Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Starbucks @ Paradigm Mall

After work last Friday, I'm waiting for a friend for dinner here, but it's rather long hours waiting, throat getting thirsty especially hot weathers, walked over to Starbucks for a drink. This is my first time been into Starbucks at Paradigm Mall, saw the promotions Happy Hour session started from 5.00pm-7.0pm, Half-Price for Frappuccino® any blended beverages via T&C.

Happy Hour Session

Everything is new here including Starbucks. Located at Level 2 of Paradigm Mall, Starbucks it's at the corner lot with indoor and outdoor. For me it's just another shopping mall to cater nearby residential people, as usual whenever there is a mall opening there will be the crowd, grabbing freebies which a lot shops tenants doing promotions out there.

Starbucks @ Paradigm Mall

Got myself a cup of Mocha Frappuccino® blended beverage (Blended Coffee). A clear favorite, heavenly mix of espresso, chocolate and milk blended in ice. This time told barista to reduce sugar level, want to try how's the taste of lesser sugar.

Mocha Frappuccino® blended beverage (Blended Coffee)

Quite good services, just waited for 15 mins to get my drinks. I'm sitting on the chair through transparent mirror which I can see Starbucks front counter. Just give snap photo of the shop. Strong WIFI available here for surfing purposes. I enjoy the ambiance here, facing the sun set behind the mall.Walk outside, snapping photos outside the balcony of the mall. Beautiful sun set with fountain here. Walk outside to get some fresh air.

Behind the walkway Starbucks

Sun set and fountain

Starbucks outdoor entrance

Starbucks out door

In another point of view, beside the advantages, this Starbucks outlet have a few disadvantages. I don't get a piece of mind while enjoying my beverages. Noise pollution everywhere in the mall which I need to yell my voice when talking to my friend. Starbucks here is an open concept area, as the a result I can hear children's screaming, people talking and loud music playing by certain shop tenants around annoyed me that much. I feel like walking out immediately after I purchased my beverages. How bad is that huh?

I appreciated and thank Starbucks for the strong WIFI, but Malaysian people like to take advantages on the FREE WIFI access which do need password to access it. Some shoppers which I categorized too thick skin, and they just sit down without buying any beverages from the counter and they still can fully utilize the WIFI bandwidth without concerning the rest of the Starbucks consumers people including me paying for services, I'm rather disappointing because I do not get the expected bandwidth for surfing purposes. Sighs...

I hope services can be improved here. I'm not complaining, just that I feel they can even do better in the future. Just I need peaceful place to clear my mind after working hours.

Starbucks Coffee
Paradigm Mall (GB 01A),
Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor Darul Ehsan