Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Preggie Mama Hamster

Today, some happening news in office. Colleague Ricky bought his cute little hamster pet to office. So I have a chance to snap photos on this little hamster. He bought it to office because he need someone to take care for 3-4 days, coz he will be away to vacation soon.

I heard that this little hamster is preggie until 21 days, going to due soon perhaps next week. So really need double care on this mama hamster. I have no idea how to rare tidy little pets so I wonder if I rare must be patient. Cleaning and hygiene must be very important to pets else will be easy get infection. Handle with care.. I can't wait this mama hamster give birth...

Btw.. I wonder why hamster like to play on the "marry go round"? Anyone can share with me?

Hygiene nest for hamster

Hamster like go on marry go rounds

Preggie mama hamster, Cute! =P