Thursday, June 28, 2012

Starbucks @ Setia Walk Pusat Bandar Puchong

Another new Starbucks outlets opening at Setia Walk in Puchong last month. In the conjunction of new opening, Starbucks giving out FREE brewed coffee of the day from 1200hrs-1400hrs. I'm excited to get FREE coffee, decided to drop by this outlet right after lunch. First time ever hear of this place, I worry I'm unable to search for this place, because I have no idea where this place located.

Main Entrance

Starbucks from outside view

Before heading to Starbucks in Setia Walk Puchong, I did a research on the location, first I was confuse Setia Walk with Setia City Mall. I thought both place at the same, but actually it's  not. Setia Walk located at the heart of Pusat Bandar Puchong and I'm sure Puchong people will know this place well.

Coffee of the day 

We both enjoying coffee~

Love Starbucks~

Finally I got it right, and here am I in front of Starbucks. The very last 15min I managed to catch up with the long queue just for a cup of FREE coffee. Silly right? Who cares, FREE coffee no harm to try it out. At least I'm putting effort on it. Tagging along my little sister to enjoy FREE coffee with me. I love the aroma of the black coffee. The aroma of roasted coffee fragrant, can smell a few meters away. Love it the way, after food a cup of coffee definitely keep on your sleepiness away. Services I would say it's ok, friendly Barista are ready to serve you anytime.

Water fountain

Setia Walk way

After coffee, I take a tour around this places. I admired the design here, comes with water element. The whole area surrounded by human made lake. Setia Walk in Puchong is SP Setia’s first showcase project to mark the company’s entry into the commercial retail sector. It is positioned as a revolutionary and refreshing one-stop boutique lifestyle and retail centre to appeal to trend-conscious clientele.

Behind the lake

Beautiful environment

Behind beautiful scene

This is a mixed development consisting of retail blocks, offices, an entertainment complex, and serviced apartments. In essence, this commercial precinct is a hybrid between a shopping mall and shop offices. At the time of launch, this idea was a novelty in the local market. Setia Walk is spread across 20.8 acres of land in Pusat Bandar Puchong, and consists of several phases. Phase 1 is 85 blocks of 4, 6, and 7-storey shop offices. Altogether, there will be 170 retail units and 336 office units. The units on the ground and 1st floors will operate as retail outlets, while offices will occupy the upper floors. These shop office blocks are carefully designed to either face the LDP or the internal waterways to provide prime frontage and high visibility for businesses. Not bad this area, do drop by here for food or a yum cha session. It's a good place to hang out with friends and family. Cheers~ xD

Starbucks Setia Walk
G-01-G, SetiaWalk, Persiaran Wawasan,
Pusat Bandar Puchong,  47160 Puchong,
Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia

Tel : 03-5882 2995
Fax : 03-5882 1230

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

MLTR LIVE @ Setia City Mall

Been so excited, to watch concert again. It's been almost long long time after yesterday I got a chance to watch Micheal Learn To Rock Live from Setia City Mall. I been very grateful to thank Amelia Ling for the FREE MLTR tickets. Starting my journey travelling down all the way to Setia City Mall takes about 40 min drive through NKVE.

Amelia Ling gave out FREE TICKETS

Been to Setia City Mall for the second time, today was huge and crowded with lot's of people probably the main reason for the MLTR concert. Never ever before been so crowded on the car park till P7 on top of the roof, full car park. Waited almost 30min just to get a car park, luckily I departed my journey two hours early before the concert starts.

After stuck in car park for 30min, finally got parking. Next rush to the nearest fast food stall to get some food before the concerts starts, every shop long with queue full with people. My first pick was the fast food lane, like McD, KFC, Subway, all full don't even have chance to buy food. At last go for Carl's Junior burgers to ease stomach.


While eating, saw audiences queuing up for entrance at 7pm, I started to get excited, at the same time butterflies on the stomach, can't wait to see MLTR. Rushing to finish up my meal, worry no space for me to enter later. At last, my turn to queue up. Few entrance out there divided into FREE STANDING, FREE SEATING and VIP. Before that check on my tickets, started to DISLIKE it because I saw the ticket written FREE STANDING. Image you have stand few hours just watch concerts legs sure tired. I can't complaint any further because FREE TICKETS, what you can aspect right?

