Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fish & Co. @ Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya

Been to this Fish & Co restaurant this afternoon for lunch at the new opening shopping mall in Paradigm, Kelana Jaya. Wondering what is so good about this restaurant, till long queue, colleagues suggested we dine in here perhaps grand opening will have some nice promotions here. Waited almost 15min to be seated.

Crowded and pack with  working people which actually drop by for lunch whereby their office are nearby to this new opening mall. Fish & Co restaurant is a Singapore based seafood in a pan. With the goal to provide a unique dining experience for her customers, Fish & Co. serves all food in a unique Mediterranean style - in a pan! This method of presenting freshly cooked fish & seafood meals delights the customers and further enhances the relaxed, friendly and engaging environment which the founders have set out to achieve.

Fish & Co. @ Paradigm Mall, Kelana Jaya

They have franchise here taken up by Toh Hong Keng, Margarette Tan & Family. I believe is family business running up here. Couldn't aspect much from this restaurant. Taking up 15 min just to take down our ordered. Understand, will first day opening we're comprising and bearing with it.

Menu for orders

Service rather messy and everything is out of order. I would said "kelam-kabut" things are not in order especially when it's full house time. Supposedly we ordered set lunch, add on additional RM7.50 to get a soup and drink but soup are too little to serve everyone in this restaurant. The process of delaying 20 min just for a bowl of soup which actually made us cancel it just go for warm water will do.

Bar for drinks sections

Table with fish ^_^

Culinary set

Rather disappointing, bar tenders taking up such a long time more than 30 min just to serve us warm water. Don't tell me you need to boil water? Lolz, we're just sitting at the bar corner watching every single steps what they're doing there. Ok, la forgivable first day, just telling myself just be patient. Let them handle it. We're continue talking and flipping Paradigm mall news letter while waiting for our drinks and food. Till team mates, getting pissing off and question out the waiter "where's our drinks?" -_-"

Looking at the news letter while waiting for food

Food arrived after 1hrs 15min. And I got the wrong ordered. This time really pissing off, already hungry yet we got our ordered wrong. Disappointing, hungry just accepted what ever they served. Team mate ordered Artic Fish & Chips RM16.95 Coated with our famed batter and topped with their signature lemon butter sauce. He said is lemon butter sauce was so so only. But the fish & chips remain crispy and crunchy.

Artic Fish & Chips RM16.95

Me and the other team mate, being served with the wrong ordered menu which were Singapore Fish & Chips RM15.95 topped with homemade chili crab sauce. I can taste chili crab not spicy at all. They commented this dish was actually better than Artic Fish & Chips, perhaps chili makes food more tastier. Fish  & chips remain crispy and crunchy. Portion quite big, it's enough to make you full.

Singapore Fish & Chips RM15.95

Food it's rather ok, the only thing is the service. I believe first day is rather stepping stone for them. More to improve on services. This restaurant have other branches in Klang Valley too.

Fish & Co.
Paradigm Mall
No.1, Jalan SS7/26A, Kelana Jaya,
Petaling Jaya, Selangor