Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Another of my favourite.. Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen is back.. wow, so much movie launching at 1 time.. i thinking i'm going to book this tickets.. but Sean my colleague, he booked as early as last week ^^ he is a big fan of transformer can't miss it to him.. ^^ This movie launched in M'sia on the 24th June 2009 , 1 day before my birthday.. haha.. Woot so nice.. ^^ so i must go watch this movie.. i'm following part 1 previously... so need catch up with part 2.

Let's read the synopsis movie quoted website:-

The battle for Earth has ended but the battle for the universe has just begun. After returning to Cybertron, Starscream assumes command of the Decepticons, and has decided to return to Earth with force. The Autobots believing that peace was possible finds out that Megatron's dead body has been stolen from the US Military by Skorpinox and revives him using his own spark. Now Megatron is back seeking revenge and with Starscream and more Decepticon reinforcements on the way, the Autobots with reinforcements of their own, may have more to deal with then meets the eye.

Reference Link: Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

Ice Age is back to town ^^

Long Long time no watching movie.. waiting for nice summer coming, my favorite movie coming.. ICE AGE.. Hilarious, funny, adventurous movie. I can't wait 2 watch this movie.. screening on 1st July 2009. Next week...counting down... XD

Let's read the synopsis movie quoted from ICE AGE website:-

The sub-heros form the worldwide blockbusters "Ice-Age" and "Ice Age": the meltdown are back on an incredible adventure... For the ages, scrat is still trying to nad the ever elusive nut (while, maybe, finding true love), manny and ellie await the birth of their mini-mamoth, diego the saber-toothed tigers wonder if he's growing too soft hanging with his pals and sid the sloth gets into trouble when he creates his own make shift family by hijacking some dinosaur eggs. one a mission to resue the hapless sis, the gang ventures into a mysterious underground world, where they have some close encounters with dinosaurs, battele flora and fauna, run amuck, and meet relentless, one-eyed, dino hunting weasel named buck.

Reference Link: Ice Age

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Infinity Maple Didi =P

After long time maple.. my guild alliance Infinity didi long time no on9 in maple. Erm.. y coz his acc been banned in maple. =.=" So happened yesterday night he login in n he pm me.. telling me that he is my didi. I think he quite touching when i posted in guild alliance notice board. Erm , he requested me to create maple character in my blog.. well i keep on forgettting at the same time i'm busy with work no time to blog.. I hope he can forgive him le.. T.T Finally today, i'm free to blog out and spend some time, blogging about my this didi.

I met him in mp3 training sg map as i still remember he help me to mega in mp3 map. Previosuly i dunno use mega phone in maple. He motivate to me.. to use the mega 1st time i dunno what choose the range for mega.. the cheapest i choose is 2k cash.. wtf, so damn expensive ma.. somemore i dunno is 1 time use the mega... waste money?

Then my didi invited me to join guild alliance, so we travelled to orbis nearly spending
about 5 mil meso to get the guild alliance done. Si beh expensive the guild alliance ... omg... so broke i got to farm hard to earn more meso. But i'm happy to have guild allia
nce coz i wanted this long long time ago... For my lovely didi, u must jia you in maple.. plz dont use hack in maple le.. jie jie miss u a lot.. do take care ya.. ^^

My Granny Birthday

My grandma my father's mommy... celebrated birthday on 6th of june 2009. It's another good year for my granny.. I would like to wish her a very Happy Birthday, i pray for her long life, bless her with good health. ^^ Well, as usual family gathering in my little uncle's house in Puchong. After came back from 1U, i took a shower n change clothes heading 2 uncle's house with family.

