Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dae Jaeng Gum korean BBQ

Sat nite, we're planning to eat Korean BBQ coz the weather it's cold and it's nice 2 have something hot hot... Talking about Korean food, 1st timer to taste it.. hhmm my mind keep on wondering how's the taste of Korean food. Erm, i have lots of comments from my friends regarding about Korean food. 80% ppl say Korean food it's hard to eat coz the is not nice at all.. the rest it's about the Korean food.

So let's go for Korean Food.. In Malaysia as i know the most famous Korean food is Korean BBQ restaurant and the other is Dae Jaeng Gum korean BBQ. At first we decided to go Korean BBQ but we're disappointing coz the place it's totally too full and packed, I make choice to move to Dae Jaeng Gum korean BBQ. Finally we had this nice place to eat. It's very special place clean, and peaceful.

As the menu being served, i'm totally blur dunno what to order and what is the best to eat for Korean BBQ. After discussed friendly Korean lady boss, we had put in the orders. All the dishes served in a small portion sizes just nice for the stomach. I loved the way waitress grilled the pork BBQ, clean and hygiene. After that he teaches us how to wrap the pork with a slice of salad vegetable and put everything into mouth to eat, oh yeah it's crunchy with juicy smell of marinated pork BBQ.

I tasted Kim-chi and radish, it's hard to eat because i'm not use to the vinegar smell. Overall i love the food, thus i will have another choice of food in my menu list so that i wont get bored of eating Malaysian food beside i have Japanese food and western food. Let's go for the photos... hope you enjoy Korean Food! ^^

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Choco from colleagues

I got this choco from colleagues back from GIS seminars in Australia, Jakarta & Surabaya yesterday.. I eat this again previously Natsumi bought me this choco from Langkawi airport but slight more expensive than oversea. Thanks for da lovely choco.. Darren, Loh, SP & Pearlie.

Aussie famous Nougat

These are my favorite soft Nougat

KERSHEY's Kisses creamy milky choco with almonds

Another type of choco looks like SHYT =P

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Long time i didn't buy clothes... So decided to hang out in the noon to shop for clothes. U know la.. i get red BIG bomb from relatives and friends for their big days, so charm need to spend $$$ to get myself dress nicely.. After a few hours walk i found it... Lovely dress n shirt ^^

Black evening gown (overall)

Blue & black (top)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Pan Mee in Kota Damansara

Lunch time, i headed to Kota Damansara with colleagues again..Time time we're heading to Pan Mee. The shop looks good from far, but as i stepped inside the shop i feel its dull without any decorations on it. Then we sit outside smoking area coz inside it's full with people. I ordered dried pan mee cost me RM5.50 but the mee it's in very small portion suitable for small stomach size. The weird part is Pan Mee without blended wet sambal belacan it's totally tasteless. I would say it's ok only and my rating for this food is 3/5.

Pan Mee inside have chunk meats, ikan billis, sambal ,eggs

Soup that have green vegetables

Thursday, November 12, 2009


I got to know this software from my colleague Kevin. After 1 month i bought my hp, then i didn't install any s/w in phone except Garmin. Basically i'm curious whether my hp can be use for FREE chatting without using any credits. So call, i hear from shop sellers, that this can be done with correct software but unfortunately the shop sellers not very sure about which software to use. I been keeping in my mind maybe one day i can have this software.

It's a reflection to my sign that i been applying, Kevin intro me to Fring software. Free talk, live chat & interact. You can connect with all your mobile friends. It's free, so try it out now.. ^^

Fring mobile download

Fring on my phone, friendly user s/w

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Fruit is this??

Haven't seen this fruit before... Dunno where my bro get this fruit from...
Anyone know what is this fruit??
Please help.. i need to know what this fruit name ^^

Gift away from Mama Ling

I came across her blog during lunch hour, so i read through her blog that she is giving out freebies to bloggers... wahahahaha... Y so excited?? Let's read more....

I'm not greedy for the gift but i'm part of supporting my friend and also a good mama... i will link her in my blog... hehehe... I admire her a lot, she is working hard for the family so it's a compliment for me to link her blog. Do visit Season's of Giving the blog by Mama Ling, and feel free to drop her a comment. I hope i link the correct way... Add oild mama Ling....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Love is...

For another motivation, he comes out with another thought that is "Love is...".

Love is....

