Monday, October 01, 2012

Medifoods @ SS18 Subang Jaya

Been pending in my draft box quite some time, and it's time for me to share out this post. Of lot's of food I been sharing, this is first time I ever came across to Organic shops. Being labelled as healthy dietary, Medifoods located in Ss18 Subang Jaya serve varieties of organic health food from their own groceries.

Medifoods Organic Health Restaurant

It's easy to find, just towards the end row of shop lot, exactly same row with restaurant JM Bariani House. Normally peak hours like lunch time or dinner time will be crowded with people. Make sure you be early to get a place to seat. What attracted me, not just food but Medifoods landscaped beautifully with green leaves on covered roof garden. You can choose to sit inside with air conditioner area or seating outside covered roof garden.

Medifoods located in Ss18 Subang Jaya

It's also act as grocery shop selling wet and dry organic food such as fresh organic vegetables, fruits, cereals at affordable price. Without delay, I placed my order on the menu. They come with sets where by a meal with soup and fruits. Organic soup filling with vegetables and fresh organic papaya. Purely 100% organic.

Healthy & Organic Dishes

Organic soup filling with vegetables and fresh organic papaya

I had organic Hakka Lui Cha in this shop. Before ordered I been thinking twice, I hate to eat Hakka Lui Cha because of the green tea stink with green chlorophyll that cause the whole meal bitterness at the end hard to eat. Waitress convincing me, to try it. Authentic, big portion which only [RM11.90] nine colorful types of organic vegetables served with small brown rice. Green tea was decent flavor by pass chlorophyll perhaps organic that makes the different in between. Recommended to try it out.

Organic Hakka Lui Cha [RM11.90]

Next was the organic Bolognese Mushroom Spaghetti [RM12.90]. Shredded with fine chopped mushroom filling with tomato gravy that makes everything perfect. Big portion sweet and sour, spaghetti well cooked. Delicious and healthy in a way.

Organic Bolognese Mushroom Spaghetti [RM12.90]

Services are quite good and friendly staffs keep us on motivating and keep on sharing healthy dietary. If you'er looking for any organic products  do drop by here today. A lot elderly citizen love to eat here most of the time. I enjoying my food with beautiful landscape garden.

Medifoods Organic Health Restaurant
No 59, Jalan SS18/6,
Subang Jaya, 47500, Selangor.
Tel: +603-5632 5714