Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Raya Coupon Savers

So fast coming towards 3/4 of the year of 2010. More coming up that Raya is just around the corner, i'm sure everyone is looking up for freebies & cheap sales out there. I'm attracted to this Giant thick booklet entitled "2010 Raya Coupon Savers". I flipped it through page by page.. I wonder what is so thick booklet inside Hhhmmm... Wah.... really with over RM1800 worth of discount coupon inside. Coupon validity from 13 Aug - 30 Sept 2010, attracting right? =D

I have a few question regarding this booklet:-
1) Mostly items save on  RM0.30, RM0.50, RM1, RM2, RM5 for different ranges of items.
Do this coupon really helps in terms of saving cost??

2) Do you all really purposes bring this booklet out or do you cut this into pieces and bring out all the while buy groceries in this department stores??

3) Printing materials to make 1 thick book is equally losing 1 big trees. On and off we always teach consumer NO plastics, how about manufacture side? In terms Green earth, do think manufacture really care for green green earth?

I wish to know from here... Please drop me a comment here... Thank you =D