Saturday, July 31, 2010

Eggs in the Basket!

I give a try this morning to make this breakfast after I read this article from Over A Cuppa Tea Blog. Thanks to little Cleffairy for remedy of this recipe. =D My mood is good as i wake up early in the morning. I want to give a try on this everyone say it's easy as ABC. Alright I go into kitchen ransack the ingredients that i wrote in a paper so that I wont be missing out any part of it.

I did re-search on this recipe. Let's read below:-
Quoted from Eggs in the Basket! webpage

What is Egg in the basket?
"Egg in the basket refers to a chicken's egg fried in a hole of a slice of bread. It is a common comfort food

Alternative Names
Egg in the basket is also known by a large number of alternative names, examples being "hen in a nest", "moon egg" , "cowboy egg" ,"egg-in-the-hole" ,"one-eyed monster breakfast" "hobo eggs" and "One-eyed Jack". In some places it is known as "toad in the hole", not to be confused with the British sausage dish of the same name."

Now, let me show you a simple steps to cook this:

Ingredients whole meal breads & eggs

Make a hole into the bread & spread majerin/butter on both side of the breads.
You can use a round cookie cutter / round glass cup / bottle lid

hatch an egg in a bowl.. remember do not spoil the egg yolk =D

Heat up frying pan with low temperature. 
Put some butter/majerin so that frying pan won't be sticky. 
Toast bread until it's golden yellow color and flip over =D

Once bread turn into golden yellowish, 
pour egg into the hole and let egg set on the frying pan before flipping over.

After finished frying, sprinkle some salt & pepper on both side of the bread =D

Tada, this is Eggs in a basket for my yummie breakfast =D 
Served it when it's hot with chilies sauce /thousand island sauce / mayonnaise sauce =D

It's crunchy once you bite it. I can taste pepper and salt while it's hot. Delicious, that's my breakfast early in the morning. Hope you like it!! Thanks Cleffairy!! =D

Thursday, July 29, 2010

LogenHause Taipan USJ

Back dated post!! I been to this shop called Logenhaus in very first time in the conjunction of Cheryl's birthday. Yeah, my family use to visit this shop as they say not bad at all. I suppose to join them for a couple visit but due to my working it's not possible for me to join them frequently. Anyway, I'm able allocate some space for family to have funs. =D

Logenhaus is Roast & Grill which serves halal German cuisine is one of the pioneer tenants of USJ’s Taipan Triangle area. Decorated with German style that made me felt comfortable as I walked inside. Service are very good and they served us well with well polite manner.

Food arrived quickly as we ordered all 5 sets of adults meals and some of the side dishes. First time ever tasted onion soup with cheese. Delicious!! =D

Did u see golden garlic bread? Golden toasted, once you bite it's so crunchy. Recommended to dip with soup while u're eating!! Omg.. tasty =P

Want a bite? Geee... =P

I'm acting funny =.="

Chocolate cream blended 

Fresh fruit drinks =D

Chicken Chop

Fish and chips

Salmon steak

Ladies enjoying =P

Family dinner =D

We enjoyed ourselves here. Recommended to eat. It's best to if you reserve a place because its fully packed with people over the weekend.

Taipan Triangle, Subang Jaya, Selangor
50, Jalan USJ 10/1B
USJ Taipan Triangle
47620 UEP Subang Jaya
Tel: 03 5635 0733

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

GMail themes

Bored of seeing the same dull theme in your GMail acccount? Fred not anymore, now you can enjoy colorful design theme by GMail. I came across and discovered this when I'm configuring setting for my account. I'm actually curios what type of function is this.. Just play around and I got colorful theme background in my GMail accoount. Cool?

This is something that I wanna share out with you all. I have DIY screen capture for your guide convenience.Try it now.. It's fun =D

Durian oh Durian

Backed post... after heavy hakka mee, we departed back to KL, we saw lots durian stalls along the way back, my friend suggested  that we have durians as lunch since everyone quiet full, we just have durians as dessert =P We stopped by on the road side on the way to Sepang F1 circuit.