No choice but to accept it. Along the way, saw one couple in front of me giving out extra tickets to other audiences people. I busybody go peep in front I saw the ticket it's orange color, wondering what is the different, then I look closer it's FREE SEATING tickets. I try my best to grab it unfortunately no more extra. Quite disappointing, but to carry on. At least I get a chance to hear I'm satisfy with it. After 20min, in front the couple told me I have extra tickets for your both, because children are FREE entrance. Serious what is he talking about? I re-confirm again at last I started to smile in my heart, at the same I'm so THANKFUL to both of them and my tickets are upgraded to FREE SEATING. No need stand anymore ... Hehehehe.

Tickets upgraded to FREE SEATING

I'm so curious wondering why they have so many FREE passes, I asked and the couple replied "I'm Setia City Park residents and also one of the SP Setia staffs here, entitled complimentary tickets for this concerts" Wow, so nice the benefits of staying in SP Setia. As the queue keep on moving, the concert field very wide, stage surrounded with lake and well decorated. I took a few photos here too. Estimated 15,000 people here attending this concerts.

The Stage

The Crowd

Huge crowded queue-ing up for entrance


The bridge linked to FREE SEATING

In front big stage

Finally got a proper seating place, in the middle row center in front of the screen. Windy and nice evening view. SP Setia is the main sponsor for this event. Opening event start by "Ah Beng & friends" from MYFM to cheer up the events. A couple of contest running here before the concert starts.

Nearer to front stage

Cheering item sponsored by SP Setia

Opening concerts

Micheal Learns To Rock

During the evening on the stage

The whole event of the night, Rocks~

Finally concert started at 2045hrs, everyone cheering loudly for MLTR. So lively concerts with the band out there plus good weather. I love his voice, damn sweet his vocal, thumbs up!! Complication 10 songs from his old & new album. From young till old everyone enjoying MLTR concerts. I love his pieces song romance songs such as "Paint My Love", "Some Day", "Sleeping Child", "That's Why You Go" etc all the songs he sang it too. It's awesome to enjoy it. Ended up with fireworks from SP Setia till late midnight. Enjoy till max the concerts, Thanks to SP Setia for bringing MLTR to Malaysia.  One of my favorite pieces from MLTR pieces, "That's Why" I have the video below. Hope you all enjoy it =)

Don't know how to go Setia City Mall? Here's the map to the location:-

Tour: Asia 2012
Date: Saturday, June 23rd 2012
Time: 9:00pm
City: Kuala Lumpur
Venue: Setia City Mall

Friday, June 08, 2012

Tenshi No Cafe at e@Curve

Been to e@Curve for lunch over the weekend with friend. We been lingering around, don't know what have for lunch. Suddenly, I recalled there's a maid cafe here. You hear me? MAID CAFE. What is a maid cafe?

From far interior look like a home

Maid Cafe, a very popular concept restaurant founded in Japan, is making its way to Malaysia’s shores, starting with the restaurant called Tenshi No Cafe. Being a sub-category of theme restaurants, a Maid Cafe features waitresses who are dressed like maids, in particular, French maids. Their job is to act as servants to please the patrons of the restaurants, also known as their masters / mistresses. At Tenshi, when customers arrive, they are supposed to be treated as if they have returned home, with the maids at their disposal. I'm curious what is about, suggested to dine here.

Tenshi no Cafe Stage

From outside, Tenshi no Cafe looks like a home more than a cafe. One of the house rule is no photography of the maid, food and interior. It's been so tempting, could not resist myself in snapping photos over here, thus I decided to get permissions from the Kawaii Maid. I was allow to snap photos on the food and interior but not kawaii maids. Understand maids and butlers are being protected here, it's ok for me, only brain captured the best moments here =D

Comfortable dining area

Well decorated just like home

Some of the customers enjoy visiting here

It was overall a pretty eye-opening experience, not so much on the food, but the whole idea of being served by cute-looking maids who provided more than just food. It’d be interesting to know if this kind of concept restaurant could survive in the local Malaysian scene though. As you step inside your imagination will go wild, as if you're in world of anime. I'm sure you mind will pop out "thinking of which character you want to act though?" =D

Maid suggested that we have "The Banana Milk Shake" It was a crowd’s favorite, with a pleasant aroma of bananas and refreshing to drink. Our drinks arrived shortly and unlike other restaurants where the waitress / waiters leave you alone after serving, the maid actually stirs the drink for you if you want. That’s not all! There were more surprises to come later on when my food arrived. I had fresh watermelon juice over here. Not bad, I'm impressed by the services over here.

Banana Milk Shake RMM12.90

Fresh Watermelon RM10.90

Our food arrived finally after entertaining by maids and butler. They're doing good job, keep us accompany while we're waiting for food. I got myself Salmon Bento Set. Light toast on the Salmon meat, coated with Salmon sauce, well decorated with fruits and side dishes. I'm satisfied with the overall food presentation, as usual before starting my meal, photography will play the main role for blog post.