Once arrived my cute little nieces n nephew bugging me on the door. They are growing much taller.. after 1 year only meet them once. Being cute.. their mouth very talkative n non-stop calling me jie jie.. I tot suppose auntie? hhmm.. nah, whatever.. small matter.. hahaha. They're adorabale , cute n chubby.. eee.. feel like holding them and squeeze them nicely like pillow XD

Dinner started with cattering buffet... coz food arrived late 6.30pm, we need 2 help out 2 arrange table n chairs accrodingly. I dunno y i'm getting very bad luck that evening when i was thinking of getting fresh air outisde porch.. suddenly when i walked out the steel stand table legs hit on wrist near ankle on my right legs.. ouchhhh.. very painful untl my right leg got big swallon like elephant leg.. omg.. i can't even walk.. how petite n bad luck i am... >.<

Then continue with buffet.. food it's so so only.. i would say.. and i dont enjoy much coz my leg pains all the way. After eating time to cut cake for my granny. I took some of the photos of the event cutting cake with my granny. ^^ thanks to my cousin sis Jess Chang for being camera man that night and she also posted photos in my facebook. Now i'm more closer with my cousin sis... ^^ leng lui cousin sis please do keep in touch with me always.. ^^ Love U Jess Chang =P

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Maple Story Episode 2 launching - AsiaSoft @ 1U

Long time about 1 week didn't update my blog. As i promised my little maple sis Dolly that i would upload this AsiaSoft event that i went on 6th June 2009. No time as i busy with work + i'm lazy 2 write on the blog. Today i have good mood & i started upload my picture up.

Let me intro a bit about the event while waiting my picasa photo album done. In conjunction of Maple Story 4th Anniversary, Asiasoft having roadshow for this special launching of Maple Story Episode 2 in One Utama, Bandar Utama Selangor. The event started on fri-sun 5th-7th June 2009. I'm excited about it, so i decided to drop by to 1U coz i'm planning to go 1U for shopping in JJ on that day. Sat, here i come.. as soon as i reach there, i'm busy searching for the event,walking quite big round lastly i found it.

What a surprise.. lots of ppl on sat especially school holidays, parents bringing out their kids for shopping. Mostly young kids at the age of 12-20 visting the event. It's happening a lot freebies and games to be win. Walking around there, asiafsoft sales girl, suddenly stop me asking whether i have asiasoft account & do i mapling? How excited.. she told me that i will get pink bean set for free if you can login to change your password. I rewarded a goodie bag, and i set of pink bean coupon for my maple character.

There will be counter registration if you do not have asiasoft account, just register it and you get it freebie as well. Beside Maple Story Episode 2 launched, there's other new online game launching as well. After that i walked around to @CASH counter, planning to buy cash but the offer it's good.. a series of launching new KOC prepaid card... but i can't buy it coz it's too much for me as the promotion doesn't suits me..I wanted its badly coz wanted 2 collect KOC card.. too bad.. can't afford to buy whole set which consists 7 cards = RM504. Dammit.. so expensive!! T.T

Nah.. just 4get it, as i continued to walk around by taking photos the whole event. Suddenly the DJ spoke up... and giving up some freebie by answering a few simple questions. Yeah, i still can remember it, and DJ is making fun with some silly questions. I got it right.. i been rewarded another goodie bag .. full with stuff .. so heavy~! GGGGRRRR... XD I opened it wow.. amazing inside have coffee, crackers n biscuits..yummy .. hahaha XD that's the best of me... i enjoyed it well. The worst is i gotta carry the goodie 2 continue shopping.. damn heavy... carry 1 side of my shoulder.. T.T but i really enjoyed it. Cool day ever... well do enjoy my photos, erm.. just ignored my face and my hair.. coz without make up on that day..casual wearing XD

Thursday, June 11, 2009

How well do you know Emmie Khoo?

Here's is another test i took my closest fren... Emmie Khoo.. Erm, i hope i get 100% but but... i got 1 question wrong.. 90% consider ok la... so far off all test this is the highest point!! ^^ Her question easy or i understand her well? lol...

Let's continue below, here are the question:-
Correct answer = (Y) Wrong answer = (N)

1) What is my favourite food? (Y)

2) What is my favourite fruit juice? (Y)

3) What is my favourite TV drama? (Y)

4) How many times have I travelled out of the country? (Y)
5) Which of the countries below that I visited before? (Y)

6) What thing that I wish to buy now? (Y)

7) What cell phone network that I used? (Y)

8) Which city was I born in? (Y)

9) What was my nickname growing up? (N)
I dunno ur nick name, but i heard ur mom called ah girl =.="

10) What is my favourite fast food restaurant? (Y)

How well do you know Nigel Ooi?

