Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chu14 Part II - Nutella Ice-Cream by The Last Polka

After lunch, next round would be desserts. It's lucky enough that I saw in Facebook share out on "Double upon World of Nutella" BUY 1 get FREE 1 on Nutella Ice-cream today at RM9.20. I'm so crazy about this ice-cream by the dynamic gal power of May Yee and Ee Vee are innovative in ice-cream flavors. Home made ice-cream by them with 100% natural ingredients, combined with their creamy French-style ice cream with the regional Asian flavors they love.

This time promotion with Nutella flavor, first time ever tried on it. As I know Nutella is chocolate jam spread. Never knew if this chocolate can be made into delicious ice-cream. The right time right moment, I bought this in The Whisk Espresso Bar & Bake Shop at Empire Gallery Shopping Mall. Good thing must be share out. Nigel had a chance to taste ice-cream, with lovely promotion.

Quote from The Last Polka Webpage
NUTELLA - A combination made in heaven, hazelnut and cocoa are some of our favorite things and our bet is it’s probably yours too. If you thought this nutty hazelnut chocolate spread was sublime on bread, wait till you try our cheerful frozen version.

One thing to note here, all ice creams by The Last Polka does not resemble flavoured ice creams in any way. Intense, smooth, rich & creamy; each spoonful has the perfect balance of flavour as indicated by its name with the amount of cream used to make it. One word "satisfied".

Their ice-cream is definitely creamy kao kao. This ice-cream available in selected cafe and shop around Klang Valley. Places such as The Bee at Jaya One, The V Cafe in Taylor Lake, The Whisk Espresso Bar & Bake Shop, Empire Gallery in Subang Jaya, For the rest you may check on their Facebook Fan Page and their webpage at The Last Polka too. You can order in a tub too. Recommended to try on this, thumbs up!! =)