Monday, October 15, 2012

Hainan Coffee @ Kedai Kopi Taman Eng Ann Klang

Beautiful weekend, heading down to Klang to look for food that were published in the newspapers recently. Food attracted me that much because it's originally run buy Hainanese man. Kedai Kopi Taman Eng Ann located in Taman Eng Ann near to old AEON Bukit Raja, slightly can reach there direct by using Federal Highway.

Kedai Kopi Taman Eng Ann

Get me sometime to get here, as I'm totally clueless the road directions, thanks to GPS guided me there. After that, I can recognize the road better. Reached there at 2pm, cloudy day plus windy, fine weather to enjoy my food. Rather classic Hainanese Kopitiam, the owner in newspaper appeared exactly in front of my eyes. Elderly man age mid 50 looks cold at first sight, after a while he started to talk only realized he is friendly type. Easy going asking what to order instead.

Behind kitchen scene

Refer back to the famous food in newspapers, I ordered brewed coffee, tea, two half-boiled eggs and toasted breads. This not enough for us, we ordered extra food from next door neighbors. I seated exactly in front of the kitchen, see clearly how they brewed coffee. Automatic recalled childhood memories where by my grandfather use to make Hainan coffee for me to drink.

Famous food here

Coffee is thick with milk, surprisingly the tasted good, less sweet the real coffee fragrant, in small cup size. I did tried on the Hainanese Tea which is famous for it's "cham" and also their half-boiled eggs with big runny yolks. The eggs rather big, I believe it's Omega eggs because the runny yolks are deep in orange colors. Eat while it's hot, cracked it, remove from shells, garnish with a dash of pepper and soy sauce. If you like dip with breads, perfect way to eat like that =D

Half-boiled eggs estimated around [RM2.00]

Big Runny yolks with a dash of peppers and soy sauce

Happily cracking out the eggs

Removing white eggs inside

My favorites ^_^ 

Of many food, I like most are the roasted sandwiches bread that looks like a burger shape. Divided into half and spread with butter and kaya, munching inside the mouth definitely thumbs up. What I love the most is the "Kaya" [coconut] spread. Home made with secret recipe that combines everything so good!! Must try this!! The owner is GENEROUS with butter and kaya. You can request for more kaya and butter. xD

AAAuummm.. Yum yum xD

See, spread like this!!

Roasted bread with kaya and butter

She love it too!! xD

Kopi-O Kao Kao [RM1.20]

Definitely it's not enough for us, we do ordered Chicken Rice and a plate of Char Kuey Teow. Smooth chicken breast meat, fragrant rice with spices making me want to eat more. And I'm also shocked this plate of Char Keuy Teow only cost [RM3.50] Fried by elderly lady that looks like a grandma friendly speaking fluent with Mandarin base. Less oil, filling with fish cakes and prawns.. I'm a bit upset want to try Wan Mee but finished!!

Char Kuey Teow [RM3.50]

Chicken Rice [RM4.50]

Are you coffee lover? Come check this out yourself. Drink out at your heart. I love this very much, and after food I ordered extra Kopi-O kao kao. Damn like coffee taste!! I think per cup is RM1.20  =D

Kedai Kopi Taman Eng Ann
Jalan Kasawari 5,
Taman Eng Ann,
Klang, Selangor.
Business Hours : 6.30am to 4.30pm, closed on Tuesday.
Contact : +6012-679 3799.