Tuesday, August 17, 2010

iBuffalo MiniStation

After so long my dream finally come true. I wanted this gadget so much after waiting long long time. Why? Because my company's laptop spoil recently, I had a painful experience and I learnt a big lesson because I did not back up my own data work. I always confident enough that i'm laptop won't spoil because I use it's with caution and care. Life is always up and down, God want to test me with this challenge, so I have to face it!!

I lost all my data during my work period, I had difficulty in tracing back all the files. Changes for recovery process is very low, because hard disk getting old, always give cracking sound & unable to surf me well. Sad!! Now I don't have proper set gadget for me to continue my daily work. Through big a lesson, I remind myself to get portable USB Hard Drive for backup purposes.

After big doing re-search in market, I found that this new brand called iBuffalo MiniStation portable USB Hard Drive with Encryption that suits my taste. This what I'm looking all the while. Why? Let me brief you more on this:-

Buffalo Tools is made in Japan, have a feature-rich software suite of tools designed to boost PC performance and enhance your digital life. Use Buffalo Tools to enhance PC, transfer performance and back up your important digital assets. Automatic Hardware encryption (for Windows) protects your data from unauthorized access.Secure Lock Manager Easy software remembers your login details. Shock Resistance Chassis provides greater protection against accidental damage to your hard drive. Convenient wrap around USB cable. Automatic setup - no need drivers needed & Ready to use - no power supply required.

iBuffalo MiniStation comes with 3 years warranty, data transfer rate increase using TURBOPC. USB 2.0- Up to 2X increase. Client OS Support - Window 7 (32/64bit), Window Vista (32/64bit), Window XP, Mac OS 10.4 or higher. Available with 3 colors - Black, while & red with different size of storage 320G, 500G, 1 Tera, etc.

I choose 500G with price RM270 because the price not much different compare to 320G. Satisfaction is there because now I can smile without afraid of losing any important data in the future!! =D