After i done this test, i move on with another friend of mine Nigel Ooi. Serioulsy i'm surprised that my score absolutely below average, thinking of hard understand about him. Maybe he is far apart from us... that really takes times for me 2 understand him. Oh well.. hope i can spend some time with him... when we meet in the future .. ^^

Let's continue below, here are the question:-
Correct answer = (Y) Wrong answer = (N)

1) My favorite show on satellite TV?
I dunno about it.. EPL is what? O.o

2) How many times have I traveled out of the country? (N)
Not sure how many times u travel b4... =.="

What is my Toyota dream car?(Y)

4) What is my favorite movie? (Y)

5) What time am I usually in bed by?
Oh well, i tot u go bed by 12am, dont sleep too late dude =.="

6) My favorite sport to watch is ________. (Y)

7) What phone I am using currently? (N)
I dunno about Neonode phone, nvr heard b4 =.="

8) Who is my favorite Disney character? (N)
I dunno, coz u never watch cartoon with me b4 =P

9) My favorite flavor of ice cream is ________. (N)
I dunno ur favourite coz u never eat ice-cream in front me b4 =.="

10) What color suits me best? (Y)

11) What is my favorite store to shop at? (N)
U like Tesco? I dunno about this =.="

What is my middle name? (Y)

13) What was my favorite holiday in Thailand? (N)
Oh well, i tot u're going 2 Phuket so i make a guess on phuket

Monday, June 08, 2009

How well do you know Anderson Loo?

Uuumm.. i logged into Facebook during lunch time, i browse through and i came across interesting application that is called How well do you understand me? Erm, after thinking long n long.. i decided to take this application that belong to my friend Anderson Loo. I wanna test myself how well did i know him since friendship about 4 years ++ with him..

Oh well, i understand him only based on the score it's about 53%, 8 of 15 question i answered it correctly which means i understand him half only.. That it's quite ok i'm statisfy with the score but there some question that is very tricky that actually testing my mind a& patient. Let me share with you what the question that i answer wrongly.. I'm not going 2 tell the answer as, i wanted 2 keep in private for other 2 answer it as well.. ^^

Let's continue below, here are the question:-
Correct answer = (Y) Wrong answer = (N)

What is my first driving car? (N)
i knew it but i choose wrong answer T.T

2) What is my ex gf name? (Y)

3) What is my motor brand? (N)
i knew his motor but i dunno what brand =.=

4) Which is the only state I never go before? (Y)

5) Where I born? (Y)

6) Normally I like to speak in? (Y)

7) What drinks normally I order in cafe? (N)
He not drinking beer meh? =X

8) What is my favor gaming in casino? (N)
i dunno about this as well T.T

9) Where am i living now? (Y)

10) What is my favor acitivities during weekend? (Y)

11) What is my primary e-mail? (N)
How come not PureFren? =X

12) What kind of company i never joined before? (N)
I dunno about this =.=

13) I am living in? (Y)

14) What is my watch brand name? (Y)

15) What is my shoe sport brand? (N)
i shouldn't get this wrong coz i accompany him buy shoe b4 T.T

Friday, June 05, 2009

Google G1 Android Phone

Check it out this new gadget called Google G1 Android Phone. Well they believe that is better than IPhone. The function it's awesome, just launched a few month in UK & US but it's not available in M'sia yet. Check out more on this video.

URL Link: Google G1 Android Phone

Ss2 Chao Yang Pasar Malam

Uumm yesterday my friend Alice inviting me to pasar malam. Such a long time i didn't go pasar malam after all i been busy with my work all the time. Well, yesterday such a nice day 2 go pasar malam coz it's school holiday less traffic jam. After work, i picked up Alice then we go 2 pasar malam together.On the way when i picked up Alice, i'm listening 2 OneFm rangers . They were in Ss2 pasar mlm, and give out a lot frebies. I thinking whether i'm able to reach there within 20min, but i missed it coz traffic congested in Kelana Jaya LRT station.