I said "what?? Are you going to eat durians in the rain and wet with muddy??". They just ignoring my words can carry on with their durian desserts, lolz. Everyone running into the durian tent to avoid getting wet in the rain. Left and right road lots durian stalls.

I have no idea how to select a ripe durian, so I let my friends to play their role in selecting durians. I hope they can select the best durians. While waiting to eat, as usual my hand be will itchy to snap photos for my blog homework.

Wah, see durian is ripe in yellow color. Once opened, everyone just grab it very fast.. myself still busy snapping photos... Durian has a heavy smell, I love it that much =P

Durian meat =P

See, how i enjoy? =P

No worms it's just nice =P

Different type of durians

Ripe Mangosteen

It fun to eat with groups peoples. Lot's of visitors who actually stop by to the stall to eat. Mostly local people who love Durians very much. After finishing durians we bought mangosteen to neutralize back body heaty after eating durians. Tasty and yummies!! Thanks to all my friends =P

Monday, July 26, 2010

Hakka Mee @ PD

Back dated post.. Now I only have time to update my blog. I had bad weather while we're having breakfast in hawkers early in morning. We sit in an open air space outside hawker because inside it's fully packed. I think must be the food very nice that why a lot peoples.Hawker stall serve local delicacy wanton mee and hakka mee.

Tasted KL hakka mee, how the taste of PD hakka mee?  I don't know much about hakka mee, but more to another variety choice in my food list beside wanton mee.  See, I just love curry sambal chilies for the hakka mee.. That's good with belacan taste. Not forgetting while eating wanton mee must have salted GREEN chillies. =D

Tada, this is Hakka Mee. Hakka Mee is a type of  noodles - It is yellow in color, normally served in soup and with minced meat such as pork  I choose dry Hakka Mee just rather than soup. I'm more comfortable to eat dry compare to soup. Soup it's too hot that takes a lot time to eat. =D

I'm suprised that dry noodles served with a bowl of small soup. I taught just soup, then I put spoon inside.. I found big wantons inside soup. Hakka mee is difinately delicious to go with wanton. All I can say it's Good, and it's cheap. RM3.80 per plate =D

Friday, July 23, 2010

Satay, satay, satay

Have guys ever wonder, mamak stalls is selling satay?? I came across this Fatimah mamak stalls late night for supper in PD. We had early dinner around 6.30pm so my friends decided have a cup of nice tea tarik for supper. Once I get down from car, I smelled satay from far that triggers my saliva. Long long time never eat satay, so I called 10 cucuk of chicken satay for try. =D

Satay goes with tea tarik, weird combination right? lolz..=P Tea tarik mixed well tea + milk, nice to drink =D Satay come with ketupat, but not forgetting satay sauce. I just love it... 1 word "Good".. tempting. Just nice, not too full not too hungry... so that I can sleep at night =P

Teh tarik kau! =P

Satay with ketupat rice =D

Grilled chicken satay

Do see? I enjoyed very much =P

Satay celup with peanut satay sauce =D

Ketupat rice celup with peanut satay sauce =D

Thursday, July 22, 2010

SQC Sean Farewell

Arlo everyone, I'm back to blog.. Lately busy with works most of the time back late home, sorry for delaying on blogging. =D I'm going to share with you a little of my working life. Recently lots of things happening in my work,  hope everything will be fine soon. Due to changes, one of our colleagues Sean is leaving us behind to persuade a better work environment. I'm sad.. mixed feelings that I ever had. Seeing with my own eyes one by one is leaving. Dunno who is next.. sighs!!

