Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Day 2: Part I - Sun Rise @ Lavender Resort, Bali

After fresh sleep, morning wake up by alarm, heard of bird chirping on the window. Pulling out the curtain, I saw bright sunlight shines into my bedroom. Time to get ready for next round activities. Shower and getting ready for breakfast. The day was early, mom dragged me along for photo shooting around the hotel area.

Morning Glory

Garden backyard

Love the behind garden of this resort, beautiful landscaping with morning glory shine in the garden yard behind this hotel. Suits with Balinese styles, stone cravings must not forgetting in hotel decorations. As I walked along the pathway, saw a beautiful stone craved fountain welcoming at the entrance of swimming pool. Water falling down from the fountain creating rhythm of music, giving a peaceful mind.

Stone craved fountain

Me @ Fountain

Walked into swimming pool, see the clear water that's makes me feel like taking a swim here. Swimming pool opening for public from 8AM-8PM daily. Three different level of water depth in swimming pool offers a relaxing range of options, laptop pool for the kids, and deep for adults. surround waterfall, you can enjoy the leisure of water under stunning sun and served with drinks and light meals through out the day. Holiday is always holiday, enjoying till max! xD

Swimming Pool Entrance

Swimming Pool

Closer view

Don't like swimming? Not worries, there's always snooker and bar for your entertainment. This is extra services, which you actually need to pay it yourself. Drinks served here too, liquor are the most here.

Snooker and bar center

Snooker area

Front desk


Waiting area

Next moving to the lobby hall after breakfast. Warm welcome greetings from the front office. While waiting for tour guide, a few photos on the lobby area. Our first itinerary of the day would be, the worship place. More updates on next post... See you there. ^_^