Monday, March 08, 2010

Petrol & Gas Refining - Port Dickson

Weekend jalan-jalan at PD, since the weather so hot in KL make myself comfortable in small town, jalan-jalan with friends.. Oh ya some how, friend's uncle bought us in a car to visit Port Dickson famous Petrol & Gas Refining station. I'm very curious coz the whole town every where is tanker carrying petrol & gas in and out all the time in PD, I asked "why so much tanker here..?" friend uncle's replied " We have refining station here in PD, I take you a tour to there". We take tour by car to Esso and Shell refining center, but not allow to go in with tight security My very 1st time, never ever see refining center before.. curiosity it's very deep.. until I come nearer..

Yeah, it's big refining station that cater throughout whole Malaysia. Uncle keep on explaining the history both of this station and how it's being developed.. I'm lucky to be here.. I just snap photo from far in the car for memories ...