Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Bak Kut Teh - Ss14 Subang Jaya

Over the weekend, we had bak kut teh for dinner. I went with Emmie & her bf. Since both of them dunno what to eat, I suggested eat bak kut teh lo.. hohoho long time no eat bak kut teh there. Miss bak kut teh quite a lot. I come here often but less taking picture so this my chance to take out my phone cam snap photos. This bak kut teh i eat is blackly thick herbs soup. Compare to the previous I ate in Bak kut Teh - Kelana Jaya & Bak kut Teh - Port Dickson.

I used to eat at this stall from school days till now. The taste is equally good until now. Every time go eat table is sure full with people even weekdays. We sit in the open air space the aroma from inside can really smell if once I get down from car. There are 2 types of rice you can choose either oily rice and white rice. I just love while rice it's tasty go with soup!! =D

This bak kut teh soup served with "yau char kuey" it's delicious to dip in the soup a while then take out eat.. Cruncy and juicy, caution when you put into mouth. It's hot!! =D

We ordered green vegetables, u know la.. most of the food is meat, it's not balance with a plate of green vegetables. Steamed with fried onions & oyster sauces. It's healthy =D

Next is very famous mixed pork bak kut teh with fu juk. Lolz dont who don't eat internal organs can ignored this. But the soup it's tasty. Took many hours to boil it. =D Good for pregnant women too.

Below it's my favorite vinegar pork legs. Vinegar is just like appetizer for you to start your meal. Sourly vinegar open up sense of taste that will you go wild a when you eat this. I took only meat not those fattt meats. Long time my mom no cook this dish. I want ask her soon to cook for me =D

Guess how much the bill? 3 person come up RM46 nett. Each person it's only about RM15.. Cheap? Recommended to eat.. Service quite good, very fast also.