We reached there about 7pm, just nice as sun set not so warm when we walk in pasar mlm. I hardly can find parking, full everywhere thinking of parking Lilian's house.. too bad, there's someone use her parking lot. Erm, i by pass Lilian house i saw there is blue cheverolt car, i dunno whether the car belong 2 her coz never hear from her such a long time. Ummm... i check with her with some other time when she free XD. At last i parked my car behind the housing area and here we come.. pasar mlm .. Awesome!!! yeah~! I got some interesting photo that something the food & items that spend in psr mlm. Without talking much, let the pic do the talking.. ^^

Nice dessert called Kiwi Lolo = RM3.50

1 mix fruit popia = RM2.80
1 salad popia = RM1.60

China hamburger with sausage =RM1.80 each

3 pairs of mix earrings = RM10.00

3 mix rubber bands tie hair = RM2.00

1 mix chinese selction song = Rm7.00 pirated CD XD

I tried some other food, my fav hometown chee cheong fun not that nice coz the ingredients quite less and tasteless yet expensive 1 slice RM1.40 T.T wtf.. exp!! I also try fried nangka not really good as well coz not cruncy plus sticky, 10 pieces RM5.00.. wtf exp!!!! =.=" Yet i give cd selld cheated the cd, inside all lousy songs.. coz i dunno read chinese, cd seller said it's nice song .. wtf.. sob sob.. spoiling my mood.. hahaha.. nah, just 4get about it.. I enjoyed pasar malam.. i will go there next month to get some cheap stuffs ^^

Thursday, June 04, 2009

BannedStory Simulator

Everyone must be wondering where i get those cute maple icons in my blog. Umm.. it was my maple mei Savera who said this website with me. It's called BannedStory Simulator. This website allow to create your own maple favourite character.

After i get to know this website, i dont really need to login maple cash shop and do testing on cashshop before i purchasing items. In maple cash allow to free testing for equip & armors. It's limitation function whereby you can't try testing for hair style, face changes, skin, etc.

Basically this website allow user to develop own animate maple character in multimedia style. Free styling with simple html code, and other scripts. I can't really explain in details as you need to try it out by yourself. It's fun when my mood it's down.. simply creating some funny characters to make myself happy XD. Let me share with u, guys about the this link. I stop the talking while let the picture do the talking. XD

URL: BannedStory Simulator

<3 XiaoBaby & Hero <3

Uummm... i got 2 know that my maple mei xiaobaby is kinda creepy these days. I think her mood fly thse days coz of she into something..? hhmm.. let me guess.. she in love with someone in maple?? perhaps i'm not very sure about it...

Ler's find out from FAQ... and i got some cute evidence that she in love with someone. wtf.. she never tell me, kinda noti mei... uumm.. wihtout talking much, let me show u some photo that she having maple bf.. XD hope that she dont screw me up nicely... XD

Yeah.. ssshhh... seriously i do it quietly without her concern .. in thig blog... XD Yeah that is him Hero, xiaobaby maple bf. Cute quite and adoring. UUmm... Hope they can be happy all the way. Cute couple dating each other todgether.. muhahaha. I been teasing them FAQ below :-

Tsuraya: When u want marry xiaobaby?
Hero: ......................... =.="
Xiaobaby: ....... O.o

Is that so hard 2 understand my feelings?

Well, my mood its totally out yesterday night. I have argument with family just because a small matters. It's was about the car park that i used 2 park when i back from work. I getting pissed of with my lame bro and it's totally unreasonable at all.

I'm trying to cool myself, n trying be patient all the time but he totally over with his lame action. This happen many times, as he didn't respect me as big sis in family.. now he pijak ontop of my head and he is challenging my patient. I keep on sabar n sabar with his attitude, but kesabaran got a limit and he making my volcano burst up.

Wtf.. here come my mom, she is trying 2 cool between my bro n me. But too bad the she is using the wrong way 2 cool both of us. Instead of cooling she make everything in a mess n add fire into it. I was so upset with her attitude, and i cry until non-stop the whole night. I'm so depress + no mood to eat n no mood 2 entertaint ppl. After a big war with family, i just couldn't be bother shutting door and i hide in my room turn on my pc and start mapling.

