Monday, May 20, 2013

My New Toy Samsung 2013

It's been quite some time I left my blogging growing into mushroom field. I'm back here to clean up my blog. Well this month I would like to share with you about my new toy rather food.

My Galaxy kekeke~

Let read more below.. Yah, exactly my new Samsung Galaxy Note II. For those close friend and who ever met me before, I'm pretty sure you know about the news. I'm been waiting 2 years plus to change a new phone, all the while I been tangling around of which model should I choose in between the big giant competitor world wide. I been receiving lots of feedback, running through forums and also bloggers column to figure out what is the best for myself.

After long research, finally I fall in love into Samsung Galaxy Note II. Why? Ahehehehehe... First reason attracted to the design of Samsung Galaxy Note II which is HD Super AMOLED, 5.5" HD (1280 x 720). Big screen easy to see and tab compare to a smaller phone like Samsung Galaxy S4 or S3.

My toy Titanum Gray xD

It came with two colors, Marble White and Titanium Gray plus the limited edition colors Pink, Red Ruby Wine, Amber Brown. My choice was the sexy and elegant Titanium Gray. Muaackkss! Love!

Samsung Galaxy Note II running on Android 4.1 (Jellybean), first timer using Android based, Quad Core Processor, 1.6GHz CPU Speed. Most important is the battery consisted 3,100mAh Battery USB Chargeable, Up to 990 minutes (3G) and Up to 510 hours (3G). Improved version on battery saving, less worry on the battery consumption and also faster charging speed which you don't need to wait longer hours.

Not forgetting 8.0 Megapixels Camera Resolution (Rear), 1.9 Megapixels Camera Resolution (Front)Flash-LED available and Auto Focus available. I no longer need to tag my camera along while snapping photo. All in on function the function, don't you think it's cool?

It also came with S Pen friendly user and multi-function allow you to be creative on activities such drawing, editing, organizing your daily task, writing instead of typing method. Only available on Samsung Galaxy Note II. Accessories set would be USB charger, headphone and manual guide book.

Samsung Earphones

Samsung USB charger

It's been a month old my new toy.. So far so good and I'm still exploring around my phone. Samsung Galaxy Note II is twice of my old phone. Epic and classic, time to say bye bye to my old after been utilizing for almost 3 years 1/2 years. Old phone keep in museum, reluctant, sad feelings occurred.

New vs Old 

I realize technology changing day by day whereby I need to improve myself by looking forward future learning more on smart phone. Do you have any tips to share or any apps that is useful which I'm still new into it? Feel free to drop me comments. Have a nice day.