Friday, November 14, 2014

Boat Noodle @ The School Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

Everyone is talking about Boat Noodle few months back, I'm trying to access their main branch in Empire Damansara late night after finishing work, totally fail at all. First timer, I'm guided by Waze GPS, some how I got lost into LDP Kepong twice in such a big U-Turn, ended up I gave up because too pissed off. T_T

Boat Noodle, The School Jaya One

I believe in faith, till last weekend I happened to be in Jaya One, wanted to try out Marufuku Udon, ended up I saw Boat Noodle as I by pass Jaya One parking bay. Boat Noodle attracted me that much, thus I change my mind, telling myself why not give a try to this Boat Noodles instead, since it's not much crowd during lunch hour Saturday noon.

Quite a number of eateries dining in

As I step in, there's a table in the center of the shop, behind it's Boat Noodles back wall, automatic pop out in my mind it's strategic place for photography. I can't stop holding phone, set into "camera mood" for friendly shoot. Friend stop me a while, because I'm suppose to place order first whereby stomach is yelling for food badly.

Boat Noodle Menu

Waiter bring us, thick menu which is labelled clearly. Next, we're given a pencil and printed form paper to note down, what we want to order. You can repeat your orders anytime. What is so special about boat noodle? Boat noodle or Kuai-tiao ruea in Thai language means the soup base noodle used to be serve on boats (Sampan) during the old times to the sellers who row the boat along fishing village built on the wooden houses.

Serving in small tiny portions

Patiently waited nearly about 15 mins for the food to arrive. Jaw dropped, such a small tiny portion, the amount of serving is equivalent to a scoop of noodle in a spoon at the price of RM1.90 each. No wonder I keep on saw next table neighbor keep on repeating order until stacking up all the bowls. I wonder how's the taste of it? Let's try.. arrrgghh.. hungry! Jom makan-makan~

Pathumthani Chicken Boat Noodle RM1.90

Two types of varieties for the soup base, they do not serve dried noodle, slightly different from the main branch. You can either choose beef or chicken meats on your noodles. Pathumthani has the dark soy sauce broth, sourish with delicate spicy flavor. Combination of 19 herbs and also 5 spices powders, star anise (bunga cengkih) and cinnamon sticks (kayu manis).

Combine well before eating

Before you eat, combine well or mix together with chopsticks and spoon so that the broth well coated with noodles and spices. If you like extra taste, you might want to add on some extra chilies flakes to test out the level of spiciness in your tongue. For me, I just want to try the original taste. Pathumthani noodle served with fish ball, spices, a bit shredded chicken, bean sprouts, Cilantro herbs, sourish spicy, appetizing indeed.

Ayutthaya Chicken Boat Noodle RM1.90

I opted for Ayutthaya Chicken Boat Noodle instead, combination of ten herbs which the broth is thicker than Pathumthani, brownish with mildly spicy taste. Ayutthaya Chicken Boat heavily infused with spices, shredded chicken meat, bean sprouts, fresh Cilantro herbs. I would prefer Pathumthani instead of  Ayutthaya

Fruit Salad RM5.90

Not just noodle, there also side dishes for this. If you're fan of salad, then you must try this Boat Noodle Fruit Salad. Combination of fresh corns, tomatoes cherries, sweet grapes, pink jambu, peanuts, bird eye red chilies (chili padi), drizzles with spicy sourish sauce, in cold servings. First try it's fresh appetizing the more I eat the more I feel spiciness till burning tongue. Why? I'm not aware of bird eye red chilies SEEDS, so be extra careful you eat. You might want to omit seeds before eating.

Grilled Chicken meat balls RM4.90

Another side dishes which I find it quite good to share. Grilled Chicken meat balls skewers. Chewy, fresh coated with sourish Thai sauce. Grilled beef meat balls skewers available in Boat Noodle menu.

Drink of the day RM3.90

Definitively you need a drink after eating spicy food. Boat Noodle do serve their original drink of the day called Bai Toey in Thailand (Pandan lemongrass) to wash away heat after eating spicy food. Refreshing serve in cold.

Thai Iced Coffee or Kaffe Yen RM6.90

Dessert after meal, Thai Iced Coffee or Kaffe Yen is a must. Strong coffee aroma well mix with milk and ice. Out come it's good when I sipped it. Another good quality of coffee remains in my heart at the affordable price. Convience pre packed in a beautiful container where by you can easily take away. Sip it slowly remember to enjoy the aroma coffee.

Awesome Kaffe Yen ^_^

Overall Boat Noodles, it's quite friendly services and comfortable to dine in. In terms of taste wise moderately good but not very good in serving portions but if you want to join the fun for stacking up how many bowls, you can try it too. Most important this shop pork free and it's HALAL suitable for all the eateries out there. They have branches in Publika KL, Ikon Taman Connaught, Empire Damansara and The School Jaya One.

Unit 100-P2.033, The School, Jaya One,
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti,
46200 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Business Hour: 10AM - 10PM