Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sushi Hut

I had my weekend dinner with Alice in The Summit USJ. This newly open sushi outlet called Sushi Hut which located Ground Floor exactly toward the end of shop previously is this shop is CIMB bank, this shop took over CIMB bank and it's beside is Old Town shop. It's small shop renovated with Japanese art culture. Quite nice, but I'm feel uncomfortable as I walked into it. Bad air ventilation with oily smelly that cause me sneezing quite often.

We went there took early dinner at 6pm, shop it's empty due to Puasa Month mostly after 7.30pm should be fully packed. This outlet offering new promotions for 10 special set menu for your choice including Bento Sets, Sizzling Hot Plate Sets, etcs. For those who like sushi, there promotions buy 5 sets free 1 set with different prices ranging different colors sushi plates with C.O.D.

We both ordered Terayaki Chicken sets for our meals. For your information, while promotions period we being served Green Tea for F.O.C. While waiting for our food, Alice tried on sushi that served on the sushi bar. She is quite choosy in eating sushi. She commented sushi it's out mainly because of the rice it's too watery not well cooked nicely. I took another set of sushi to try it out, it's also same, rice it's watery =X

Luckily it's not happen 2 our Terayaki Chicken Bento sets. Quality of the food it's so so only, Chawamushi it's tasteless I need to eat with soy sauce, rice it's quite dry and mis soup it's tasteless too. Oh well, there's room for improvement this shop. I being rewarded Sushi Hut membership card for FOC with 10% discount when you visit this shop again.