Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Breakfast All Day @ CBTL Malaysia

I had chance to try out Breakfast Set during lunch hour. Why? Because now Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Malaysia is offering Breakfast All Day. Thanks to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Malaysia for the great offer. Now I can enjoy it everyday at any time without any worries.

Food for thought at [RM13.50]

Too much to choose on the breakfast set, you can refer here on the CBTL website. CBTL famous for brewed coffee, ice blended and tea. Never know they do serve food as well. I being influenced by Foongpc of all the time. He keep on saying CBTL food is much better than Starbucks. Most of the time he shared his CBTL food photos, tempted me that much. Oh yeah, here I come CBTL =P

A healthy salad with cherry tomatoes, cranberries,
lettuce, cranberries, almond flakes

Since I want some light food, I opted for Food for thought at [RM13.50]. The set consisted two half-boiled eggs served with 4 pieces of crispy toasted breads with butter and strawberries spread, a healthy salad with cherry tomatoes, cranberries, lettuce, cranberries, almond flakes and salad dressing sauce. Each Food for thought set comes with a cup of tea or coffee. Cheap or expensive?

I love runny egg yolks!! So cute~ xD

Food served within 15 min depending on the queue. Co-incidence, less people during lunch time, my food portion arriving on time. First I doubted the food portion because it's rather small let see if is enough for me. There's many way to enjoy this food. I love dunk the roasted breads into half boiled eggs. Bread soaking into eggs created savory taste, yummy!! xD

Half-boiled eggs with toasted breads

Or you can even spread the bread with butter and strawberry jam, filled with salad, just like eating sandwiches bread. Cool right?? What I love the most is the brewed black coffee. The aroma of black coffee smells good!! I love sugarless black coffee, or if you want reduce sweet, fill up 2 sachets of brown sugar. Tempting, couldn't resist on the breakfast set. By the time I finished it, I'm bloated =D

Brewed black coffee from CBTL

Btw, thanks to Foongpc for the influences. Good food are meant to be share right, Foongpc? Want know what he blog about, do out his blog at Have a nice day!! =D