Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Chu12 - Part I Restaurant Oversea Armada Hotel

After back reporting work from long CNY holiday, now it's the time to celebrate corporate "spring dinners" that show a good sign of business resume back to normal. We had dinner at Restaurant Overseas at Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya. Oversea Restaurant is a chain under the Restaurant Oversea Corporation Sdn Bhd. Their chain of restaurants are mostly located around the Klang Valley area.

Restaurant Oversea Armada Hotel

Mostly, cooperates ranging from small, medium business enterprise will have dinner Chinese around this time. Restaurants were fully booked. We were lucky that committee team members reserve 3 tables for 10 pax each. Dinner set at in the evening, due to heavy jam we reached by 8 plus, then I saw the whole restaurant was full with people and it's so noisy!

Chinese restaurants usually have a few set menus up during all these extremely peak periods. I think this is to ease the chefs, kitchen helpers and everyone else in the restaurant to manage the huge crowd. That being said, humans being humans, when you get too busy or tired, the quality sort of deteriorates. I can bet with you.

Game session

Red Wine

Due heavy jam with unknown reasons, event started with chit chatting and chilling with drinks. We're served with red wine as refreshment. While waiting for everyone to arrive we started with games which everyone like it especially during CNY. We room is more peaceful compare to the outside which is extremely noisy.

Yee Sang

Yee Sang with Raw Salmon

The very first dish is always have to be Yea Sang with Salmon slice of raw fish. The ingredients inside this yee sang were rather rough in sizes and shapes. It could do with more of the sweet and sour sauce. Counting it myself, this is third time that I have “lou sang” through out the beginning of Dragon Year. Joyfully everyone shouted "HUAT!! HUAT!! HUAT!!" for good prosperity.

Shark Fin Soup

Another yet common expensive shark-fin soup was served right after our Yee Sang. Nor too thick or thin in consistency, this was well prepared. Everyone had two bowls of shark fins this round, there's still plenty left over this time. Not forgetting vinegar together with shark fin soups definitely kicking up taste bud.

 Steam Cod fish with Vegetable & Seaweeds

Next was the Fish dish. Cod fish is probably my favourite type of fish. This fish has a natural layer of fats that when you put it in your mouth, you can taste just how rich the fats is. I would say so so only this time. Rating 7/10 It's ok for the time being.

 Butter Stir Fried Prawns

Next dish will be Butter stir fried prawns. Not sure that how was these prawns were prepared. Honestly, I am not too sure because according to team mates, have bad reputation on eating this prawns goes with red wine. Team mate feel slightly uncomfortable feel like throwing out when combined with red wine. Beside that  I felt prawns not fresh enough, just ordinary at about 5/10. Even though the size of the prawns were huge, something’s missing in its taste.

Braised Abalone, Sea Cucumber, Brocolli, Black Moss, Dried Oyster

Dish is not complete without vegetables in every servings. This round, braised abalone, sea cucumber, broccoli, black moss and dried oysters. This dish quite famous and it's available in every restaurant during CNY. Black moss, sea cucumber and dried oysters represent auspicious symbolism to the Chinese New Year, so is considered mandatory meal in between 8-10 course meal.

Steam Herbal Chicken

Feel strange when the waitress served us this big pot of dish. Opened up the lid, only realized inside it's steam herbal chicken. I'm quite disappointing with this dish, first chef did not cut nor slices it well. After served, waitress only took a pair of scissor diving and cutting into small pieces. I would said it's so unhygienic to cut in front of us. I lost the appetite on eating this serious. Some how, team mate was eating looks yummy, I decided to give a try at the end. First bite, chicken over cooked meat slightly harden and chewy. Hard to swallow, gravy of chicken essence also so so only. I would rate 4/10 not very good this time.

Glutinous Rice [Nasi Pulut], wrapped with lotus leaves

This round was the Glutinous Rice [Nasi Pulut], wrapped with lotus leaves. The rice is over cooked, too soft tasteless. Rice wrapped with minced meat, portion is just nice for one person. I would give it a 5/10 and it's also so so only.

Water Chestnut Agar-agar

Sea Horse Ginseng Root with Sea Coconut & Longan

Lastly dessert served with Water Chestnut Agar-agar and Sea Horse Ginseng Root with Sea Coconut & Longan. Dessert I would say not bad. Both given rating 8/10 cold and refreshing desserts after whole set of meal. Overall enjoy myself in this ambiance. Event continue with next activity that will be posted in next post.. stay tune for next update... Cheers!! =)