  1. Knowing that part of the reason being here in this world is to devote ourselves to the betterment of the fellow man
  2. Cherishing thy enemy because he is an everyday presence…that it is he who sharpens and develops us
  3. The smile you get from a loved one first thing in the morning and receiving a gesture of genuine kindness from a stranger in the streets
  4. When all conflicts end and strangers become brothers
  5. Not about possession, and no one who truly loves you will impose thoughts, actions or words that make you guilty
  6. A feeling that turns hate, envy and aggression to dust. It is a feeling that fills every cell in our body. Love is all-consuming
  7. The spark that motivates you to pursue your destiny and it doesn’t mean sacrificing your destiny or your happiness for the sake of others including your loved ones
  8. Our reason for living. It gives our dreams meaning. It is the source of life
  9. A part of the language of enthusiasm. It is a part in your search for something you believe in and desire
  10. Present where freedom exists.

Thoughts written by Marc Wong

He reminded me about my old rusty relationship. To love someone it's not an easy thing but ""Love exists when you truly understand the meaning of freedom""

I put this in my mind always!! ^^

Monday, November 09, 2009

Homemade Fishhead Noodles

Yesterday noon time, i'm heading to Kota Damansara at Dataran Sunway for lunch with colleagues because David want to do banking in UOB. It's about 15 min drive from office. After that Chris suggested that there is a shop for fish head noodles. Talking about fish head noodles.. i think it's about 1 year i never taste it since the last time i went with Anson in Cheras.

Lunch time is seriously packed with people, it's quite difficult to get parking over here. We turned about 3 rounds just for the sake of parking. Right after parking car, rain started.... =.="
As i stepped into the shop, lots of peoples waiting for seating and the place it's full. I keep on wiping my shirt coz i'm little wet in the rain.. While colleagues waiting for the place to seat, i remember i got cam phone so i took it out to snap a few photos of the shop. ^^

I didn't taste the fried fish head noodles coz myself still having sore throat.. i'm try it next round but i odered garlic fried beef nice. I ordered the wrong dish because i'm not aware the menu labels it's totally out. I can't take beef... dont ask me y... sighs!! @.@ Some how Chris share with the small portion of the noodles... the taste it's quite ok. I tasted the tomato fillet fish from David, thanks him for exchanging the dish to me. I will be back again to taste the Fish Head Noodles.. =P

Notebook Cooler Pad

Finally i got my new notebook cooler pad replacing the existing old want.. I been using for the last five months since i joined new company... Oh well many ppl ask me why do i use the notebook cooler pad in the office, coz the laptop does not belong to me..?

Hhhhmm... good question, coz i been trained to use the cooler pad at home since my little sis been practicing it. I dont care even though the properties does not belong to me.. i still taking good care of the laptop. i want to maintain laptop heat so that i can use for longer time ^^

So it's worth to spend little $$$, it's cheap, the cooler cost RM12 and now you can protect your laptop over heat. Simple as ABC, as it run on the USB cable. Simply plug into USB cable slot on your laptop.. there you go fan it's moving with LED light... cool ^^

Notebook Cooler Pad with 3 fans

Cooler PAD come with LED light

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Restaurant City News Update

After the Halloween ended las week, there will always news event updates from Restaurant City Team.. Can't wait to open the envelope.. Double click on the envelope.. Here you go.. the Newsletter as below... ^^

After i went through the newsletter, now is the time for me to do some testing..
Time to have fun.. let's go.. yippie =P

Janitor is repairing the arcade machine =P

Since my waiter & waitress are busy serving, i'm helping to clear plates.
I got a trophy for this award =.=""

I also helped out to clean the toilets!! Yucks!!
I got a trophy for this award =.=""

Since i'm poor, I pay a visit to my friend's farm,
i help friensd to water plants so that i can get some pocket money for my restaurants.

U may also want to visit your friend to help them repairing their restaurants =P

Umami Steamboat

Sat evening raining quite heavy, the weather cold enough to eat steamboat. This time i'm going with my 2 younger sis and it's my 2nd time visiting Umami Steamboat, while the 1st time i'm going with my ji mui...... =P Emmie & Alice, here i come again.. muhahaha XD

This time, the steamboat charge RM23.90++ per head, eat all you can but if you waste the food they will charge you accordingly by grams. Remember always, try not to be greedy.... I still prefer Umami rather than Tasty pots, coz hygiene, clean and most important is the food is fresh..!!
Some of the food sightly different as they add-on a few new items. As i know waters are not allow to refill, but according to the waitress, hot green tea are allow to refill cost RM2 per tea bag. I can't drink other accept green tea it's good for my throat..

While other like new item they have is Watermelon jelly and also 5 different types of ice-creams flavors. Too bad, i couldn't taste it coz i'm having bad sore throat + cough ='( I saw my 2 sis enjoying ice-creams i think must be yummy!!! Steamboat without chili it's totally tasteless... Oh well, i don't care i want fast fast recover then i can taste it again..

