Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Chu3 part I - Sin Joo Heong Confectionery

Third day of CNY mostly visiting friends in their house warming. But this time my friend, Nigel from Ipoh all the way paying me a visit in Teluk Intan. He came here always bugging me to bring him to this Sin Joo Heong Confectionery. He said I must go home with this Tiger Head biscuits. Let's read more below:-

Since 1962

Front Shop

ONE OF the most famous Chinese biscuit brands around, Sin Joo Heong was started by Lee Cheng Hoon in 1954. He would make the heong peah in his home and then go around his hometown, Bagan Datuk as well as Teluk Intan to sell them. He also shared his art for making the pastries with his sons during their schooling days.

Lee's eldest son Joo Heng took over the business from him in 1996 when the father retired. Joo Heng then brought the business into a newer era as he used machines and marketing techniques to increase business.

He also changed the recipes for his father's pastries slightly by using ovens instead of coal fire as that was too expensive and time consuming. Originally, they had only four main biscuit recipes -- heong peah, tau sar peah, sak keh ma and pineapple tarts. They have expanded to more types of biscuits and are distributing food from other brands. All the ingredients for their biscuits are made by Joo Heng's brother Joo Hian in a small factory down the road.

The famous tiger head brand has already expanded and has an outlet in Ipoh and also currently Puchong has an outlet there. It's easy to get biscuits anywhere at biscuits and pastry shop. The prices is quiet reasonable at the affordable price which everyone can buy to eat at anytime.

Sin Joo Heong

Inside shop, lots of confectionery biscuits, cakes, etc

Heong Peah RM8.50

Specialty 1: Heong Peah
The heong peah has a thick paste that tastes mildly sweet. The filling also carries an onion flavour. The crumbly skin is baked until it is dry and golden brown and is made from wheat flour hence, the rich and milky taste.

Specialty 2: Almond Cookies
The large-size almond cookies have a yellow appearance and are very crumbly. It is made of dough mixed with almonds that have been crushed to a powder and has a very robust nutty taste.

Specialty 3: Sak keh ma
The sak keh ma comes pre-chopped into large cubes. The semi-soft and sticky rectangular flakes require peeling and has a sweet taste.

Pineapple Tarts RM4.50

Specialty 4: Pineapple Tarts
The pineapple tarts look like mini hot dogs. The caramelised pineapple filling is sweet with a very delicate fruity taste. It is wrapped in a layer of short crust pastry that has a very milky taste and is very rich and crumbly.

Specialty 5: Tau Sar Paeng
The baked tau sar paeng has a golden brown exterior but is very soft and buttery. The thin layer of pastry holds a large ball of green bean filling that has a savoury taste with a slight hint of sweetness is very dry but still delicious.

Group photos =D

This shop is always famous and packed with people during CNY. Lots of car from outstations and KL queue-ing for long hours just to buy Heong Peah and Tau Sar Paeng. Quality always maintaining, with QC I believe this will be great biscuits to pass down for years of generations later. Hope Nigel enjoy eating this biscuits. Thanks for supporting!! Aside credit goes to Emmie and family for touring Nigel around this CNY. Thank you xD