Friday, February 17, 2012

Chu3 Part III - Tua Pek Kong Temple

Right after lunch, we had another Jalan-jalan session. This time we're heading to the century-old temple in Pasir Panjang, Perak. The more than 100-year-old Tua Pek Kong Temple at Pasir Panjang near here has become a popular tourist attraction in the Manjung district. Let read history below for more details:-

Nestled among kampung houses close to the coast at Pasir Panjang, the temple occupies a plot of land donated by its Chinese owners. The main attraction drawing crowds of local and out-of-town visitors are 98 statues of deities and animals from the Chinese lunar calendar on the well-landscaped three-hectare compound. There are also 11 statues measuring between 2.1m and 14.6m in height on a broad-based, two-metre high classical facade facing the sea.

Taking centre stage is the gigantic Da Bo Gong statue, along with statues of Jiu Tian Xuan Nu, Yu Nu, Guan Yin Niang Niang, Jin Tong, Wu Guan, Wen Guan, Qian Li Yan, Ma Zu, Shun Feng Er and Hu Ye. Below these statues, on the cement courtyard, are 24 smaller statues of various Chinese demigods who are said to have mystical powers.

All the statues were made from granite-like material imported from China. Some of the larger statues were cut up and shipped in pieces, and later assembled by masons arriving from China. Millions of ringgit have been spent to upgrade the temple and its grounds, which has the potential of becoming a major tourist attraction in Perak.

It is a common sight to have large groups of visitors from near and far busily snapping photos and making video recordings of the sights in and around the temple. The crowds swell on weekends and holidays, with people coming by the busloads, as well as other modes of transport. Leaflets made available to the public tell an intriguing story of events that happened at the Tua Pek Kong temple.

There is also a nearby monkey park with a concrete path leading to the mangrove forest. Many people also visit the temple to take in this fascinating sight. The temple is open to visitors until 10pm daily.

I been inside Guan Yin temple for prayers after that walking around to take beautiful pictures. Despite going on the noon around 2pm-3pm till everyone get sun burned. Forget to bring lotion along because it's unexpected plan and we only decided last min. Weather at the most 35oC at that time thus, we did not finish the whole tour in the temple. The best time recommendation time is between 4-6pm for nice photo shooting. Will be back to visit this temple again! enjoy my day here. Cheers!! xD