Although previous blog i have capture lots of photos, but this time i couldn't help myself to snap photos again.. My hand it's ichy.. so i grab my phone cam to take photos while waiting the food done...Those who want to know more on my previous blog about Umami Steamboat, plz refer to my Aug 2009 archive folder. Time for me to pen off, sleepy.. nite nites all ^^

Friday, November 06, 2009

A Lesson about Humility

Today my life quite blurry.. as i'm down coz i'm sick, low motivated and mood less the whole day. Where is my current status, seriously i have no idea about it.. Trying on on MSN to look for friends chatting.. so that i will be more better in time... As waiting the medicine 2 work after my lunch.. Someone really motivate me on this..

A Lesson about Humility

This important lesson was taught by a Tibetan spiritual master who happened to be in town a couple of years back. Among his disciples was my uncle who passed the knowledge forward by sharing it with me.

Success is all around us in the manifestation of people we know or have heard about in the news – top earning celebrities, famous sports-people, corporate high-flyers, rich businessmen and women, and so on. The funny thing is, when we human beings have attained some form of success, we tend to have our heads “expand” a little bit and credit the success exclusively to our hard work, intelligence and even luck. It’s always about the “me”.

As a result, we adopt a “high-and-mighty” attitude and look down on people whom we perceive as being less successful than us. We give less respect to those who are less intelligent, fortunate or capable as us - one friend of mine was upset because there had been someone in her life who looked down on her simply because she grew up in a low-income family.

Coming down to earth, what we do not realise is that unknowingly, a huge part of our success was made possible thanks to divine intervention – in the form of a Bodhisattva (the Buddhist equivalent of a saint whose mission is to help people in this world) – some call it the Universe – others call it God or Guardian Angel – that is watching over us, lifting us over the pitfalls of life, making sure that we are doing the right things on the right path. None of our success would be possible without divine help. But sadly, some people just don’t see the divine intervention!

It has been said that nothing happens by coincidence and everything happens for a reason. The only way to affirm this is to recall your personal experiences. Was there ever a time when you received an opportunity that you would otherwise have missed? Have you met strangers who suddenly appeared at a critical stage in your life, giving you the guidance and advice that led you towards your goals?

Think about it.

And if, the next time we start to feel that success is getting to our heads, please recall this valuable lesson.

Thoughts written by Marc Wong

He came out with another thoughts.. I been seriously reading his thoughts.. but my mind is not functioning well to digest his thoughts.... What he said is true dont judge the person's by it's STATUS, instead of understand the person well. Open up your heart to understand, is that hard?? So make a move now.... ^^ After reading.. i feel clam ahead apart i can sleep well.. ^^

Thursday, November 05, 2009

What Makes Person Beautiful?

Lovely morning when i started my MSN, there is someone is greeting me. He couldn't wait to share with me his thoughts.. I'm wondering what is he trying to share is out.. Hhmmm...
File transferred completed, double click on the file.. loading.. n opening up his thoughts...

What Makes Person Beautiful?

Well, one friend suggested that getting a new hairstyle was the answer.

A female friend of mine was criticised by her own friends about her looks and succumbing to peer influence, she spent her hard earned salary on an image makeover so she could look “prettier”.

Some male friends whom I know spend thousands of dollars on expensive clothing and all kinds of “gadgets” that claimed to improve one’s looks. All in the name of attracting the girl of their dreams.

While physical appearance does play a part in getting you that “first step in the door”, there are also other “invisible” qualities that make a person beautiful. It would be shallow to think that looks are everything and perceive hidden beauty with our naked eye. A wonderful lady I met recently precisely illustrates this point.

I met “D” at a seminar and at first glance you would notice that she has a lazy eye. Perhaps to some people, it would feel a little awkward at first to engage in an eye-to-eye conversation, because we all have been programmed since the beginning of time to establish a correct line of sight.

Despite being so, it was her outward confidence, sunny personality and energy that made her incredibly attractive to me, and suddenly I found myself appreciating her for who she truly is and not how she looks. But there was something else about D that made her truly special and sometimes it’s hard to describe what we call the “X” factor in a person because some things have to be experienced to be understood. All I can say is that she radiated a special kind of energy that could only be borne out of love for the people around her. Because whether you believe or not, we unknowingly give out signals to the Universe and those signals often return to us in the form of a response we get from the receiving party. In D’s case, she radiated so much positive signals that her inner beauty shone through and people who are open to receiving her love can sense it. Because I did and it felt absolutely wonderful!

