQ sauce, fresh vegetables served with pasta and tomato sauce. I find BBQ sauce average and so so only. Should improve on the taste rather than food presentations or perhaps Mediterranean style is like that? Food wise is ok, just taste should improve.

Comfortable environment, clean and neat

They're serving dishes like sweet and savory soups, cold & hot sandwiches, exquisite pastas, fresh salad and wholesome chicken with varieties of gravy for your selections. As I step in I can feel, comfortable environment, clean and neat. Dinner for two would be RM55++ including service tax.

LG2.122, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,
No 3 Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, Petaling Jaya,
46150, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Tel: 03-7492-1246

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

MY FM 14th Birthday Bash 2012

I'm invited to My FM 14th Birthday Bash 2012 concert by blogger named Eric Lee. He's not free at night, so I utilized it nicely, hehehe!! Thank you Eric for the tickets. Event located at National Stadium Bukit Jalil, Car Park at 8PM (GMT +8) on 25th Aug 2012. To get a better view in front stage, I started my journey early in order to get a proper parking.
MY FM 14th Birthday Bash 2012

Clearly evening with hot sunny day, arriving with lots of event booth. At first worry of water and food, but now no need because organizer well planned, varieties of food and drinks sold here. At least to ease hungry till late evening till concert starts. Estimated 25, 000 people will be here to enjoy the birthday bash. Queuing up for almost and hour before we could get inside. I got a normal ticket which is FREE standing post, I suppose to stand behind, some how got into the wrong area. I was in front of the fan area, where by all the groups of fan standing to cheer on the idol. It was fun to be together but my ears slightly deaf because too noisy with screaming sound. Everyone excited!!

Both of us enjoying ^_^

25 000 audiences

Opening starting by Aladdin theme, and then MyFM Deejays such as Jack Lim, Jeff Chin and Mei Yan introducing and taking over the event for the night. Live concerts now came with stage play, and a comedic mix with light action scenes. Each and every Radio Deejays playing one of the characters in Aladdin world, which I think it's awesome scene they're talented in entertaining public audiences. Not just a voice behind on the microphone inside studios but to socialize with pubic as well. PR playing a main role here, not an easy task to be, yet it's challenging too.

MyFM Deejays & Nicholas Zhang

I had less basic info regarding this event, because everything was last min, no idea who will be performing in this concert. Not just local artists but artists from Taiwan also touching down to perform here. Hu Xia, Geraldine Gan and Tha Jie Ying, Aric Ho, Thosmas Jack, Alvin Chong, Peace Teo, AK, Liu Li Yang, Pink Tan, Kit Teo, Fan Wei Qi, Nicholas Zhang, etc were those outstanding artists over here. My favorite artist is always Fan Fan Fan Wei Qi. She's gorgeous with her purple striking dress attracted me that much. I love her  voice and her album, especially love songs, sang beautifully live. I'm lucky to see her from nearer view.

Fan Wei Qi

MyFM Deejays and artists photography session

Event ended midnight with group photography session and fire crackers. I love loud music, live performance which always rare happening in the city. Though I am not exactly well-versed in Mandarin, by supporting local industries vocal that will make our entertainment line expanding and growing well. Would like to take this opportunity to wish MY FM Happy Birthday, thank you for the wonderful entertainment through out the night. Hope next year will have the opportunity to watch again.

P/S: Photos are quoted from MyFm Facebook Page