Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Eve @ Water Front Teluk Intan

Right after Yum Cha,the gals feel not enough, we move on to the Recreational Park at Water Front Teluk Intan. This place is a historical place to everyone whereby we took Form 5 high school photos on the magazines 10 years back. Suggested by Yunyun this park is good for a walk in the evening at the same time for photo shooting. I'm doubting going there at first, because the history of this park is insecure, pick pockets around and mosquitoes bites. Gals been convincing me, everything is different after Teluk Intan upgraded to MPTI status, Water Front Teluk Intan well upkeep.Water Front Teluk Intan surrounded by Sungai Perak (Perak River), part of a town that borders a body of water.

There you go, after we landed at the park, totally different when I saw with my own eyes. Meaning it's about 10 years of development, a big changes in my own hometown, making me proud as Teluk Intan people. Should back here more often or staying here longer for holiday to catch up with local news update. Without writing much, let's view the photo below.. =)

Main entrance

Shouting "YEAH"

Upgraded, well maintain

The gal posting: Emmie, Yunyun, S.Huey

Chilling and relaxing

River bank Sungai Perak

Windy cooling evening view

View of Sungai Perak

River bank 

Recreational Park

My post =P

Tai-chi Wheel for elderly exercise 

Keris as playground landmark

Titanic on the bridge =P

Mushroom Park

Individual photo shooting 

Group photos

I'm happy the park is clean, green earth too which attracted beautiful photo shooting especially wedding photos. Quite a number of couples were taking wedding photo here. I'm enjoyed spending time with the gals, all are memories here now. Love you all gals!! =)

Water Front Teluk Intan
36000 Teluk Intan
Perak Darul Ridzuan