Friday, June 08, 2012

Tenshi No Cafe at e@Curve

Been to e@Curve for lunch over the weekend with friend. We been lingering around, don't know what have for lunch. Suddenly, I recalled there's a maid cafe here. You hear me? MAID CAFE. What is a maid cafe?

From far interior look like a home

Maid Cafe, a very popular concept restaurant founded in Japan, is making its way to Malaysia’s shores, starting with the restaurant called Tenshi No Cafe. Being a sub-category of theme restaurants, a Maid Cafe features waitresses who are dressed like maids, in particular, French maids. Their job is to act as servants to please the patrons of the restaurants, also known as their masters / mistresses. At Tenshi, when customers arrive, they are supposed to be treated as if they have returned home, with the maids at their disposal. I'm curious what is about, suggested to dine here.

Tenshi no Cafe Stage

From outside, Tenshi no Cafe looks like a home more than a cafe. One of the house rule is no photography of the maid, food and interior. It's been so tempting, could not resist myself in snapping photos over here, thus I decided to get permissions from the Kawaii Maid. I was allow to snap photos on the food and interior but not kawaii maids. Understand maids and butlers are being protected here, it's ok for me, only brain captured the best moments here =D

Comfortable dining area

Well decorated just like home

Some of the customers enjoy visiting here

It was overall a pretty eye-opening experience, not so much on the food, but the whole idea of being served by cute-looking maids who provided more than just food. It’d be interesting to know if this kind of concept restaurant could survive in the local Malaysian scene though. As you step inside your imagination will go wild, as if you're in world of anime. I'm sure you mind will pop out "thinking of which character you want to act though?" =D

Maid suggested that we have "The Banana Milk Shake" It was a crowd’s favorite, with a pleasant aroma of bananas and refreshing to drink. Our drinks arrived shortly and unlike other restaurants where the waitress / waiters leave you alone after serving, the maid actually stirs the drink for you if you want. That’s not all! There were more surprises to come later on when my food arrived. I had fresh watermelon juice over here. Not bad, I'm impressed by the services over here.

Banana Milk Shake RMM12.90

Fresh Watermelon RM10.90

Our food arrived finally after entertaining by maids and butler. They're doing good job, keep us accompany while we're waiting for food. I got myself Salmon Bento Set. Light toast on the Salmon meat, coated with Salmon sauce, well decorated with fruits and side dishes. I'm satisfied with the overall food presentation, as usual before starting my meal, photography will play the main role for blog post.

Tempting right? ^_^ 

Salmon Bento set RM23.00

Unagi bento set RM25.00

She said good, what about you? ^_^

Unagi Bento set, not bad either. Unagi coated with Terayaki sauce, well decorated with fruits and side dishes. Before we enjoy our meal, we have another round of entertaining part “Would you like to do the Moe charm with me?” asked a maid sweetly. Both of us couldn't help but to say yes.

“First, you make a sign like this,” said maid, forming her hands into a heart shape. “Then you move your hands to the left and say ‘Moe!’ Next, to the right ‘Moe!’ and then you put your hands over your food and say ‘Kyun!’“ I followed the gestures, deeply amused by the whole thing. “Why must we do the Moe charm?” both of us asked maid. She said it is a charm that makes the food taste better. "Awwhh.." so sweet of the maid.

Display rack

Different anime characters here #1

Different anime characters here #2

A whiteboard with cute drawing of the maids 
and butlers who work at Tenshi no Cafe.‬

Japanese newsletter to ease your boring while waiting for food

When I first saw the prices for the services, I thought they were expensive. But then, it is still cheaper than flying to Japan to get the maid cafe experience. Tenshi no Cafe’s maids are trained by their Japanese counterparts so they actually know their stuff.

It does not have to be about anime or manga. It can be about food, fashion or anything under the sun. Never did I once take out my smartphone to check for messages or social media updates at Tenshi no Cafe as I normally would if I dined alone. The maids and butlers at Tenshi no Cafe will keep you occupied and you don’t have to pay to have interesting conversations. I may not be an Otaku but visiting a maid cafe is a fun experience. Throw away any preconceived ideas and visit one today. Who knows, you may become a fan. Come here and experience yourself today, kawaii maids and handsome butler ready to serve here. =D

Tenshi No Cafe
LG18, North Side, e@Curve
Mutiara Damansara
47810 Petaling Jaya
Selangor, Malaysia
Operating Hours :10.30am to 10.30pm