Thursday, December 27, 2012

McWrap @ Subang DT

Hi, everyone. I'm back here again, everyone is in holiday mood now.. so do I, left out a bit in blogging. But I keep you all posted here. How are you all? Everyone doing good? I'm fine.. =D

Recently I found this McWrap launched quite sometime ago at McD Drive through outlet in SS15 Subang Jaya. New promotion attracted me to try it out. Two selection available which are Chicken McWrap and Beef McWrap for limited time only. Have anyone try it out before??

Chicken McWrap and Beef McWrap for limited time only

This how McWrap look like

I'm going for Chicken McWrap first during lunch hour between 12-3pm cost only [RM10.50] for medium set with a set of drink and fun fries. First I thought of going Chicken Fold Over, but the waitress said "face out" they're replace with McWrap. Let see if anything different between them. I'm curios to know how's the taste look like.

Golden cripsy chicken~

McWrap it's huge portion similar to Fold Over size, tortilla but wrapped it in IO' filled with golden, crispy chicken, with green lettuce and tomatoes slices. There's a guide for you to open WcWrap as written behind the packaging. One bite, immediately I fall in love with this McWrap, not bad chiken meat filled with CURRY POWDER plus a little peppers. Satisfied with huge portion make me bloated only McWrap itself not yet plus drink and fries. And I also hear from friend Beef McWrap also not bad, what do you think about it??

Like to eat with Chili sauce

McWrap set

McWrap only available for a limited time only in 10 McDonald’s restaurants through out Klang Valley. For more information please refer to McWrap website. Grab it before it's gone!!