Thursday, September 27, 2012

New notes MYR

I think it's been some time Bank Negara been releasing new coins and new note for MYR. Just wondering did you guys collect it? Nowadays is like a trend, been seeing a lots friends posting in social networks especially facebook, twitter, instagram etc. Some of my friend changing in bank once they released it. For myself, I do not really collect it, it's so happen buying things they give me the remaining balance some of them are new coins or new notes so I decided to keep a set for myself as memory. Yeah, I know it's crap to collect it, the curiosity to know how the new coins and new notes look like attracted me that much.

New Vs Old coins

The first batch of new coins released first, once I got new coins, "ARRRGGGHHH..." like that ar? So light and so fake geh? And the size serious reducing a lot comparing with the old want. The metal of the weight are more lightly heavy and solid compare to the newer version. Every time cashier always misunderstood between the size and colors while giving me back the correct balance. What do you think? Do face the same problem too?

New MYR notes

The second batch of new notes released later, I have difficulty in collecting RM20 new notes and RM100 new notes. The rest are easy. First the RM20 and RM10 notes color slightly same colors, often people confusing in between the colors. And my friends do complaining about RM1 and RM5 notes sticky, hard to count piece by piece. Some Chinese belivers even said newer version MYR notes looks like Chinese burning hell notes. What do think?? Any comments? ^_^