Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Durian oh Durian

Backed post... after heavy hakka mee, we departed back to KL, we saw lots durian stalls along the way back, my friend suggested  that we have durians as lunch since everyone quiet full, we just have durians as dessert =P We stopped by on the road side on the way to Sepang F1 circuit.

I said "what?? Are you going to eat durians in the rain and wet with muddy??". They just ignoring my words can carry on with their durian desserts, lolz. Everyone running into the durian tent to avoid getting wet in the rain. Left and right road lots durian stalls.

I have no idea how to select a ripe durian, so I let my friends to play their role in selecting durians. I hope they can select the best durians. While waiting to eat, as usual my hand be will itchy to snap photos for my blog homework.

Wah, see durian is ripe in yellow color. Once opened, everyone just grab it very fast.. myself still busy snapping photos... Durian has a heavy smell, I love it that much =P

Durian meat =P

See, how i enjoy? =P

No worms it's just nice =P

Different type of durians

Ripe Mangosteen

It fun to eat with groups peoples. Lot's of visitors who actually stop by to the stall to eat. Mostly local people who love Durians very much. After finishing durians we bought mangosteen to neutralize back body heaty after eating durians. Tasty and yummies!! Thanks to all my friends =P