So this is an important lesson for us to look beyond the superficial and understand that one’s beauty shouldn’t be judged from the exterior. However, this doesn’t mean that we should do nothing about making ourselves feel good. We should still hit the gym once in a while, go swimming, take up a sport, and engage in wholesome activities that keep our bodies fit, strong and healthy! Because your mind and body are part of the same system and therefore changes in one part of the system affects the other part. If you feel strong physically, your mind would naturally be strong too.

And before you start worrying about what others think about you, remember the words of inspirational author Paulo Coelho: “As human beings, we were all given a virtue, which is the ability to choose who we truly want to be. If we fail to exercise this ability, others will choose for us.”

Thoughts written by Marc Wong

Yeah, i agreed with his thought.. n what do u think about it??

Monday, November 02, 2009

Rum & Raisin Baskin Robbin

This afternoon while i'm back from lunch, i bought some fruits from hawkers stalls, tot of eating now but i'm very full after heavy food so decided to eat during tea break time, then i walked to pantry to keep those fruits in the refrigerator. On top of the refrigerator i saw lots of cup arranging in a circle. i wondering what are these cups for... **winks**

I opened the refrigerator saw big bowl of Baskin Robbin ice-cream... but i dunno it belong to who, i continue to keep my fruits inside the refrigerators... Suddenly Lim ask me take my own cup for dessert. I know.. Baskin Robbin ice-cream must be.. hahaha. Straight away i take my cup on my table to wash it, and place it to the top of the refrigerator.

Lim bought Rum & Raisins ice-cream to treat all the staff in the office. He become Baskin Robbin ice-cream seller for the day. He start crafting his own design of ice-creams. He bought extra kacang tumbuk n also choco sticks for toppings. While taking some nice photos my ice-cream done.. lovely contour glass with ice-cream. Seriously the taste it's nice rum (alcohol) ice-cream, creamy lots of raisin, walnuts + kacang tumbuk, choco stick.. ^^

Lim, Thanks for da lovely BR ice-creams...

Rum & Raisin BR Ice-Cream

So big bowl BR ice-cream

Lim's crafting BR ice-creams

Sunday, November 01, 2009


1 Nov 2009, it's good early month for me coz it really bring me luck.. I strike IBOX 6881 again!! This time was Magnum, on 2nd price yeah i'm happy coz really help me to survive till end of the month. I need money to survive, but i'm not greedy for money. The purpose i buy numbers is just for extra pocket money to pay off my debts...... This really helps me a lot ^^

Thanks to God, i believe in you... coz u're been helping me while i'm in difficulties... ^^

My lucky numbers

Nyam Nyam Rice Snack

I came across the "ting ting man" who actually drop by my neighbors house when i came back from work last fri night. Raining cats n dogs but.. i still run out to the "ting ting man" just busybody what he is selling on his motorcycle.

Yeah, he is selling a lot variety snacks and bread. My neighbors kids happily buying snacks. This reminds me of my childhood use to buy snacks too. Seriously in KL it's hard to get ting ting man, normally ting ting man appears in small towns areas... agree??

I keep on walking 1 round to look for snacks, there is something hidden behind, that caught my eyes.. this little junk food called "nyam nyam" rice snack. I remember i used to buy this snacks during my primary school when i'm standard 5 in SRK Convent after 1pm while waiting for Mandarin class.. Last time the price was RM0.70, now it's RM1.10 that expensive... I wonder nowadays how much little kids got for their pocket money to school... ***winks***

Since i'm working now i don't mind paying for it.. I wonder the taste will it be same after so many years i'm out from school till now... Wait till i opened, it's looks same, colorful rice cake inside with choco cream. It also come small plastic stick (spoon) for dipping.. How nice is the feeling when i started to eat, all the memories came back to me.. my childhood life.... ^^

The packaging still same i think so, can't remember already

Colorful rice snacks with choco cream

BIrthday Boy - Little Bro

Over the weekend is great bcoz i make use of time with family, as myself busy with work hardly spend some time with family. Last Sat i had dinner with family in Subang Parade to celebrate my little bro birthday.. He turns 19 this year..

As the birthday boy's wish, his choice is going TGI for dinner but unfortunately, there is no place for us. We need to wait for almost 1 hr for seating. The place is crowded with ppl as Sat night it also Halloween night, lot of ppl celebrating this event. Ended up we eat Sakae Sushi further down just by few distance walk for a comfortable dinner.

After dinner, we back home to cut cake. U know birthday WITHOUT a birthday cake it's like missing something. I bought little bro Choco Cheese cake from Cake Sense shop. He love it so much.. Happy birthday to my little bro. Some of the photo of his birthday...

Choco Cheese cake from Cake Sense

Me & Little Bro

Little Sis with little Bro.. Bz take photo

Dad & Mom having light session chat with bro