Saturday, July 31, 2010

Eggs in the Basket!

I give a try this morning to make this breakfast after I read this article from Over A Cuppa Tea Blog. Thanks to little Cleffairy for remedy of this recipe. =D My mood is good as i wake up early in the morning. I want to give a try on this everyone say it's easy as ABC. Alright I go into kitchen ransack the ingredients that i wrote in a paper so that I wont be missing out any part of it.

I did re-search on this recipe. Let's read below:-
Quoted from Eggs in the Basket! webpage

What is Egg in the basket?
"Egg in the basket refers to a chicken's egg fried in a hole of a slice of bread. It is a common comfort food

Alternative Names
Egg in the basket is also known by a large number of alternative names, examples being "hen in a nest", "moon egg" , "cowboy egg" ,"egg-in-the-hole" ,"one-eyed monster breakfast" "hobo eggs" and "One-eyed Jack". In some places it is known as "toad in the hole", not to be confused with the British sausage dish of the same name."

Now, let me show you a simple steps to cook this:

Ingredients whole meal breads & eggs

Make a hole into the bread & spread majerin/butter on both side of the breads.
You can use a round cookie cutter / round glass cup / bottle lid

hatch an egg in a bowl.. remember do not spoil the egg yolk =D

Heat up frying pan with low temperature. 
Put some butter/majerin so that frying pan won't be sticky. 
Toast bread until it's golden yellow color and flip over =D

Once bread turn into golden yellowish, 
pour egg into the hole and let egg set on the frying pan before flipping over.

After finished frying, sprinkle some salt & pepper on both side of the bread =D

Tada, this is Eggs in a basket for my yummie breakfast =D 
Served it when it's hot with chilies sauce /thousand island sauce / mayonnaise sauce =D

It's crunchy once you bite it. I can taste pepper and salt while it's hot. Delicious, that's my breakfast early in the morning. Hope you like it!! Thanks Cleffairy!! =D