Thursday, August 05, 2010

Craving for Durian

Durian season is around the corner during summer season in Malaysia. I'm been craving durian badly after I had my first durian this year since last two weeks ago, read here. Is there any durian stall in my township? After asking around, i have the details from local peopls that the durian stall near by my house. Got the map right, here I am in front of durian stalls. Thinking of eat alone will be boring, I bring along Emmie & BF as well. =D

This is small durian stall which the ower of this stall is a friendly man. Greeted us with polite manner, asking us which type of durian that we enjoy the most. Seriously, I have no idea how to choose durians, again I leave to the Emmie's bf to deal with man.

I can't believe such a small stall, they have so much durian stocks! Well properly arranged, easy for customer to choose. Caution, don's go near, otherwise durian might drop on your legs! =P

I snapped photos with caution as well. I don't want any unwanted incidents happen to me. =P Durian damn huge. Heavy smell too. I think must be good just with the smell?? Lot of thorns too.. hahaha

Durian can be purchase by weighting in kilogram or you buy in bundles according the quoted prices. Big and small all rich in smell. Tempting..!! =D

This man have lots of experiences in selecting quality of durian. While he is opening, I snap here n there. Just for fun of it =D

You see, big pile of yellowish durians!! beautiful durians!! Worm less.. hehe.. Can't wait to try..!! =D

A copy of my photos of durians =D

My first bite, I'm going to eat u =P

Drink is served FOC, when you eat there! =D

She enjoys too =D

You can even da pao back, clean =D

I'm surprised, durian seller have blog? My jaw dropped when I hear from this man, lolz. =D

They have a map to guide, if you're not sure how to get there, cool? =D

I enjoyed my day of eating durian on the roads. It's a good experience rather than bringing back home to eat. I hope smell wont disturb neighbours! lolz =D