We had small farewell with Sean in KFC again. =D something simple most important is everyone enjoying and getting along with each other. Our special guest for the day is Ricky and Lim.I'm surprised to see them again. But i know Lim is putting on his weight meaning is he is doing good in new company. Hahaha.. It's good to see you again Lim. =D

For Ricky, I saw him getting thinner, perhaps he is busy setting up char keuy teow shop in Bandar Puteri Puchong. He become own boss frying own char keuy teow, how nice!! Can't wait to test your own char keuy teow mee. Any highlight, please let me know asap... =P Wish you all the best Ricky =D

Lolz, after long chit chatting, we had another round of photo session. I just like this photo very much. Sean is smiling great. Everyone did a good job in taking this photo. Good memory after all =D

To reward Sean with little small gift, I made simple DIY card for him. This is my very first hand made. Is that good?? I get everyone to sign on the card, before giving him =D I hope to make more in the future =D

Sean, good luck for your future undertakings... do keep in touch with SQC groups!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Malaysia Fuel, Sugar Prices Rise After Subsidy Cuts

Talking about the government (via the Prime Minister’s Office) have decided to increase the price of various items in the country via the reduction of subsidy. To cut short story.. will this affect on your daily spending budget?

In my opinions, increase it's not a big margin but I have to watch out on my petrol spending. Everyday I rely on my car to work.. so petrol is important to me. KL famous for heavy massive jam, my petrol is like drinking water burning fast, thank god.. that I have fuel saver car which I don't need to worry on high petrol consumption. I made right choice without any regret. =D

I heard from my friend that petrol is going to increase by midnight. So I decided to get my tank full before price increased. I wonder if this situation is repeated back on few years that petrol increase to MYR2.70 per liter.

I went out quite late around 11.30pm to pump petrol. Quite a number of people who wants to enjoy old price petrol before increase to new price. I had my full tank too.. My tank can stand for 1 week .. cool =D
How about you all? Did you pump petrol as well??

Monday, July 12, 2010

Sushi King - Subang Parade

I had dinner with Emmie in Sushi King Subang Parade last night after heavy shower of rain. Thinking of what to eat.. she suggested that we eat sushi, because she have membership discount card. Once we reached the shop, again table is full with people, sighs.. queue up again lo.. again not my day =X

We're second lane after first customer in front us waiting for seats.. I been looking around, waiter and waitress ignoring us at the front counters. That's bad though..After waiting for 20 min, exactly in front of us, the couple is walking out exactly the place is for us because we're only 2 people. Just nice.. I tot the place is for us.. but suddenly two bitches gal is cutting our queue. How desperately they are.. Emmie is cursing the gals for cutting queue.. i just puzzled myself staring at the bitches but couldn't help at all. Yet the stupid waiter and waitress is ignoring our words just let them sit. I'm getting mad really.. 

You know just not just both of us pissing off but behind elderly man is pissing off too.. he voiced out, "hey, gal you're taking over our queue. Can't you see in front there are people queuing up??" Lolz.. I can smiled happily inside my heart!! You see.. things belong to you.. definitely it is yours.. nobody can take away!!! Patient is a virtual.. So God is testing my patient.. I made it through.. =P

Ok.. We had comfortable sitting place.. finally we start our dinner after small war.. This getting me mad again. Service is damn sucks!! Waiter and waitress keep ignoring our orders!! Slow poke.. dunno what they're doing.. sighs!! My meal being served late.. sobs ='(


Combination set of steamed rice served with grilled eel, fine Japanese wheat noodles, served with prawn & vegetable tempura, mixed with vegetable salad & cultured milk.

Mixed with vegetable salad

Prawn & vegetable tempura

Fine Japanese wheat noodles

Steamed rice served with grilled eel

After finished dinner, we pay bills at the counter.. I filed complaint to them.. It's sucks. And they just keep quiet like dumb ass!! After we paid bill Emmie have double checked on the bills, and they made mistake on the billing. They key in double entry for our UNATAMA DON DOUBLE set. Sighs.. is this attitude that you're showing to us?? I'm showing my face to them exactly. I'm telling them first and last time I'm going to visit this outlet. Service damn sucks!! I'm paying service charge tax,  can I take it back? You don't even deserve a single cents on it!!