Tempting right? ^_^ 

Salmon Bento set RM23.00

Unagi bento set RM25.00

She said good, what about you? ^_^

Unagi Bento set, not bad either. Unagi coated with Terayaki sauce, well decorated with fruits and side dishes. Before we enjoy our meal, we have another round of entertaining part “Would you like to do the Moe charm with me?” asked a maid sweetly. Both of us couldn't help but to say yes.

“First, you make a sign like this,” said maid, forming her hands into a heart shape. “Then you move your hands to the left and say ‘Moe!’ Next, to the right ‘Moe!’ and then you put your hands over your food and say ‘Kyun!’“ I followed the gestures, deeply amused by the whole thing. “Why must we do the Moe charm?” both of us asked maid. She said it is a charm that makes the food taste better. "Awwhh.." so sweet of the maid.

Display rack

Different anime characters here #1

Different anime characters here #2

A whiteboard with cute drawing of the maids 
and butlers who work at Tenshi no Cafe.‬

Japanese newsletter to ease your boring while waiting for food

When I first saw the prices for the services, I thought they were expensive. But then, it is still cheaper than flying to Japan to get the maid cafe experience. Tenshi no Cafe’s maids are trained by their Japanese counterparts so they actually know their stuff.

It does not have to be about anime or manga. It can be about food, fashion or anything under the sun. Never did I once take out my smartphone to check for messages or social media updates at Tenshi no Cafe as I normally would if I dined alone. The maids and butlers at Tenshi no Cafe will keep you occupied and you don’t have to pay to have interesting conversations. I may not be an Otaku but visiting a maid cafe is a fun experience. Throw away any preconceived ideas and visit one today. Who knows, you may become a fan. Come here and experience yourself today, kawaii maids and handsome butler ready to serve here. =D

Tenshi No Cafe
LG18, North Side, e@Curve
Mutiara Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Operating Hours :10.30am to 10.30pm

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Starbucks @ Paradigm Mall

After work last Friday, I'm waiting for a friend for dinner here, but it's rather long hours waiting, throat getting thirsty especially hot weathers, walked over to Starbucks for a drink. This is my first time been into Starbucks at Paradigm Mall, saw the promotions Happy Hour session started from 5.00pm-7.0pm, Half-Price for Frappuccino® any blended beverages via T&C.

Happy Hour Session

Everything is new here including Starbucks. Located at Level 2 of Paradigm Mall, Starbucks it's at the corner lot with indoor and outdoor. For me it's just another shopping mall to cater nearby residential people, as usual whenever there is a mall opening there will be the crowd, grabbing freebies which a lot shops tenants doing promotions out there.

Starbucks @ Paradigm Mall

Got myself a cup of Mocha Frappuccino® blended beverage (Blended Coffee). A clear favorite, heavenly mix of espresso, chocolate and milk blended in ice. This time told barista to reduce sugar level, want to try how's the taste of lesser sugar.

Mocha Frappuccino® blended beverage (Blended Coffee)

Quite good services, just waited for 15 mins to get my drinks. I'm sitting on the chair through transparent mirror which I can see Starbucks front counter. Just give snap photo of the shop. Strong WIFI available here for surfing purposes. I enjoy the ambiance here, facing the sun set behind the mall.Walk outside, snapping photos outside the balcony of the mall. Beautiful sun set with fountain here. Walk outside to get some fresh air.

Behind the walkway Starbucks

Sun set and fountain

Starbucks outdoor entrance

Starbucks out door

In another point of view, beside the advantages, this Starbucks outlet have a few disadvantages. I don't get a piece of mind while enjoying my beverages. Noise pollution everywhere in the mall which I need to yell my voice when talking to my friend. Starbucks here is an open concept area, as the a result I can hear children's screaming, people talking and loud music playing by certain shop tenants around annoyed me that much. I feel like walking out immediately after I purchased my beverages. How bad is that huh?

I appreciated and thank Starbucks for the strong WIFI, but Malaysian people like to take advantages on the FREE WIFI access which do need password to access it. Some shoppers which I categorized too thick skin, and they just sit down without buying any beverages from the counter and they still can fully utilize the WIFI bandwidth without concerning the rest of the Starbucks consumers people including me paying for services, I'm rather disappointing because I do not get the expected bandwidth for surfing purposes. Sighs...

I hope services can be improved here. I'm not complaining, just that I feel they can even do better in the future. Just I need peaceful place to clear my mind after working hours.

Starbucks Coffee
Paradigm Mall (GB 01A),
Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan