Sunday, August 15, 2010

Bean Dessert Kitchen

Right after finished window shopping with Emmie, we're heading back to SS15 Subang Jaya for dinner. Since we had GCB around 6pm for tea break.. We decided to have something light for our dinner. We want to have dessert (Tong Sui) to ease our throat after long walk. Head over to Bean Dessert Kitchen shop that specialize in dessert (Tong Sui) definitely melting my heart. Not just dessert, they have side dishes as well. Always come here for tong sui, this time I'm going to try out on famous Rendang Chicken Rice. They served with a piece a banana leaves with rice, ikan bilis, kacang, vege & rendang chicken. Yummy & tasty =D

While for Emmie, she order Mee Goreng with eggs and not forgetting sambal!! I just like mee sambal because not that spicy and a little salty. I'm very particular in tasting sambal. I hate SWEET sambal, coz it's hard 2 eat =.=" It's cheap mee is RM4.80 while my Rendang Chicken Rice is RM5.80. Enjoyed the atmosphere because we sit on the open air spaace while having dinner. =D