Worst part is early this morning, my mom broke the glass and she ruins the whole family mood. She bringing up issue war again 2 my 3rd sis at the end my 3rd sis kena fire nicely by my mom. Y she early in the morning want mess up everything? Can't she just leave us alone quietly and have a peaceful morning?

I'm very dissapointed with her, yet she can put the blame on me for blaming her not fair and dunno how to cool down the war. Seriously, when my bro making noise in house, my mom couldn't even be bother 2 correct his mistake, well for myself when i make noise, she said i totally unreasonable & inmature. Wtf.. what is wrong with her?

I'm wondering n thinking which part i'm doing wrongly now? Well, those ppl who know me well, i seldom get angry.. but this is totally over n beyond my limit. She said i cry for no reason coz of argument with my little bro. Come on, i'm only human in this earth, i have feelings too. I cry becoz my family dosn't understand my feelings at all. I cry coz they're unreasonable also at the same i'm trying express my sadness that stored inside my heart.

I believe in myself, the only thing is there is someone out there who understand my feelings that is God, i only can cry in front God.. God.. plz help me.. I will always pray to u. God plz proof me that i'm correct in this matter. Sighs~~ I hope my mood will be getting better soon

Monday, June 01, 2009

Blazing Radio

HHmm.. as my Emmie friend been complaining boring of reading my blog coz a lot maple blogging. Let me share with u you something new in my blog. Recently i been searching for radio streaming that can listen music. Normally i will find M'sia favourite radio station to listen but all the time quite dissapointed as web streaming quite bad, not much choices. Sometimes i would like to have variety music channel like English , Chinese , Malay coz boring if listen 2 1 station only. Collegue knew that i complaning so he found out something different for the radio station. It's radio software called Blazing Radio. All you need do is download the setup and installed it. Just a simple steps will do.

After installing, you will have this template as shown above. From there you can select M'sia, English, Chinese, Tamil, UK, Taiwan, China etc. Now you can have you favourite station without worry about bad line streaming on the website. More over it's very clear n nice when you listen it. Now you dont need search on the website anymore!

For more info on this kindly log into Blazing Radio.

TsurayaSan is in depression mood!

Something goes wrong with TsurayaSan last Fri till Sun night. Y n what happen 2 her? Let me explained in further details. It was a game inside Maple Story. What was happened that she is dreaming of getting Maple Anniversary Weapon which is Maple Staff and Maple Shield. With her hardwork, she travel to town to ask ppl around where actually to hunt for this maple equip. After long FAQ, finally she got the info and then she started to hunt in Perion Burnt Lant in Deep Valley 1 map.

TsurayaSan is that kind of person really soft hearted and always like 2 help ppl. Without thinking so much, she willing 2 share the map with other maplers. Now her party member got 3 ppls hunting for maple staff. after 1 hr, finally TsurayaSan got the weapon but give party members loot maple staff away. She get pissed off keep on complaining 2 buddly list members.

Somehow, one of TsurayaSan's Maple buddy have some message for her. Her maple buddy nagging her being too kind hearted like to help ppl at the end get nothing. Well, he suggested that TsurayaSan have to be bad person in order to survive in the game. He teached TsurayaSan 2 be selfish n do not simply help ppl in the game. Without thinking too much, she did what her fren said. Being a selfish 1st day, TsurayaSan got scolded by maplers for being bad person n rude n get curse by maplers in the game. With the angry temper, TsurayaSan fired her maple buddy nicely.

TsurayaSan learned a big lesson coz being cheated by ppl. Y should teach ppl become bad person? Isn't being a good person it's hard 2 do so? How about being a bad person giving ppl 2 curse like mad? TsurayaSan feel like she is being like a ball being kicked here n there. When those ppl need you that time they will come look for u n ask you to help them. After finished helping, those ppl run away n forget about u. When u're in trouble who is going 2 help u? Will pity u as well? NO n NO.. nobody it's going 2 care about u.

This is scenario that TsurayaSan facing in game. She is now having depression mood. Not just in game, but this apply 2 real world. Remember before you help ppl, help yourself 1st and follow what your hearts say.. Think before you help else, nobody is going 2 pity n help u after all.