Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Sushi Tei @ Setia City Mall

Another round of Sushi when I re-visited Setia City Mall for dinner. The last round I had Ichiban Boshi, and now I had the opportunity to try Sushi Tei. Hardly can find Sushi Tei outlet within Klang Valley, I'm happy they opening up new branch in Setia City Mall. Located at Upper Ground to the end corner shop lot. Not much people during the weekdays, probably full house over the weekend.

Sushi Tei at Setia City Mall

The usual part of Japanese restaurant served with free flow of green tea either cold or hot as your wish. Other drinks available in Sushi Tei according to the menu. While waiting for the food, I had Gari as appetizer. Personally I love Gari, they do have yellow Gari only. If given a choice, pink Gari would best to eat, because marinated with pink vinegar.

Green Tea


Maguro Don was the first dish at [RM15.80]. I saw fresh tuna with Japanese rice, unbelievable. Not just in Malaysia, good Maguro is hard to find here, amazing that they offer here in Sushi Tei.

Next was my favorite ChawanMushi [RM5.20], steamed egg curds. ChawanMushi can act like appetizer or dessert, savory with steamed eggs, mushrooms, crab meat, meats etc.

Steamed Egg Curds with mushroom, crab meats, etc

ChawanMushi [RM5.20]

My main course, Kirishima [RM28.00] 18 pieces of assorted sushi such as Tuna, Salmon, Squid, Octopus, Boiled Scallops, Yellow-Tail, Ebi, Eel, Sweet Bean-Curd, Omelette, Scallops Innards, Tuna Salad, Crab Meats, Mayonnaise with Flying Fish Roes. Fresh ingredients just go with Wasabi, one word "delicious".

Kirishima [RM28.00] 18 pieces of assorted sushi 

Yellow-Tail and Octopus Sushi

Salmon and Tuna Sushi

If you’re in town and are craving a good Japanese food that isn’t too heavy on the pocket, try Sushi Tei. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Everything served to you in a tray, I'm ok with the services over here. Will be back for second time to try out other food some day.

Sushi Tei
UG21 Setia City Mall,
Setia Alam Shah Alam
Tel: +603–5879 6108
Fax: +603–5879 6109
Website : www.sushitei.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/sushiteimalaysia